Bougie Book Review - His First Wife

In the mood for a fun and realistic novel about the black and the bougie? Pick up Grace Octavia's His First Wife. It's a fast-paced, easy-to-follow entertaining read set in Atlanta.

The heroine, Kerry Jackson (nicknamed Black Barbie) has it all... or does she? She grew up on the right side of town with the right lineage, the right bank account, surrounded by the right people. She is smart, popular, beautiful. But with all that going for her, where is her special someone to share it with?

When she meets a Morehouse man, Jamison Taylor at a Spelman College dance, her whole life changes. Even though they come from different backgrounds (Jamison was not born with a silver spoon), their love for each other grows. They both plan on careers in medicine. They were going to be the perfect bougie couple. Despite the fact the neither mother approves of the match and Kerry can't seem to get accepted to medical school, they get engage and plan for the future.

Ten years later, Kerry is pregnant with their first child, when she discovers that Jamison is having an affair. She confronts the situation head on and winds up spending the night in jail for assault. Jail for Bougie Black Barbie? It's unthinkable. As their picture-perfect life shatters around them, Kerry and Jamison have to think back on their life choices and decide where it all went wrong and whether they can make it right.

I give it 3.5 slingbacks out of 5.

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