WBFDD (What Bougie Folks Don't Do) - Watch BET!

Yeah, I said it. True bougie folks do not (CAN NOT) watch BET. I haven't been a watcher since Donnie Simpson ruled the spot. It can NOT be done people. At least not on a regular basis. It seriously violates rules 6 & 7 of the Bouge Rules. But against my better judgment, I allowed myself to get sucked in by the hype. I was watching another Michael Jackson Video retrospective minding my own business when Bougie Brother called to ask me if I was watching BET.

Now Bougie Brother makes ME look hoody so color me stunned. "I'm sorry, what? Did you say BET?"

"Yeah, yeah - it came up on my CNN feed. They are turning the show into a Michael Jackson tribute."

deep sigh "Okay, I'll take a look." First I had to look up the channel in my DirecTV guide, it's been that long. I flipped over and saw exactly what I expected. Buffoonery and ineptitude at the highest level. Beyonce in a tutu, Bobby Brown looking high, Don Cornelius looking old, Jamie Foxx hyping Jamie Foxx, L'il Wayne bringing up underage girls to gyrate around to a song about him hitting and quitting girls all over the world... mics that weren't working, teleprompters no one could read, sets that looked borrowed from no place good... it just went on and on. I'll spare the rest of the details though if you want to get an overall idea of the nonsense, there's an excellent re-cap of a live blog on AverageBro.com. As you've probably read, the saving grace of the entire ghetto mess show came at the very end when Janet Jackson came out to address the audience followed by Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo singing "I'll be there."

Beyond the award nonsense, I cannot a single redeeming show on BET. There is a bunch of reality nonsense, some music shows and a few documentaries about gangsters. Let me stop, maybe there is some real quality programming on there and I just haven't taken the time to find it. My mother likes the Sunday Gospel stuff.

Can anyone share a quality experience of BET that doesn't cater to the worst forms of "Urban Entertainment"? I'm willing to give it a try... if it's really worth it. After yesterday's experience with the award shows, I can't afford to lose too many more active brain cells.