A last tribute to MJJ

Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow (Official Music Video) - Funny home videos are a click away

One of Michael's more haunting yet beautiful tunes. Enjoy and join with me in celebrating his legacy of musical genius. When was the last time you rushed home to watch a video premiere on MTV? When was the last time you were blown away by a Grammy performance?

I mistakenly attempted to dance along to the moves from the Remember the Time video, let's just my hip swivel is a little rusty. I did a little better with Rock with You but by the time we got to Smooth Criminal, I gave up... respectfully. I'm not 20 (or 30) anymore. Back to MJJ...

The only entertainer in history with a number one song in each of the last four decades. The first African American musician to be played on MTV. I listened a marathon of his music on a local radio station today... when was the last time you could sing along to an artist for four hours and knew every word? Including the words he made up "shome on" and "mama-say, mama-saw, mama-coo-saw"?

May God rest his soul and hopefully he can find a measure of peace in death that was never afforded to him in life.