Blog Power - get your splash on, kids

So some old school idiots in the Illadelph decided they could not have black children "changing the complexion" of their private club, even though said kids had ponied up $1900 to get their splash on. The good folks at the Valley Club said their children were "frightened" and wanted to know what "all the black kids" were doing there. (Sigh) Black people swim and black is not contagious, people! And p.s. they took down the "Whites Only" signs a few decades back... try and keep up.

This story started creeping across blogs late Tuesday night. It started as a whisper and turned into a roar that was featured on EVERY major prime time news show this evening. In response to witty blog posts like the one embedded below (from This Week in Blackness), the club has received so many phone calls, emails and website hits that they have had to go completely underground. (he-he-he)

Thanks to all the folks putting their feet squarely in this club's hindparts extra media coverage, our shiny new Democrat (Senator Specter) has vowed to launch a full scale investigation. The Club has given the money back, denied the incident ever happened and vowed to clear their names. Too late, folks have vowed to sue. Al & Jesse are probably on the way. Come on people, you had 8-year olds boo-hooing on national TV in our new "post-racial" society. Obama is in the White House, please disguise your racism better.

On a happy note, a private boarding school, Girard College told the children they could bring the water wings and beach towels right on over. This evening's news showed the diverse kids happily dog-paddling around.

I know we shouldn't be shocked when confronted with ignorance and racism, but can you believe it's 2009 and we are still talking about this stuff?