Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What makes one sorry? (And no, we don't mean apologetic)

And the buffoonery from the marriage struggle post continues. We  now turn our attention to my Facebook inbox which I generally ignore. But in the process of doing my "DELETE ALL" my eye fell on the title "You sistas ain't down for the struggle" - Hmm.

Opening this email, I was first assaulted by the irreverent overusage of ALL CAPS. A few phrases that jumped out at me:

"YOU B*TCHES wouldn't know what to do WITH A GOOD MAN ANYWAY"
"MAYBE you don't know WHAT SORRY means"

*repeats mantra in head* I'm taking the high road, this is a teachable moment. Woo-sah. *repeats 8 times*

The sorriness is not in not having a job. It's not wanting a job or a better job to improve your lot in life. I'll ignore the b*tches comment since that is the mantra of the Sorry-Ass Person assuming no one knows what to do with them. (We do, that's why we leave you alone). Sexing... what? Ugh. Bougie Chicks like me? Good look finding those. But this dude's last point. Maybe I don't know what sorry means? Let's get into that a little.

Let's bring this up a few levels. What, by general definition, makes one sorry? Well, first let's define sorry as we're using it here..
The Urban Dictionary defines sorry as: The state of being worthless, or poor in quality.
Merriam Webster defines sorry as: inspiring sorrow, pity, scorn, or ridicule : pitifulThe Wiktionary defines sorry as: poor, sad or regrettable
So, based on this I think I can come with a list of at least five characteristics of the truly sorry:
1. One who promises one thing and does another  (maliciously)
2. Liars, cheaters, thieves
3. Ne'er do wells, layabouts and lazy asses
4. Folks who find no fault in themselves but plenty in others
5. Idiots who have time to send emails such as the above

Any contributions to the list? Thoughts, comments, insights?


hairouna said...

I don't comment here often, usually everyone has said what I wanted to say before I can get around to it. But I can't keep quiet today. The person who wrote that rant to you sounds so angry. Like he is gripped in furious rage. Like if he was talking to to in person, his eyes would be wide and spit would be coming out his mouth. Just unhinged. I don't understand people like that who have such anger against the entire gender they profess to be interested in. I understand that dating is not easy, and if finding the right person was a cakewalk, we'd all be boo'd up. But this level of hatred and bitterness just confounds me. I pity whoever wrote that.

As to the state of being sorry, who can say? I know that I am not a content person at the moment, I am pushing and struggling to make my life more. Mean more. Have more.  To some this might mean that I am unhappy with what I have and therefore "sorry". I believe that a sorry person is one that has given up. They no longer try to be happy, they are stagnant rather than content. Stunted and unable to even see that there is the possibility of growth. 

sherants said...

This is indeed an assault on the conscious.  Best to delete and ignore.  Not even worth a discussion (as I post a comment discussing it. Ha!)...Next!

Tbaby said...

Le sigh...First off, sorry that your inbox was filled with such SORRY mess.  I think  Mr. ALL CAPS was trying to get us ladies to understand that as long as a man is not beating the crap out of you, has a pen!s and internet access, he is a GOOD MAN. 

Othaniel Cruickshank said...

Sexing... what? Ugh. Bougie Chicks like me? Good look finding those.  - ROTFLMAO
ALL CAP COMMENTS are usually ignorant and hilllllarious

bashowell said...

Whenever I think sorry I always think of these 40 year old dudes out here in the DMV talking about how they're a producer.  Man give up the delusion and go get a real job.  See also: being the next great go-go artist.

SingLikeSassy said...

Again, I ask (in all caps no less and I'll even use vernacular that inboxer will understand) Y U NO WRITE COMMENT ON BLOG? Y U PUNK AZZ BISH AND SEND EMAIL?

That's all I got today, cause if I start rattling off the long storied history of sisters holding down the brothers, it will go WHOOOSH right over this boy's head.

thinklikeRiley said...

Minute dude put fingers to keyboard, he put sorry on a whole different level.

Rob said...

Boooo! Throws tomatoes at Bad Grammar Rant Guy.

Lady Ngo said... don't have to know what the bottom of the barrel is like to know you want no parts of a sorry, good for nothing (or only good for 1 thing as the case often is), so-and-so!

Losers like this dude don't even deserve acknowledgement.

Monica said...


Let's see... sorry is someone who can't ever take responsibility for the crap that they do. Sorry is a man who relates the females of his species to canine status.   Sorry is someone who thinks they are doing great things when in fact what they are doing is basic. Sorry is believing that sex is crazy glue.

"some of the sorriest PEOPLE I'VE MET HAVE BEEN BOUGIE CHICKS LIKE YOU", do you have a knack for attracting so called sorry folks into your life? If so, then maybe you need to look at the common denominator in all of that. You. You know, water seeking its own level and whatnot.

CaliGirlED said...

EVERYBODY has a keyboard!!! *goes back to work*

CaliGirlED said...

" Sorry is believing that sex is crazy glue."...Please have Ms. Aretha sing Precious Lord at my funeral!

CaliGirlED said...

*opens door* In the words of Ike Turner, "Yeah you sorry! You bout the sorriest motherf*cka I done evah seen!" *runs back out*

Machelleshipp said...

Nope@ One Chele.....sounds like you pretty much covered everything. LOL!!

C Nelson said...

I sympathise with part of the sentiment -- I don't think the guy in that post is sorry at all. I'm impressed that from inside a textbook depressive episode he's still holding down any job, because even the routine is hard when your own brain turns on you.  But when did that become his wife's fault? Let alone every woman's fault? And as much as it sucks to be that husband, his wife is still a complete and separate person who has autonomy and the right to decide she's not waiting it out and/or can't deal with what life with him is like now. That doesn't make her or anyone else anything but human.

The level of entitlement and male privilege it takes to label women "b*tches" (the automatic gendered insult is always a dead give-away) for the crime of not wanting to be with a particular man or not taking any man they can get (how dare they think they can *choose*?! That's what comes of letting them out of the kitchen and giving them too much book learning...) is just breathtaking.

blackprofessor said...

 dead at internet access, lol!

Miz JJ said...

Hi, my name is Miz JJ and I'm from Canada and I just don't understand why you so mad? Like what you so mad about?

GammasWorld said...

Lawd-a-mercy *SMDH* 

JojoRaze said...

Didn't comment on the original post, but these anonymous posts are sorry.  Like the book of Job explains , "Bad things happen to good people."  The bad things allow us--if we let them--to grow and improve.  This marriage can be saved with some prayer and a good plan on both sides to get out of the rut.

Brneyed1 said...

Dear Mr. ALL CAPS:

"WOO-WOO-WOO! WOO-WOO-WOO!"  *in my Sinclair voice*


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