Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thoughts about #Scandal now that #Olitzwithdrawal Season is over

It should come as no surprise to anyone who is even an infrequent visitor (as I'm an infrequent poster these days) of this blog that I'm a fan of the hit TV show Scandal. It seems like an entire lifetime has gone by since the last new episode aired and though there was some definite #OlitzWithdrawal on Thursday nights; I have to admit the break gave me some perspective (and oxygen). I stepped back and learned a few things:

1. There are some other really, really good shows on TV. Truly, if I had the time, I would DVR all of it and just sit zombie-like all day. One such show is House of Cards on Netflix. But having powered my way through, I'm confused as to why people keep comparing it to Scandal. Yes they both take place in Washington and yes they both have plenty of jaw-dropping oh-no-they-didntness but the similarities end there. There are no characters on House of Cards that I care to be friends with, sleep with or counsel. I wish psychologists and jail time upon most of their twisted heads. If Scandal is a sledgehammer, House of Cards is a nuclear bomb.

2. I like Scandal more when my own life is together. Really, it's hard to watch Livvy's man struggles and Quinn's "who am I this week" struggles and Mellie's "I want it all and then some more" struggles with any degree of patience when your personal dramas are swirling all around you. Hot mess escapist fiction is only fun when I can feel superior to the characters on it. Holla if you hear me.

3. I figured out why some guys get all up in their feelings about Scandal. I sat in a restaurant and blatantly eavesdropped a few of the brethren going in on the show. Basically, those women on the show are not being properly controlled by their men. O__o... Mellie, Abby, Quinn and Liv are not fitting into the norms that make some men feel uber-manly so the show is a bad influence. Like Oprah was when women started listening to her. I kid you not, these words were uttered. Wow. Fellas, don't be that guy. Ever.

Looking forward to what Shonda has in store for us over the next few months. The only thing I can properly predict is that it will not be boring. What do you think will happen next?


One Chele said...

How old were the guys you overheard? Seriously? Ugh.
I don't try and get inside Shonda's mind - its too scary a place.

One Chele said...

I find #3 VERY interesting...and I wonder how old these men were.

I got a chance to attend a session with Judy Smith this week (the inspiration for Olivia Pope if you're unaware) and she told a million stories, both from her many crisis management cases but also how the show came to be and the experience of knowing you've inspired a hit show. She was so engaging and entertaining, and also gorgeous & immaculately put together.

One Chele said...

I guess half a Bougie post is better then not Bougie post. J/K I like the show. Not obsessed by it as some are but it is fun to talk about the next day. I have another one for your DVR list. Check out The Blacklist on NBC.

One Chele said...

I can't imagine what's next but I'm ready for it. Wine and popcorn purchased.

One Chele said...

I'm with you on #2. And thanks, Annette; now I have to stop by the store to get popcorn on my way home...
As a self-proclaimed "Scandal" fanatic and having a girl crush on Kerry, I was surprised at myself for not being really excited about tonight. I think with having a long break just totally took away from my fanatical...feelings toward the show. But after I watched the sneak peek on Facebook, all is right with the world again, and I am SUPER excited for 10 o'clock!

One Chele said...

Someone will die on Scandal,..don't know who.
There is some good tv out there, but I still missed Scandal like crazy.


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