Bougie Sports Review - Wherefore art thou, Romo?

OneChele is a sports fan, ya'll. Most rabidly, an NFL fan. And most loyally, a Cowboys fan. Some of my earliest memories involve sitting on my Dad's lap screaming at Too Tall, "Get the quarterback!"

Cowboy fandom is not for the weak of heart or fickle of spirit. You have to be ever true to the Silver and Blue, through thick and thin and T.O. too. I have persevered through a 1-15 season and rejoiced at the 13-3/12-4 seasons. From Dandy Don to Danny White to Deion to DeMarcus, I'm all about those Boyz. (okay, not that old, but I know my Cowboys History). I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and pulled into VIP parking at Candlestick with a Cowboys sticker on my car. I rolled up into Jack Kent Cooke Stadium with a Cowboys sweatshirt on and lived to tell the tale. If I had a dime for the number of times I have had to defend Tex Schramm, Tom Landry, Jerry Jones, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer (for goodness sake!), et al even when I didn't 100% agree with them… I would be an exceptionally wealthy person right now. I have had relationships and friendships placed in jeopardy over my unwavering love for the Dallas Cowboys.

All of that being said, my love is not blind. Nor deaf, nor dumb. I've seen enough to know when something is not right in the state of Denmark (more Shakespeare)… okay, Dallas. For the past three years, the Dallas Cowboys have been unarguably one of the most talented teams, position by position, in the league. Most notably, last year the Cowboys were locked and loaded, ready to run roughshod over the Beasts of the NFC East and re-claim their rightful dominance in the NFL. Can you say Lombardi trophy? From Hard Knocks to Inside the NFL, most of the pundits had Dallas anointed and crowned before the season started. However…

I did not believe the hype. I was in Seattle at the end of the 2006 season for the whiff heard round the world. I was literally physical ill as I watched the entire season go up in flames. I watched the December Disintegration of 2007. So by the start of last year, I was not a believer. I didn't care who said what or what we started out looking like. I wanted to see what the Cowboys had in the tank come that cold, cruel stretch of December.

The 2008 season was just embarrassing. Scraping out a win in Buffalo against a team we should have monster stomped. The "please put a bag over my head" final game at Texas Stadium. The complete meltdown, "should have gotten on the bus at half-time" debacle in Philadelphia. There are not enough Rolaids in the world to stomach a season like that. The sniping, the rumor mills, the gut checks that never really checked out, the Pacman, T.O. of it all… Aaaaaaaaaaah!

The problem, I would submit to you today, is Number Nine. Number Nine in your program, Number One in your hearts… Romo. A friend of mine often remarks that some things look like coffee but taste like Sanka. This is the dichotomy of Romo. He has the arm but not always the accuracy, he has the feet but not always the speed, he knows the plays but doesn't always execute like the playbook. He puts up the numbers (great fantasy guy) but has a hard time closing out games. He starts out strong at the beginning of the season and fades towards the end. He has talent around him and keeping him upright, but somehow never quite achieves what's expected. Sanka anyone?

Let's review what other issues might attribute to the Cowboys' inability to close out a season and win a (any) playoff game(s).

  1. Coaching – Garrett might not always have the freshest approach?
  2. Defense – our secondary is flawed and porous at best?
  3. Receivers – T.O. wasn't a pure speed guy, Williams didn't know the system, Miles Austin stays on crutches and Patrick Crayton is truly a #2 guy?
  4. Front office – the General Manager (who happens to be the owner) is not surrounding him with the tools he needs to win?
  5. Intangibles – Locker Room chemistry, off field distractions and the Jessica Simpson Curse?

I don't know and I don't buy any of it. I just don't think Romo is that big game, "put the team on my back and I'll carry it home" guy. He's not a Manning (not Peyton, Eli or Archie) or a Brady. In January I started sending telepathic waves to Jerry, "Matt Cassel, Matt Cassel, Matt Cassel." He didn't get my message. Listen, I like Tony as a person, he seems like the kind of guy you want to go out for fajitas and mojitos with. As a quarterback, I'll admit he's talented but I have to wonder, how many chances do you get to close the deal before we bring in another closer? Working on the mixed-sports metaphor of three strikes and out, in my mind, we've gone past that point. But in true Cowboys fanatic optimism, I surely hope this is the year he proves me wrong.

Next up in Bougie Sports Review, Roy Williams, please do not shame our Alma Mater this year. Longhorn up, dude!

Bougie SportsNation, any thoughts on Romo and the Boyz?