Monday, March 12, 2012

No sir. We have zero tolerance for these shenanigans

Many thanks to @CreoleinDC and @SingLikeSassy for bringing this one to my attention. Sometimes, you read about foolery so out of pocket that all you can do is spotlight it and say - if you see this dude coming, run the other way.

I'm on the fence about sites such as Don't Date Him Girl. On the one hand, there are a lot of flimflam fickle felons out there trying to make a dollar out of your fifteen cents. On the other hand, just because some dude didn't ask you on a third date - that's no reason to smear him publicly. This case, however; if it's true? Is worth spotlight and discussion.

Apparently some dude going by the aliases Brian Wedgeworh, Brian Lapsley, Otis Anderson, Brainard Bell, masonicnupe on and KoolKhemist on Plenty of Fish (among other names); has made a career out of scamming women out of their money and moving on. He claims to be a six-figure earning chemist for the CDC (not true), a double degreed Kappa (his father pledged, he didn't) and/or an FBI agent (really?). Some lowlights of his criminal career:

  1. He offers to pay your bills and when you give him a deposit slip, he not only bounces a large check through your account, he steals your identity. But before you figure that out, he plays the "I lost my wallet, let me hold a li'l sumthin'" card.
  2. He claims he daughter was molested and his father has died to gain your sympathy and trust. Apparently his father is still alive and nobody knows whether he has a daughter or not.
  3. He swears to be a God-fearing man and will pray with you so you fully understand what a good man he is. 
  4. He infiltrates every part of your life, church, home, family, job in the hopes that when you find him out... you'll be too embarrassed to go to the authorities.
  5. Dude is known to troll in Atlanta, Birmingham and areas of Florida. 

Look, I don't know what's really up with dude. I Googled BriBri and he appears to be a fugitive from justice in several states with at least seven aliases. After peeking at his mugshot, ladies - he's not that damn fine. And your bullshiggity alert should be on threat level red the minute he starts talking money. Run, don't walk, away quick fast and in a hurry. Let's do better than letting scammy trolls like this play with our hearts and pocketbooks, shall we?

Gents and Ladies, what do you think of these "tell all" websites? Do you Google your dates at some point? Check their social media pages?  Why or why not? Have you encountered folks like Brian/Otis? Any advice for women (or men) who do? Do share...


misskate said...

mmm, I dunno about sites like these because I think there's a huge potential for misuse/abuse, on the other hand, I google everyone. And I mean everyone. My brother in law, who's been a part of the family for over 20 years, my friends' potential significant others, people who have submitted resumes for positions open at my work, physicians, accountants... Every. One. gets the google. I google myself every now and then just to see what comes up. (I highly recommend this and don't forget to do an image search and put quotation marks around your name.)
My feeling is that if you are under the age of 45 and don't have even a small web presence, that's a red flag.  The absence of information can be a sign as much as having your whole life out in cyberspace. If it's on-line and easily accessible by a google search, I don't consider that a violation of privacy.
I do tend to be suspicious/cynical by nature and I realize that that has cost me in relationships, so I try to tread very carefully and communicate better in person, but I still google. I do try to keep in mind that it's the internet and anything I read should be taken with a sack of salt.
Gavin de Becker's book, Gift of Fear, is excellent and everyone should read it. Trust your instincts and if it seems to good to be true, it probably is...

ladymack said...

In the age of technology, we have become socially inept. The bullshiggity alarms haven't been through a test and check in years. We depend on computers and smartphones for everything including finding our future husband. When a person does find that perfect someone, the important questions are not asked. Because we are in need of love so bad, anyone that claims to jog for Jesus, say and do the right things, or look the part will get unlimited access to our life without proper vetting.

Personally, I would not use a online dating site to find a man. Too many people, especially convicted felons, are claiming to be something they are not. It is hard enough to be safe, protect our hearts and get to know people when we meet them in traditional social circles. Online dating makes it easier for people to have their fragile hearts and spirits broken as well as having their money taken from them.

Fortunately, I have not been a victim of someone like the man mentioned in the article. Any man that starts asking for money in the early stages of a relationship automatically signals the Sandman to come usher him from my stage. Seriously, does anyone (besides people over 60 who don't trust banks) really need a man to pay their bills for them?!?! Girl, stop! Should have been enrolling in Web Bill Pay at the bank instead of

I am afraid that we, as women, have resigned ourselves to lower standards and drama just to say that we have a man. We are so much better than that.

MsJamie14 said...

LMAO. This dude is STILL making the rounds? I heard about him like two years ago. The sad thing is that there are still lonely/desperate/silly women falling for this! Come on now. That's why time is so important in dating. Do your research, watch his behavior, pay attention to your instincts and give it time to really get to know these dudes.
The minute some ninja I don't share a last name with offers to pay my bills...alarms are going off everywhere. To me, no real relationship is built off of a dude leading with that, like really.

SingLikeSassy said...

 This is why I brought it Chele's attention because CreoleinDC posted about this two years!!!!! ago and then last week there were some new comments on her post from new women who had been scammed by this dude.

Like I said on her blog, I'm not arrogant enough to say I couldn't get got, cause as CreoleinDC pointed out, Bernie Madoff made out like a bandit, but what I DO know is that my mama's youngest brother laid an iron on her middle brother's arm because he wouldn't leave him and youngest brother tried to shoot oldest brother over some money back in the day (he missed and hit the car. Or maybe he didn't miss....)

So, if I DID get got, trust and believe some justice would be meted out one way or another.

CaliGirlED said...

WOW!!! I know we can easily get caught up in what looks good on paper and/or what sounds good to our ears, but THIS is just too much! I've been a fool (so I won't judge) but not this kind of fool. I'm not looking for a man to take care of me, so the offer to pay my bills wouldn't fly. But my question is how much time does he put in before starting these shenanigans??? I'm assuming a few months at least because he's infiltrating lives and what not. But if all this is happening within a few weeks or so, I need women to be a lot smarter and a lot less desperate!

Johnny_Lollipop said...

I see nothing wrong with these types of sites as long as libelous statements aren't made and I generally agree with you, Chele.  Some people get so offended and caught up in their feelings and act like they've been aggrieved when all it boiled down to was that dude wasn't feeling you like that, so no, there will not be another date, text, phone call, email, etc.  Let that dude live. 

I've seen two dudes I know on DDHG.  I've wanted to hop on there and type the real deal, but it would be too easy to identify who posted it AND I live alone.  The last thing I need is some angry sociopath of a negro showing up at my apartment trying to murder me.

MsJamie14 said...

last week there were some new comments on her post from new women who had been scammed by this dude

Ah, I figured something new must have went down. *face palm* With the popularity of internet dating, I can see why this fool still keeps getting play. I'm just surprised he hasn't gotten a bullet to the temple yet. Messing with my money is like messing with my emotions, Smoky!

And yes, I definitely can not say that I could never get got either. But I can say that I'ma do my due diligence so he better be damn Houdini or somebody. LOL

thinklikeRiley said...

I remember hearing about this dude. Ladies, Ladies - don't believe the hype.

thinklikeRiley said...

Oh and yep - Riley will google the hell out of somebody.

JaymeC said...

We could start with the common sense rule - if he looks too good to be true, he probably is! 

Leon X said...

After going through CreoleInDC's comments section I noticed a lot of "I couldn't be no slave" type comments. Anybody can get got.

blackprofessor said...

I have never heard of this site but I can see the value in warning men/women to stay away from crazy individuals.  I get information on dates using two means: google and talking to people.  

Think P. Smart said...

Reminds me of an episode of Who the Bleep Did I Marry.  It was set in ATL too. 

ASmith said...

First off, all that aliteration was amazeballs.  Especially your use of "flimflam."

Secondly... I hate people.

Thirdly, this is just... I mean how can... ::sigh:: yeah, some of these sites are the devil's work but honestly, when you got em effers out here like this... you kinda need it.

I'm not above googling a person, myself, just to see what pops up.  There's a lot more said about you by what you allow to be online than what's actually online.  Am I making sense?

TrulyPC said...

Sigh.  Digital Sleuthing.  I despise the fact that it feels necessary to have to but I am elated that it exists as a way of protection.   

I dated a "Brian" at a time before technology could accommodate my internal BS meter.  It is disturbing how easily and quickly someone can take a shredder to your privacy and trust.  My "Brian" stole checks from the back of my checkbook and wrote them out to cash.  I discovered it a week later when I stopped by the ATM on my way out to dinner.

That lesson taught me never to carry my check book or any other personal identification other than my i.d. in my handbag.  Also, having a signature card on file with my bank served me well.  The bank had to return the money they allowed that criminal to take from my account because the signatures didn't match.  Closed that account and opened a new one at a different bank.

Page Bartlett said...

Not saying I'm immune to scams but anytime a man is offering to pay my bills, I'm on alert. Really sir? For cause why? What's in it for you? What would I have to do in return? Yeah - no thanks.

CaliGirlED said...

 "Messing with my money is like messing with my emotions, Smoky"<-----THIS ALL DAY LONG!!!
At about 18 yrs old I cussed a ninja out so bad behind $60 he thought I was going to have him beat up. Problem is had I told my best friend about it, he would have cussed me out for "loaning" a mofo money in the first place. So I had to let it go. But the lesson was learnt!!! (Yes learnt!)

MaxineShaw said...

Do people really fall for this?

CaliGirlED said...

Right!!! Besides I need you to focus on what's going on "outside of my house", i.e. dinner, movies, concerts, trips. That's where your money can be best spent. NOT in my house. Like my best friend told me many years ago, "Don't let these ni**as come kick they heels up in yo place! Make them take you out!". Yep his exact words! LOL

invectiva said...

I would not use a site like this, myself. I can make my own judgement of a person's tomfoolery and the cheap pop-psych articles on this particular site give me hives.  (Seriously advising someone to snoop on an SO's computer? No ma'am. Not right. If you're snooping someone else's computer then the relationship isn't good from jump. I run a business from my computer, I have access to my day job's systems through it, it's not for playin', and what's in it is nobody's business but mine. I'm going to have to assume the same about any potential partner's computer.)

Any potential SO's appearance on a such a site would never catch my attention, because I know all the facts from reputable sources already and all
the other stuff from meeting/interaction. But I also don't date people I don't already know for awhile. They have to impress me in some way besides "hot person at the club" before I'm interested (which is why dating sites don't work for me - there has to be more than "I'm looking for someone with whom to have a relationship").

I google future employees, but I've never searched about a potential partner. Maybe it's because so many of my associates and friends are high tech and/or in the music business; I already know them and their history and all about their online presence. I also don't need to know about their financial or degree status, because I have so many requirements about how a person behaves before they can have a chance with me, the other stuff doesn't even rate. ;)  Ratchet shows up in behavior quicker than a google search, IMO, but I admit that my spidey-sense for BS is extraordinarily fine tuned. If someone else's isn't, maybe sites like this are a good idea, but the potential for misuse is so high, I'm not sure if I could consider it super reliable as a source. I'm also a big fan of Handle Your Business Privately, but again, predators use shame to silence their victims, so sometimes out and loud is the only way to go.

Mo said...

Talk about menace to soceity. Damn!

MsJamie14 said...

Right...the amount of questions alone I'd have about that would be enough to exasperate any dude to move on to the next chick. LOL.

SingLikeSassy said...

Like my grandma says, triflin' n-words sittin' up yo couch gettin' ass grooves in it. LOL!

BklynBajan said...

Having no profile on the web just means I learned a long time ago how to keep my profile off of the interwebbs. Just checked and I'm still invisible. If you want to know me you have to do it in person. Its really not as hard as some people make it seem to be.

tishatweets said...


Besides, sir, I"m not interested in your paying my bills. Are you paying yours, though? A gift here and there, paying for dates, yes. Wanting to slide me some cash for my car note? No. Not interested. I can take care of me. Also, I'm giving a strong side-eye to your motives.

C Nelson said...

This kind of nonsense is why I dated friends. As in, people I'd been having conversations with for at least a year, people my other friends --plural -- knew as well. I've been hanging out with the same two close groups of friends long enough that the barely-teenage youngest member of one of them has had time to grow up, get married, get through law school, and pass the bar exam. If friends like that can't vouch for you, you don't need to date me; put your time in and let me get to know you first. It's too long a game for the likes of this crook.

TNDRHRT said...

Well, well, well.  Let's just say I personally know of two people who have been scammed by this here dude.  One being my very own linesister who is a physician in B-ham, AL.  Sigh....  Found out about her dealings with this guy  after I told her what happened to another friend in Atlanta.  Awful, awful.  In short, he bought a 5 series BMW and told my ls she could drive it while he was 'away on business'.   Things went way south (like South Pole south) when the dealership called my ls and told her dude's check bounced (yeah...he supposedly was flossing and wrote a PERSONAL check to purchase the car) and he had listed her phone number as an alternate number where he could be reached.  LAWD!  She was calling him and, of course, he wasn't answering her calls and the police became involved.  However, since he goes by all these aliases, locating him was difficult.  I lit into her ass like she was my child and I don't have any children!  I was dumbfounded and felt horrible for her at the same time.  I google EVERY dude I date.  I've never hired a PI, but I would if I needed to.

C Nelson said...

It can also mean just a cautious person who doesn't intend to get fired for blogging or tweeting, and so uses an online handle for everything. Or the person with the remarkably common legal name, or one who shares a name with a celebrity, which is the reason I haven't changed mine. "Cindy Nelson" gets you pages and pages of other people, including the Olympic medalist; you have to know my middle name, my online handle, or some other personal details to find me, and that works quite well for me.

TNDRHRT said...

Wait...some new women have been involved with 'Brian'??  Let me go over to Creole's spot and read up.  *pewn*

La said...

It scares me to think there are grown women for whom this type of behavior sets off no distress signals...

I wouldn't use a site like this. Not because I don't think there is a place for it, but because I trust my own BS detector. For situations like this, where there is actual crime involved, I think it could be helpful. I just hope that it doesn't eventualy devolve into "girl I can't believe he expected me to cook AND wash dishes. He ain't sh!t, don't date him girl" and other foolishness.

Johnny_Lollipop said...

 I think I would throw up the deuces if I felt like I had to hire a PI, but I have been all up in LexixNexis lately, which is almost going as far as  hiring a PI.  If it's been more than a couple of dates I'm borrowing a password and looking up ALL your publicly available information (professional lisc., place of employment, tax records, property records, who you live with <---(how I found out a guy was married)). 

I really would like to believe that majority of people mean absolutely no harm, but it seems like a small number of people are allowed to wreak havoc without consequence, of course those on 'Snapped' are the exception.  These days ALL men in my world are full of sh_t until they consistently show otherwise.  Of course I don't treat them horribly, but I have stopped giving second chances early on and any inconsistencies will be pointed out and I will be moving on.  Promptly.

Only1DivaC said...

Yes, I Google the heck out of my dates. Blame it on my former career but I need auditable and verifiable evidence. Once I find out the full legal name, address, and job of where he works I am on the internet searching for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, property records, etc . Once I get the information, I cross check against what he has said thus far and will say in the future. Any glaring disparities are a red flag for me. I even occasionally Google myself to make sure that my stuff is on the up and up.
Overall, I think we as a society need to re-evaluate the concept of dating. Dating is meant for gathering of facts, information, and ultimately deciding if you want to take it to the next level and be in a committed, monogamous relationship. My philosophy is you wouldn't hire somebody off the streets without verifying everything they say so why should it be any different when you are letting someone into your personal space and life?

CaliGirlED said...

 *dies at "ass grooves"*

Raven said...

Did anybody catch Who the Bleep Did I Marry this weekend? There was a prime example of why these sites may be necessary for some folks...I'm with Only1DivaC ... as a former prosecutor I have my old detective on speed dial for potentional shame either!

Grace said...

Over a year ago, I was dating a guy and my bs meter went off. Just one time too many where he didn't answer his cell but called back ten minutes later with "I just missed your call" - hmm. Every single time you just missed my call? Found him under a different name on Facebook (Same first name, same city, same DOB, same job) and there he was a Hurricane Harbor with wifey and four (4!!!!) kids. As Chele would say *click* and *block*

Leo the Yardie Chick said...

Lawd, all this is not encouraging me to take the plunge into the 21st Century Dating Pool. >_<

Speaking of 'Lawd', the mere fact that this dude isn't a crispy-fried human-shaped object right now shows how much God isn't like human beings. Using my holy name to get your shenanigans on? Yea.....Judgement Day would come early for a certain fool.

mickmicki said...

IMHO, there is a reason why God created a search engine.  I am going to Google, Zabasearch, search the state's case net system, Blockshopper and will read DDHG (with a grain of salt, of course).

I have followed this Brian Wentworth dude and his story for the last two years ('cause I am nosy like that).  I am not going to say that I couldn't get got, but come on.  When homeboy said, "Let me pay your bills.." My BS meter would have gone off.   I would have pulled out my phone and checked him out right then and there.

But from what I understand, homeboy is on some "let's settle down"...I ain't got time to play...I want to get married this year...If we are going to get married, I want a financially responsible woman with good credit...Let me pay your mortgage, 'cause I don't want you to be late and get bad credit"-bull.  When this happens to folks that I know in real life, they usually say that I am being negative.  Please.  I'm deeply rooted in reality.  THAT does not happen in real life.  There is no such thing as a fairy tale.  Get your head out of the clouds and google that fool.

The sad part is that there is rumblings that he has a STD and the he is NOT using protection.

Penny said...

 Watching your cable and NetFlix.

GuessImJay said...

I'm a little wary of these sites unless they are moderated. The biggest problem with free speech is that people speak freely - truth, lie, whatever. 

As for this dude - he's one of several floating around the South pretending to be what he's not. Google found him in 1.3 seconds. Who wouldn't take 1.3 seconds to spare themselves some bull shit?

LikeLena said...

Chele - I remember you saying that you background check. When do you do that?

Jason P said...

A friend of mine ran across this loser in Buckhead. He ran the same sorry ass line on her. She was feeling him until Day 4 when he called talking about his daughter and his dad. I mean, who shares all of that on Day 4. Not date 4, Day 4. I told her something was off and she finally Googled him. It's this trifling ninja right here

rozb said...

This ninja plays too damn much. These days women are more likely to cut you than cuss you out.

I am tight with my money, property, and time. If I like you I will share some time. If I love you, I will share more time. But money, nah. I am on that whole Big Worm level. I will decimate your whole entire ass.

rozb said...

Leaving the empty container in the fridge with just a swallow in it!

rozb said...

You see, it's the principal. There's principalities in the whole thing! Big Worm - that great philosopher.

GammasWorld said...

Lawd lawd lawd I'mma just stay with my four-legged housemate (gives Bailey a belly rub).  I don't like DDHG and such sites for legitimate checking on somebody.  It's too easy for anybody to write a post about you just because.     

But BriBri tho ... that #1 could easily be brought to light with a why thank you let's head over to *your* bank and get the cash.  Not saying I would do that, but that's all it would take to get this scammer scrambling about why he can't go a branch of his bank.   #2 You're not ready to date, here let me scroll through my ever ready lists of therapists.  Pick you one.  #3 Well you can pray but that doesn't mean a thing ... KKK prays before a lynching.   

No time for obvious foolishness.  If he's coming to me with all that in the first damn week my radar is off the chain.  

GammasWorld said...

Oh and dude looks like a rounder face Ray J who does nothing for me. 

Earthangel172 said...

" When homeboy said, "Let me pay your bills.." My BS meter would have gone off."


Earthangel172 said...


Wambuig said...

Oh what did I do before Google?  I Google EVERY.ONE. started doing this out of curiosity but now its more of a necessity. Yes sorry but yup esp. granted where I work with people acting fools when it's really uncalled for lol. Just 2 weeks ago I had this dude show up he fit in ok but something didn't add up after a few questions... So I did what I do best and staring back at me was his mug shot on Fugitives like Really dude be gone. So Mr. Koolkhemist all I need is your name before we can even have convo #2 which would never be soon as I found out how shady you are!!! This story just puts me in a bad head space...

Guest said...

Would just like to add that cons are good at what they do and this one has been perfecting his for quite sometime.  Anybody can get a fake I.D. and give you a name that yields no results on Google and this is some of what he has done.  He is also very good at stealing your checks from the back of or middle of your checkbook and using it to his advantage without you even realizing that he did it.  He will propose to you, go to your church and talk to your pastor, start wedding preparations, and go house hunting with a realtor...whatever he needs to do to make his story legit.  As women have found the weak spots over the years in his story, he has learned how to "fix" them and go on undetected.  He will even have you talk to "family members" (mother, daughter??, ... to solidify his story.  It's unfortunate..if he would put all that energy into getting a real job instead of being a sociopath, he may actually accomplish something that he could be proud of.  He has scammed financial institutions that say they have all the security in the world.  This man does not even fear GOD because he will pray with you, go to church with you, quote the word, talk to your pastor about your wedding plans...the whole 9.  Anybody that cold and manipulative is a child of the devil.  He will destroy you, your family, innocent doesn't matter to him as long as he is getting what he wants. He has also learned that by becoming a part of one's network he can further use the embarrassment his victims experience to keep them silent so he goes unreported.  Law enforcement needs to get on him and lock him down. He also says he is a mason and is very knowledgeable about the Kappa fraternity....will build an entire network around him in whatever area he is in.  I wonder why he hates women so?  I wonder why he is so desperate to be important to somebody with his fancy (illegal) living, fancy title, fancy cars?  I wonder why he is incapable of loving and accepting love?  Some of the women he has encountered have been solid, educated, career oriented, salary earning, Godly women that were ready to settle down with somebody that they THOUGHT was mature, God-fearing, family oriented, educated, secure.....qualities that are hard to come by...obviously.  He is a Dateline Special in the making.  Pure evil this one is.

Just a's always easier to say what you would do when you are not or haven't been in a situation.  Honestly, in one aspect or another, at one time or another, we all get scammed...just on different levels.  Whether it's in love, with finances, that extra purchase at Christmas when we are feeling all warm and cozy inside, that sale that really wasn't a sale.....There are just some people out there that are rotten to the core (and should be locked up) and just as we are all experts at something, they are experts in scamming and taking advantage of people because their evilness is on a different level from that of normal people.  Unless you have been in a situation and know what took place behind closed really don't know.  Hindsight.....

Guest said...

Just an fyi

Brian, Brainard, Otis, Brandon....has recently been in the Washington state area living it up at the casino and continuing to scam women.  This time he is supp to be working at the University in that area but we all know his only job is scamming women.  Somebody better warn the women, the Kappas, and the Masons in the area that the "Ive League" predator is on the loose in their area. 

Why are dating sites continuing to allow this predator to use their sites to prey on women?  Word out is that every dating site that he is on has been notified of his predatory behavior and they continue to allow him to use their site like a playground...what is the deal with that and when are they going to step up and be accountable?

Bruna said...

Why in the hell would you give someone access to your bank account?  If he (or she) sounds too good to be true, run like hell.

Fed Up said...

Otis Wedgeworth is now daring women to do their research on him.  He actually uses this name (Otis Wedgeworth) on his updated Koolkhemist profile "looking for da one" on PlentyofFish.  I am sure he has come up with a story to address all the posts that women have blogged on about him.  Don't allow him to keep putting notches in his belt as he racks up victims from State to State.  There is so much pressure on him that he has to keep moving and changing his phone number and hiding from law enforcement (has an active warrant in Montgomery, Alabama issued Jan. 11, 2012) and now that he can't hide from what is on the internet, he acts as if he is doing his next victim a favor by telling them to go look and do their research on him so he can add his lying explanation for the blogs to his scam. PlentyofFish needs to be sued for continuing to allow this predator to use their site to prey on women the same way pedophiles prey on children.

You arrogant, pathetic, sociopathic, bastard.

Women Do your research:  Start here:
 (see comment on 3/28 about PhDNupe) (This is his profile-All Lies!!!)

Cookie_Sylvain said...

anybody will given you are given the correct name. this guys gives out fake names.

Heelsgurl1 said...

He's on POF under IvyDr36.

Survivor said...

Thanks for looking out!!!  He's such a bastard!!  He's getting beat at his own game.

Survivor said...

Non-Smoker with A Few Extra Pounds body type
Seattle Washington

36 year old Man, 5' 11" (180 cm), Baptist

Black Cancer with Black hair

is actively seeking a relationship.

PhD / Post Doctoral

I am Seeking a

Long Term

Needs Test
Not Completed

Not Completed

Do you drink?

Do you want children?

Marital Status

Do you do drugs?

No Pets

Eye Color


Do you have children?

Do you have a car?

Longest Relationship
Over 3 years

About Me

I am looking for an honest, sincere, loyal young
lady to date. I'm looking for that special lady to share time with and
get to know.
I am very well educated and gainfully employed. I have two degrees from an Ivy League school ( Penn ), and my PhD from Duke. I'm a Dr, a Biochemist with a major government entity.
Let's talk ladies and let's see what happens.

First Date

Sit, talk, sip. LoL

**Ladies we are back to the gray polo; now using the name : IvyDr36 : Really looking for love


Luvleeyes98003 said...

Yep 4-10-12 he was in Seattle saying hes a Dr. for the CDC, and me with my stupid self believed him because he so good. Gave me the name of Brandon Lewis so google pulled up nothing behind him. After telling me he was looking for a wife and made so 300k a yr i fell for the scam. He deposited a $3500.00 check with his real name on it and after the check came back closed acct i was able to google the real name and realized ive been scam. His new cell no is 205-470-7731. Detectives are aware of  him and looking for him. Wow this man is a pro, but his fun is comming to a end.

What a joke! said...

I am in Seattle an he did me the same way girl! Wow what a loser I googled his a** after I saw a wierd name on a money gram....yeah someone s going to hurt that fool he is on POF now under PennNupe. In Seattle. Sad but it could Abe been worse for me I'm happy I trusted my gut..... He needs to be stopped!

Seattle said...

On POF in Seattle under PennNupe

It Ain't Over Till It's Over said...

A silver Pt Cruiser!! HAHAHAHAHA  My, my, my how we have fallen so far from the luxury cars and finest restaurants, and name brand clothes!!!  This is wonderful news!!!  Don't worry ladies....his day is coming.  Keep filing reports.  Keep calling and following up on the reports until we get answers.  Keep contacting media...if enough of us do it and do it CONSISTENTLY somebody will start getting interested, especially once we make it known that we have contacted law enforcement and this bastard is still free and still preying on women, and has an active warrant out of Montgomery, Alabama issued in January of this year!!!

Just like some of his other victims, he has contacted me as well wanting to meet after all that has happened....What level of crazy is he operating on???  Please keep posting, blogging, following up with law enforcement so our reports are not forgotten, and repeatedly contacting the media.  Sometimes the squeaky wheels get the most oil.  Keep the pressure's working....he's driving a silver PT Cruiser, hahahahahahahaha -a rental at that.  Eventually all the money he has stolen thus far will run out.  He's having to pay for transportation in between victims.  He's having to pay for some place to stay in between victims.  Hopefully, every time he is busted and somebody puts him out, he loses more and more of his clothes and shoes in the process.  He aims to leave his victims with nothing....funny how he is going to be left with less, and less, and less....losing cars, losing money, losing clothes, the only things that matter to him...losing, losing, losing until he loses his freedom as well.  He is only one sorry pathetic, useless, bastard that's good for absolutely nothing.  We are a mighty force to contend with as we work together and we will move from being victims to being successors.  Do NOT give up!!!! 

Send as many emails as you can to:

Send Investigation Tips

    * By E-Mail:
    * By Phone: (727) 577-TIPS

It doesn't matter what city you are in.  They all have affiliate stations that can pick up the story nation wide.  We have to get the media involved.  Once they realize the scale of this madness, it will start to pick up national attention and there will be NO where he or his sorry a** family can hide.  They should go to jail with him for accepting stolen property, being in possession of stolen property, aiding a fugitive....the list of charges against them can go on and on.  Media in their hometown needs to be contacted too so they can be put on blast for the scum they are....from their mother right down the worthless chain she birthed.  We should also file a class action law suit against plenty of fish for allowing this predator to continue to use their site to victimize women after he has been reported to them.  As far as I am concerned, they are as big of a participant in his crimes as he is and they are just as guilty and need to be held accountable as well for giving him a platform to operate from.

 **Listening to "It All Belongs To Me" Monica/Brandy as I blog.  Ladies, it's my new motivational song!!!  Have a listen!!! 

a rental PT Cruiser-hahahahahahahahahahahaha

It Ain't Over Till It's Over said...

He's famous for those money grams.  Always sending money to that useless family of his.  They are all living off of us because they are too lazy and useless and worthless to make something honest of their sorry lives.  They are a bunch of blood sucking leeches --just sucking the life out of society.  I have never in my life come across such a worthless lot.  Just a  pathetic and sorry bunch of bastards.  Let me tell you....generational curses can be a thing to answer to--that's why the father is always sick, this bastard is a convict... and the same way Willie Mae is worthless and her children amounted to nothing is the same way her children's children will amount to nothing and their children will amount to nothing.  Their last name should have been Nothing .  Useless to society.

UChoseTheWrong1 said...

Ladies...if we want to take this national here is the address for the
show Who the Bleep Did I Marry?  They focus on "problems" like
"Wedgeworth/Woods/Bell" and use investigative journalists to track
people down, investigate, and put them away.  Media attention always
results in some type of action so perhaps we need to get together and
tell them our story so they can get us RESULTS!!!

anybody is interested, let's start getting information together and
contacting them.  It only takes one media outlet to grab the story and
then all the others start trying to compete...nonetheless..the story
starts getting attention and we can accomplish our goals: preventing
other victims and putting this pathetic punk away for so many years he
won't know how to use a computer by the time he gets out!

Sophia41922 said...

Anonymous said...

Ladies, what about taking it federal while we are waiting on local law enforcement. As many financial institutions as he had defrauded, as many fraudulent bank accounts and credit cards that he has set up, as many online payments as he has made from accounts he wasn't authorized to use, and the fact that he crosses state lines committing these crimes is enough to make it federal. The first thing we need to do is start communicating with each other in a way that both him and his family can't monitor. We all know he is monitoring these sites and as we try to help each other we are also giving him info., lettin him know what we know, letting him know which departments are looking for him and things like that. We need to communicate out of sight from him and his despicable family so that everytime he meets a new victim he is going in blind, never knowing if it's a set up, or if law enforcement is already looking for him in that area. Them we need to gather all our info, report numbers, etc. and send the same packet of info to every local FBI office so we can make sure they have a comprehensive packet of evidence and we can provide them with a contact agent at each office. They have the resources to work the case from all states but we have to stop feeding him info. The more info he has the more he can keep scheming. Hopefully there is enough out here to prevent other victims if they google him. We can post his aliases, phone numbers, screen names, dating sites, and current locations but all else needs to be done behind close doors. Time to outsmart this punk bastard at his own game and be mindful that his family is always on the lookout for him. They will pretend to be one of us to feed him info. We've got to be careful. Those trifling scalawags are making out from our hard work. Everything he steals he shares with them. Btw, has anybody heard anything about the 22 y/o that tried to kill herself b/c of this spineless punk? Has anybody contacted his daughters mother? She is in the Alabama school system and should have a state email....she might want to stop contact between this ballsless punk unless she is in on it with him which would of course put her job in jeopardy.......she won't risk losing everything over his unstable punk a** unless she is involved. First step ladies ....communicate behind closed doors. Second, gather, plan and take it federal. Y'all in??

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies here is his new number as of today. 470 258 9339... Good luck and thanks for the heads up. He is currently on ok Cupid as khemicalkappa.

Anonymous said...

I just met Mr. PhD on OK Cupid. He is going by the name Brandon. As of 9/8/2012, he is going by the screenname Kountrynupe on OkCupid. Oddly enough, I was able to link him to one of his relatives. His real name is Brian Otis Wedgeworth. DOB: 6/29/1975 From Alabama. 470-258-9339. Asked if I was going to be his girlfriend on day 1. Offered to pay bills, mortgage and student loans. I got suspicious because if you have sooooo much money, why are you using a free dating site?? Says he's a kappa. He is charming and has great conversation. I hope no women get caught up with him.

One Chele said...

It scares me to think there are grown women for whom this type of behavior sets off no distress signals...

I wouldn't use a site like this. Not because I don't think there is a place for it, but because I trust my own BS detector. For situations like this, where there is actual crime involved, I think it could be helpful. I just hope that it doesn't eventualy devolve into "girl I can't believe he expected me to cook AND wash dishes. He ain't sh!t, don't date him girl" and other foolishness.

One Chele said...

mmm, I dunno about sites like these because I think there's a huge potential for misuse/abuse, on the other hand, I google everyone. And I mean everyone. My brother in law, who's been a part of the family for over 20 years, my friends' potential significant others, people who have submitted resumes for positions open at my work, physicians, accountants... Every. One. gets the google. I google myself every now and then just to see what comes up. (I highly recommend this and don't forget to do an image search and put quotation marks around your name.)
My feeling is that if you are under the age of 45 and don't have even a small web presence, that's a red flag.  The absence of information can be a sign as much as having your whole life out in cyberspace. If it's on-line and easily accessible by a google search, I don't consider that a violation of privacy.
I do tend to be suspicious/cynical by nature and I realize that that has cost me in relationships, so I try to tread very carefully and communicate better in person, but I still google. I do try to keep in mind that it's the internet and anything I read should be taken with a sack of salt.
Gavin de Becker's book, Gift of Fear, is excellent and everyone should read it. Trust your instincts and if it seems to good to be true, it probably is...


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