Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My only thought on #KnowlesSisterGate: I don't know and neither do you

By now, the silent and somewhat disturbing elevator video of Solange Knowles attempting to beat the hell out of her brother-in-law has been seen around the world (too many times over). The speculation of what happened, why, who said what, stood by, took down photos, put up photos, said nothing and so on has reached ridiculously epic proportions.

Lookie here, I don't know what happened before during or after the "alleged" attempted assault. I don't know what sparked it. But I sorta understand. Family dynamics, particularly between sisters can range from a giddy hand-holding dance through the daisies to a tiptoe across a barb-wired minefield. I love my sister like crazy and she feels the same for me but there are times when we want to shoot each other in the pinkie-toe and laugh while driving to the emergency room. Thankfully, we don't have TMZ following us around hoping to catch us in our worst moments.

More importantly there are times where if we had stood in an elevator: her, me, and any number of my previous significant others; she would have been sorely tempted to break off a Texas-style beatdown while I stood in the corner cheering (a la the movie Friday "Kick his ass, Craig!") under my breath. No I don't condone violence (usually) but things happen. There's one ex of mine who bed-not (yes, that's the ebonics way of saying better not or really should refrain from) cross her path after dark. He might not make it, ya'll. I've got one good eye out for one of her exes every time I go to Cali. Accidents happen.

**pausing to giggle fiendishly** But really tho...

Relationships are hard. Contrary to what people would have you believe, they do not exist in a silo. There are friends and family and in this case world-wide media attention and fans up in your business far more often than is healthy. Careers happen, kids happen, moods happen, life happens and all the while you have to decide on a regular basis which relationships in your life are on your way or in your way. Families are hard work. Love relationships are even harder work. It's not all champagne in the back of the limo and surfboarding on the kitchen floor. 

I try not to judge anyone until I've stood and walked in their 5-inch Louboutin's for a minute. There are a million reasons why Solange did what she did. We don't know any of them. Before you blast your assumptions and presumptions about, before you judge any of the people in the situation; recognize that you have no idea (none of us do) what really happens in people's lives. Keep a good thought that all will work out for the best for all parties. And keep it pushing. 

Thoughts, comments, insights? Do share...


One Chele said...

Agree 100% As I said on somebody or another's Facebook thread, Erbody got problems...

One Chele said...

Did you or did you not shoot your sister in the pinky toe? BWAHAHA! #InquiringMinds

One Chele said...

I has questions though. I'm trying to understand why Bey was in the cut like "whatevs" while Solange kept kicking. Okay, I know, none of my business. But still...

One Chele said...

I understand TMZ paid $250k for this video? That's I guess there's no price tag on tacky

One Chele said...

Thanks for this one. My sister and I well....I'm glad there's no video or audio of some of our "discussions," If Bey had of attempted to restrain (or yoke) Solange the news would have been that she sided with her husband over her sister. She was in a lose-lose situation. All that said, I think that the Carters should drop their +1 next go round.

One Chele said...

I have crazy family members and yes, I too have been the crazy one. What in the heck do I look like judging their family when I know me and mine are batcrap cray? I am leaving the Carter's alone. The only reason this got major media attention is cause they keep folks out of their lives and don't cave to pressure - they only share what they want to because they really don't need the mainstream media to be relevant. This kind of power really does tick some folks off so any thing that they can find to discredit them and others like them they will.

One Chele said...

Bouge!!! Two months in the making! Yes that is more noteworthy for me! LOL!!!

Yes I saw the video, made some blow by blow comments, made a couple of probable scenarios as to what who when why, looked at it from 3 different perspectives (blindly) and continued with MY life. As private as Beyonce and Jay seem to be about their life, we will probably never know the full story. Such is life, shit happens! And it happens to the best of richest of worst of poorest of and all in between.

Key point Chele made, "Thankfully, we don't have TMZ following us around hoping to catch us in our worst moments." Because RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD! The End

One Chele said...

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