Friday, November 30, 2012

A week in the life... of a Bougie Chick

Crazy, crazy week. It started off in Florida where we, collectively as a fam, overstayed our Holiday welcome by at least one day at BougieSis' house. The true highlight was Monday afternoon when Sis, Bro & I attempted to have three separate conference calls at once. Crouching Conference Calls, Dueling Laptops... get into it. I celebrated CyberMonday by starting my Christmas shopping online and doing some book giveaways. Good times.

Tuesday was a blur because I stayed up late on Monday night writing. Sometimes a story rolls through my head like a movie and I just type what I see. When that happens, I literally work until I drop because I never know if it's going to flow that easily again. So despite the caffeine, I couldn't tell you what happened that day except for a great dinner at a little bistro BougieSis found. That was awesome. 

Wednesday was a travel day. Jumped up, restored Sis' house to some sort of order, worked for a few hours and then hopped a flight. Not sure why but I was uber-productive. I wrote about twenty pages in two hours which is definitely not my norm. The flight landed early - win. My luggage was the first off the carousel -win. The shuttle to the parking lot came right on time - win. I had a message from my Project Manager to call him urgently - FAIL. I called him back and he told me that he was over budget and I was an "expensive resource" so he had to lay me off. Friday would be my last day. What? Oookay. 

I was steaming because I had literally turned down two other opportunities earlier in the week trying to be dedicated to this tragic-assed consulting assignment. Had he given me some indication this was coming, I could have lined up another project. I listened to him talk about how much they were going to miss my expertise and then I said the appropriate "it's been great working with you" and got off the phone. 

The minute I got home (can we pause to chat about how I live in the third floor and this life hauling up two suitcases, a laptop case, purse, mail and coat is not the business  No? Moving on..), I started firing off emails. I work for a company that does HR consulting and there are always projects going or coming up so I started internally. Then I fired out emails to people who had reached out to see what was open in the market. I had a short one-sided argument with Jesus whereupon I demanded that He reveal just some of His master plan for me before I yanked out my hair and then I went to bed.

Cue up Thursday. Two calls from two exes and they both left me confused. I'm not sure what they want or whether I'm even interested in listening. Then the calls for interviews started coming in. So I was laid off Wednesday at 6:22pm. I had not one but two job offers by Thursday at 5:09pm. I hastily apologized to Jesus and promised to do better.

I watched Scandal last night with my wine and popcorn. Cannot be the same group of writers working on Scandal and Grey's Anatomy. Grey's lately makes me want to fight the air. Scandal is absolutely riveting. 

Anyway, it's Friday. I woke up with the migraine from hell but I'm powering through. I have a ton of writing and editing to get through this weekend and I start my new job on Monday. How was your week?


MsJamie14 said...

Grey's lately makes me want to fight the air.  <---I so love you for this.
Congrats on the new job and the writing muses being kind! Well deserved.
My week was very tame in comparison, but I'm not complaining. A vanilla week (lack of drama) suits me fine!

thinklikeRiley said...

Compared to you, I did very little.
You go.
Which exes? Yeah, I'm nosy.

Earthangel172 said...

What a week but congrats again Chele!

As for me, my last day at the hellhole affectionately called "The Plantation" was Tuesday.  Ten years, three positions, great friends and tons of memories are behind me but I haven't had a headache, dark circles under my eyes or a care in the world since I left.  I too start my new gig on Monday and I'm excited.  Cheers to us!

Have a grand weekend BougieLand.

Leo the Yardie Chick said...

My week was...interesting. Recovered from back to back to back illnesses just in time to resume work, and find out that I've pissed off one of my clients. O_O I'm doing some serious grovelling and mea maxima culpas right now. >_<

Glad you managed to snag two interviews so quickly, though. Baby Jesus clearly loves you. ♥

Bailey said...

Your life stays popping. I don't know how you do it. I'd be exhausted in your world in a week! I did the same old, same old.

Mo said...

Congrats  on the new gig!  Nothing much on  Mo land,  other  than still sending resumes out.

Chocolate said...

God always has a way of working things out. Just because we can't see what is going on doesn't mean that He is not working in the background. Congratulations! 

Leo the Yardie Chick said...

 LOL! I think this is where Chele would go, "Sir...".

Jasmin said...

I turned 24 on Wednesday! But I had an 8AM meeting with my boss and my 2 incompetent coworkers, so it started off on a less-than-stellar note. I raced out of school (I'm a teacher) right at 3 today, and I'm looking forward to a much-needed break from kids and a dinner show (my birthday present) tomorrow night.

Coretta said...

What a week! Mine was definitely fun and carefree in comparison. And God is good all the time.

Eshe said...

I've been recovering from a serious case of Lupus-related pleurisy (a lung infection). Among other meds, I was put on a 12-day Prednisone dose pack, that started at a whopping 60 milligrams, and damned near lost my mind. Then there was the insomnia on top of that. I moved in with my "senior" (she'll kill me if I say elderly) aunt 5 months ago, and she gave me a choice: take one of her Ambien or get my arse knocked out. I took the Ambien - for 3 days. I think I've turned the corner, though I still have to rest often... but my Google Nexus 7 that arrived two days ago helps. ;-) 

Congrats on moving right into a new job without breaking a sweat!

t said...

I must admit first time on your blog. Iove it and congrats landing a new gig. Stay being you the blessings will continue to flow.


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