Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 and Walking While Black can still get you dead

Let me send a heated glare to all who feverishly claim that President Obeezy being large and in charge at 1600 Penn somehow cured racism or excused centuries of mistreatment and hate. If anything, his campaign and presidency have exposed so much ugliness that many of us hoped was receding or at least buried under good manners. 'Fraid not. I don't even argue with folks when they try to tell me that the fervent hatespeak coming from the right is not racially motivated. I just double blink and mutter "You lie!" under my breath. 

Does anyone really think the reason they don't let Obama expel a freakin' breath without testing the chemical compound of said oxygen is because of political differences? Really? But as if the FoxNewsDouchebaggery of it all weren't enough to convince you that racial hatred is alive and well in the great of US of A; I present to you the infuriatingly tragic tale of Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon, known as Trey, was a 17-year old high school student in Miami who loved horses and wanted to be a pilot. A few weeks ago, he went to visit relatives in Sanford, Florida. His relatives lived in a quiet gated community with a neighborhood watch and well-kept lawns. In the midst of enjoying some basketball on TV, Trey decided to head to 7-11 for a snack. On his way back, he clutched a bag of Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea bottle.

He had the unfortunate luck of running into George Zimmerman, a 26-year old (Caucasian) captain of the neighborhood watch. George decided that something (could it be skin color?) looked suspicious about Trayvon and started following him in his car. See the scene unfold in your mind with me.

George calls 911 and reports a suspicious man inside the gated community. The dispatcher tells George to fall back, they are on the way and will handle it. George ignores this and got out of his car to confront Trayvon. In the next five minutes some sort of scuffle broke out. Next thing you know, Trayvon Martin is dead 70 yards away from his father's house from a 9-mm shot to the chest.

Now it's bad enough that Trayvon is dead. It's worse that a grown ass man with a permit to carry shot a child who was holding Skittles and tea. But it's dead ass wrong that the shooter claimed self-defense and is waltzing around free at this very minute. Self-defense? Was Trayvon (at 140 lbs) threatening to pelt him with Tropical Skittles? Did he wave the tea bottle around aggressively? 

How in the entire hell is it 2012 with Obama in the White House and a black kid can be gunned down for being in a good neighborhood at the wrong time? Is this the modern day equivalent of "Reckless Eyeballing"? George even confessed to the shooting and I'm still waiting to see the Perp Walk. Where the hell is Nancy Grace on this miscarriage of justice? You can bet your last dollar that if Trayvon was the shooter and George was the victim, cameras would be rolling as "the perpetrator" was hauled off to jail.

I strongly rebuke people who claim that Trayvon should have been more careful walking in "that kind of neighborhood" - really? He wasn't playing loud music, he wasn't smoking a joint, he wasn't posseed up with five friends, he was walking back from 7-11 with snacks! 

BougieMom and I are in a gated community. Last week, we were held up at the gate because the person in front of us didn't believe we lived here. He pulled his car to a stop and tried to bar us from entering the gates. When I held up the clicker to show I had access, he moved forward and then waited to see which garage we were pulling into. Now this was me and my 79-year old mother in a BMW - what the hell kind of nefarious criminality did he think we were getting into? We've lived here for five years, ya'll.

What's worse - not the first time it's happened. A few years ago, we pulled out of the garage and realized that we'd left something behind. I pulled over in front of the house and a car pulled up beside us. A middle aged white man rolled the window down, 
"Can I help you?" He asked. 
Mom and I exchanged looks. "I don't think so," I smiled and waved, climbing out of the car. 
He climbed out of his car, "Are you here to see somebody? These are private residences." He probed. 
My smile faded, "I live here." 
His face went ashen, "Oh. Um. Oh. Have a good day." He got in his car and pulled off. 

Mom just rolled her eyes and shook her head but I was hot. Like angry to the point where I went inside and had to do the deep breathing exercises "Woo-sah..." before I could get back in the car and drive. And don't get me started on the Obama 2008 sign we had in the yard. I kept putting it up and replacing it when it got kicked over... and over... and over again. When someone had their dog defecate on it, we took the hint. 

My point is, please don't tell me that Obama was the magic cure for racism. The ish is embedded and passed down generationally like eye color and grandma's biscuit recipe. My question is - what are we going to do about it? For starters, we can slap George Zimmerman in some cuffs and carry his ass directly to jail on a murder rap... Just in case you have some free time, here's the info to holla at the Sanford, FL po-po.

BougieLand, what say you? What can be done to eradicate these kinds of things from happening? Anything? Will racism ever die? Isn't enough, enough already?


motown_skater said...

i will have to come back and read your full post later, but i have to say i was disgusted this morning as i flipped from the Today Show to Good Morning America to CBS Morning News and not one covered this story. not even a passing blurb to say read a miami paper if you want more details....

Jubi The Great said...

I moved to Orlando in 2006, and right around the time I moved there, the FL Legislature passed a law saying that any citizen with a gun permit could "shoot to kill" anytime they felt "threatened" & would be immune from prosecution. My first thought was "Florida is about to be the wild wild West" & I was right - during my almost 4years there, there were numerous incidents of shootings & no prosecution. So when I heard about this horrible story last week, I immediately thought of this law & this is probably the reason why George Zimmerman isn't in jail & why he may never be prosecuted.

Sol_dier said...

No. Racism will never die and I have no patience for people who pretend that it will.

I've had the 'Can I help you schtick'  (really your face doesn't belong here) They get a straightforward No and complete disengagement (no smile, no waves). Any further efforts to question me is met with complete lack of acknowledgement or : 'do excuse me..' and I will step around them.

The comments around this case have been ridiculous. Blackness seems to be a threat on the imagination of many people/

Michelle Davis-Newell said...

Seems no matter your financial status in this here U.S of A, we still have to be mindful of who and where we are. I am intolerable and impatient with racist bull. I guess my 42 years of seeing it is just tired of the same old lame excuses. There's is no reason for it, we have every right to live where we can afford. This is not 1950. But, the only ones who can bring this to an unequivocal end is us. The spending power we have, the influence we have and the charisma needs to be used to make the point that without us, this country would be hollow at best. But first, we gotta convince ourselves of this.

Leon X said...

After a show I did in January I was stopped by a (Black) sergeant and two patrol cars because I "fit the description." Walking While Black isn't going anywhere for awhile.

taut_7 said...

"Is this the modern day equivalent of "Reckless Eyeballing"?"

this is exactly what this situation is. the only crime trayvon committed was being the wrong color. this is what infuriates me the most, this could happen to me or any of my friends or my brothers. when i adamantly state that its hard being a black man in america, i get the side eye often. as if i'm not supposed to talk about race or the sham that is post-racial america. i'll continue blogging and reading about issues that interest me.

NY2VA said...

When I read that story last week, I literally cried because as a Black mother of a Black son I know that there are many instances in which my baby will not even have a chance.  
My baby is only six, but in a few years when he gets bigger and starts to look more "manly" someone is going to look at my sweet baby and think he looks "menacing", "threatening" or "suspicious".  I just pray to the good Lord that he places a hedge around my boy and brings him safely home to us each night, because unfortunately there isn't a damn thing we can do about it.  No amount of vigilance could have saved Trey.   

In my work, I utilize a lot of the research on the educational and disciplinary disproportionalities faced by Black boys in schools.  It's ironic that in the very same week that the US Department of Education released lfederal data around the disproportionately harsh discipline doled out to Black boys in schools systems nationwide (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/06/education/black-students-face-more-harsh-discipline-data-shows.html), that we see actually see this very thing play out with some toy cop "law enforcement".  People laughed at that discipline data and called major bull shiggidy on it because as a society we tend to collectively believe the hype that our boys are always up to no good.  But guess what.  The legacy of young Treyvon Martin will be that for a young Black boy in America, the act of simply BEING is enough to justify detention, suspension, expulsion, arrest, incarceration or even cold blooded murder.  

thinklikeRiley said...

What's sad is that this ish(with Trayvon)  doesn't even surprise me any more. I'd be more surprised if they actually did something about the George Zimmermans of the world.
Dude rolling up and you and Moms tho? F**kin' ridiculous.

Johnny_Lollipop said...

"Can I help you?" He asked. 

Mom and I exchanged looks. "I don't think so," I smiled and waved, climbing out of the car. 

He climbed out of his car, "Are you here to see somebody? These are private residences." He probed. 

My smile faded, "I live here." 

His face went ashen, "Oh. Um. Oh. Have a good day." He got in his car and pulled off. "It's sad that I would rather risk being shot in a neighborhood full of hoodlums than have to deal with THAT.  It's actually one of my requirements that whites be in the clear minority in any neighborhood I choose to live.  It might seem silly, but I don't want problems like this.  It's hard enough working around them all day long and have to be so filtered.   The last thing I want to deal with is this type of mess when I'm simply trying to enjoy the home I work hard to pay for.

ClayJones said...

Unfortunately, ain't nuthin' changed but the date on the calendar.

FreeBlackMan said...

No shade but I don't think reverse segregation is the answer. Avoiding the problem doesn't make it go away.

Johnny_Lollipop said...

 You do know that there are other people of color in this country besides, whites, right?

FreeBlackMan said...

Enough is enough already but not everybody thinks that means the same thing. We'v all seen these people going in about "Taking Their Country Back" - that means from people you don't look, think, talk or act like them.

Breathing with Black is still apparently punishable by death in 2012, huh?

Johnny_Lollipop said...

 " No amount of vigilance could have saved Trey.  "

This!  What is extremely disconcerting for me is that Trey did exactly what I was taught to do when being followed by a stranger.  You acknowledge their presence so that they will know you are aware of them and that you are not an easy target.  I was taught to never provide my home address or destination to anyone I'm not familiar with.  What defensive tactics are you supposed to teach him?  Are we now supposed to teach young black boys a Jim Crow style set of rules when dealing with whites? 

FreeBlackMan said...

I'm assuming that's a rhetorical question.

Anthony Springer Jr. said...

As a working journalist, I'm going to--hesitantly--give the folks at the major morning shows the benefit of the doubt on this one. If you want them to cover it, send their producers an email. 

Too often there's this idea that we media folks are supposed to be up on everything--and the subsequent outrage when things get past us is always swift. Everybody has areas of interest and passions that may not match up with ours. 

Additionally, there are probably only a couple of producers on that show who handle social issues--if they have one designated for it at all. 

lessie brown said...

Being a white
female, the only thing I can bring to this discussion is my own experience. I
was raised in a pretty blatantly racist (and sexist) home (my dad was a cop).
Reading accounts of senseless violence like this one reminds me that I may
still have some incorrect assumptions floating around in my unconsciousness.

What frustrates me
about the situation in this country right now is the way the establishment
tells POC (and in my personal experience, women. This birth control shenanigan?
Really? We're supposed to be post sexism too. Nuh-uh.) that they're the one
with the problem. It's like political gaslighting--"we're doing everything
we  can to keep you from gaining power
and acceptance and then telling you you're crazy when you call us on our

Anyway, I'm not
trying to make this about me. I'm just trying to say: this is heartbreaking.
This is wrong. It makes me angry. This is just one more sign that we need a radical overhaul of
the system. And that's what's scaring the sh*t out of those "Take Back Our
Country" folks. They know we know. And I think, Chele, that you're right:
electing Obama brought that front and center for them.

lessie brown said...

 Good lord, really? Do you know where that is their code? I'm floored that we're actually passing blatant "go ahead and murder people" laws.

TrulyPC said...

Racism has never gone away and the election of President Obama made racists' rage more volatile.  America is sick as a nation because racism was built into the foundation of this country so anything short of a full excavation will leave us without any possibility of racism dying. 

Can anything be done?  Yes.  People would need to be being willing to make some really tough decisions and huge sacrifices to do what needs to be done.   

MsJamie14 said...

This is simply infuriating.

C Nelson said...

My only bit of surprise about this is, sadly, that it wasn't an actual policeman doing the shooting. Of course the watchman's going to claim self-defense; disgustingly, there will even be people who believe him. Because there are people who look at Trey's picture -- if you've seen it, he's definitely juvenile, all eager, cheerful kid -- and only see "black man", and "black man" immediately translates "threatening" to them. 

maziza said...

Thanks for the heads up and the contact info for those at the SPD.  Both the chief of police and the neighborhood watch program now have my call for the arrest of Zimmerman as well as my thoughts on the importance of regulation, screening, training, and education of watch participants so that they don't confuse being a potential criminal with simply being black. 

EvolvingElle said...

I'm currently sitting at my desk trying not to cry. 

I haven't kept up with this story, but I did see links on friends' FB pages.  I clicked the link in the above post, read it, and had my heart crushed.  George Zimmerman needs to be under the jail.  What really shocks me though is that this man CONFESSED to shooting this kid...and yet still walks the streets.

I had a discussion with some friends last week how President Obama being in the White House has brought out people's true feelings.  I can say I do appreciate those people who show their face and let you know where they stand; it's the people that hide behind masks that frighten me most.

maziza said...

 What the hayl kinda "law" for lawlessness is that?

blackprofessor said...

Le sigh! Will racism die? Not in my lifetime and I am not holding my breath for it to ever happen. 

What can be done? I think each situation should dictate the specific action or response.  I have no idea what this family intends to do but I hope they do something.  Two of my common responses include a) reporting the business to the Better Business Bureau and b) writing a letter to the president/CEO about the situation.      

Mo said...

My condolences to Trayvon's family. Despicable.
We need to bombard FL State Attorney’s office with multiple calls. Maybe  this is not the time, but  here is another reason why local elections are VERY important.

Cyn said...

This just makes my heart hurt.  My condolences go out to all who loved and knew Trayvon.  

Seems like a lot of people are threatened the more minorities (women, people of color, etc) stand up and fight for their rights.  People are showing their true colors and trying to shove their arrogant azz beliefs down our throats in hopes of keeping up the status quo.  It makes me absolutely sick.  

I wish I knew what to do to change things.

Jubi The Great said...

Ta-Nehesi Coates of The Atlantic covered this today on his blog & gave more information about law, its really spot-on. http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/03/floridas-self-defense-laws-and-the-killing-of-trayvon-martin/254396/

Pellinore said...

 Don't you mean self-segregation? I believe in reverse segregation as much as I believe in reverse racism which IMHO does not exist. And clearly self-segregation in this instance is a coping mechanism and survival tactic. Not the same thing as fleeing from teh blackies. Allow people to defend themselves as they will.

Chree Carr said...

Coming out of lurking...

I completely understand that media will not always be in the know, but I don't understand how this story, with various angles to run with, is not known to national media almost three weeks later.  Yet, they're quick to be 'in the know' about a white woman who has gone missing in [insert town here].

I was always taught that most outlets focus on news that matters/evokes conversation; they're supposed to leave their own passions out of it.  Has the news game changed since I studied it?  Maybe so...

Yes, the larger issue with this scandal can be considered social, but a young, unarmed boy was still shot a few yards from his home.  It doesn't take only social issues producers to bring this story to light. 

invectiva said...

This makes me so angry.

It's like this, only not funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT6KuBIVg8I

Sol_dier said...

Black people cannot change the minds of the 'take back our country' folk and cannot end racism. 
The real burden of ending racism will always start and ends with white peopleIt is something that white people need to constantly challenge their colleagues, friends, associates, neighbours about. But,  let's be real, who willingly choses to fight a battle that 1) doesn't directly affect them or 2) puts them in a position of power or perpetual privilege ?  I'd wager a guess and say very few and not all the time. It is exhausting.I understand the comment that it is heartbreaking, however I wouldn't describe it as such. I'd describe it as numbing, cruel, barbaric horrific and pathological.  The older I get, the more I realise most people aren't really invested in ending racism. If they were, it would be over. What they are invested in is tolerance and tolerance only allows you temporary access never full benefits. 

Pellinore said...

Personally I feel like calling this a "social issue" makes it easy to relegate such stories about POCs to the margins and leave everything else for white people and their depiction of the world.

lessie brown said...

 You're right. And I think your description is more accurate. This is something I'm still learning how to discuss and work on. But certainly racism in this country is a more systemic form of victim blaming. We (white people) need to stop telling black people it's their fault they're brutalized and then stop brutalizing them. I don't need to tell you about imperialism and colonialism etc. You already know they're central to how our system works. And the system absolutely revolves around keeping a small group of wealthy, powerful white men in charge. I like your point about tolerance. I hadn't ever thought of it that way. What confuses me, what I'm still trying to figure out, is how to start restructuring the system. It's gotten so huge and so self-serving. Anyway, thank you for talking to me.

Leo the Yardie Chick said...

This story has had me all sorts of pissed off from the moment it broke, and I don't live within a mile of the United States.  If I shot an unarmed juvenile, trust and believe that I couldn't just give a 'self-defense' statement, then roll back home to my bed.

TrulyPC said...

 "Are we now supposed to teach young black boys a Jim Crow style set of rules when dealing with whites?"
Yes, but my Mom used to call it "Have your behind in the house BEFORE the street lights come on".  Is it deplorable that it has to be that way?  Yes.  But until there is a significant change in our society.  We have to do what we have to do to keep our children safe.  

Sol_dier said...

Most organisations have local correspondents who pick up on local news in different regions. They dial back a 'hot' story to their main station if they deem it 'mainline newsworthy'

And yes, media folks are supposed to be up on everything. That is their current reason d'ĂȘtre and one of the reason why we have round the clock 24 hour news channels fighting each other for ratings. 

The real truth is it is about what the local Editor/producer who ever is in control in that area deems nationally newsworthy and choses to escalate to the wider network. 

Sol_dier said...

But certainly racism in this country is a more systemic form of victim blaming. 

It is a worldwide phenomena. Unfortunately, the US is not unique in this manner.
I also understand your confusion on figuring how to restructure the system and that's exactly my point. I can't even begin to tell you. 
Ending racism is a dream I no longer have the patience to indulge. Acknowledging the reality of it is where I am at. :-)

Sasha Iman said...

*resurfaces from no laptop induced hiatus*

Thanks for sharing this, I'm calling their PD right now.

lessie brown said...

 "Ending racism is a dream I no longer have the patience to indulge."

I think I see racism, sexism, ableism etc. as symptoms of a toxic system with varying degrees of brutality, marginalization and patronization. The system is hurting me; it's hurting people I love (my son is blind); it's hurting Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and their families; it's hurting millions of people whose stories I don't know, and it makes me SO ANGRY that my only option might be to sit here and simply acknowledge the reality. But some days, I feel like you're right. What would we do? What would a different system even look like? Sigh. But indeed: I do acknowledge the reality.

rozb said...

People hear what they want to hear. It is unfathomable to some White folks to think in this day and age we get shot at, stopped for being Black, or otherwise discriminated against. Had this been a reversed situation, I firmly believe the Black man would have been under the jail by now. Times change, but alas, people don't. We may think the world is moving forward, but heinous individuals like Zimmerman keep rampant hate alive and well.

When I tell someone White I have been stopped for simply being Black, it is not even on their radar; ignorance is total bliss, and many are incapable of empathy or thinking outside their bubbles.

What it boils down to is this: Trayvon was being followed and harassed by Zimmerman. When he confronted Zimmerman (which Trayvon had the right to do), Zimmerman created a situation where he could pull the trigger. I am not very optimistic that "legal" justice will be served.

rozb said...

BTW - I wanna see these celebrities come out for Trayvon like they did for Kony.

GrownAzzMan said...

I am late on this one. Work is cray today. I cannot believe that nothing has been done about this case yet. We must apply pressure and not rest until there is some semblance of justice here.

Brenda Kay said...

I've been following this sad, frustrating and painful story about Trayvon Martin since it broke. I can not understand or comprehend why George Zimmerman remains a free man walking the streets. I have written a letter and an email to the US Justice Department imploring them to stay on top of this situation. Along with making three follow up phone calls. Our voices can not and must not remain silent on this. Trayvon and his family deserve justice. They remain in my daily prayers. 

Chele - I actually teared up reading the three experiences you shared. I admire your dignity and grace. But if that had been me, I would have gotten a larger Obama sign, set up 24 video surveillance and when the culprit was caught on camera, I would have turned the video over to the police and a lawyer to pursue trespassing charges at the very least. As for the a** clown who stopped his car in an attempt to block you, you should have taken note of his license plate number and where he lives if possible, called to the police to inquire if harassment charges could be made against him as you felt threatened by him. If nothing else, you could have asked the police to pay him a visit advising this clown that any further actions by him could lead to charges being pressed. Idiots like this only catch a clue when it has the potential to hit them in their wallets. 

GammasWorld said...

This hurts.  I will be writing the DA and other news shows.  Tweeting the story will get some recognition.  You wouldn't believe how many stories are explored because it was first seen as a hot topic on Twitter and FB.  As for your personal incidents,  I have a bougie friend who lived in an exclusive (not gated .... we tend not to gate here) neighborhood and her husband was stopped coming home from the gym in his sweats and "the old car".  No one has any doubts whatsoever why he was stopped.  He had to show his idea to prove he lived there.   I don't live in a gated community but  my daughter wanted to put up an Obama sign in '08 and you would have thought she had said mama let's take a walk naked through the neighborhood.  Pure fear on my part.  We (at the time) were two women and baby and as "nice" as my conservative, older white neighbors are, I'm about 99.9% positive that the rednecks behind my development would have caused some trouble.  I was plain scared.  The situation is not getting better.  My heart hurts because my beautiful little granddaughter at 6 years old is already getting judged and longs to be at a school where she has "more kids who are black like me".   I don't think it will ever end and all we can do is call it out when presented.        

Guest1 said...

Tired of these events.  Tired of being harrassed and questioned because I do not look like the majority even though   I am more educated than the majority.   This is such sad news.
I, myself, have been a victim of prejudice/racism.  I have been followed in multiple stores.  I was even asked by the concierge  if I lived in the luxury building that I was renting!!!!!  (Twice!!!!!!  On different occasions).
I have been treated poorly by teachers of a certain color (the paler persuasion).
Keep in mind, I am a 30 year old pediatrician, yet none of that matters to the majority, they only see my skin color.

FullBloom said...

My heart hurts.  I am the mother of a 14 year old son.  I can't even wrap my mind around this tragedy.  I will sign all petitions available and email the state and local legislators .  My condolences go out to his family. 

rozb said...

I feel you, Chele. I wrote my own post about Trayvon - got it off my chest somewhat. But I get mad all over again every time I see a news story and know this jackass still walks free.


motown_skater said...

i don't say this to debate you or dismiss your thoughts b/c i fully understand your point i'm simply making an observation...

i almost, came real close, gave the news outlets i mentioned yesterday the benefit of the doubt until this morning...GMA reported on an 11yr old boy who had to be dug out of the sand by his older brother and mother... really!

aishao1122 said...

see this right here will make you hate, with a deep anger that you end up passing on. 
i had this happen, we live in CT, my cousin purchased a nice home in one of the enclaves of Easton, around here there are tons of land and very few lights or street signs, his wife (bought the house while he was over seas, he saw pictures but had never been to it, as he was assigned overseas for a few years and they were coming back and needed a place, so she bought the house and moved their stuff in while he finished up) drove in ahead of us and we missed which turn she took because we got caught behind a slow driver. Once he cut around the driver we went looking for house, we drove the same street twice; on our third pass cops pulled us over, we are in a Jag, my mother, my cousin in the drivers seat, myself and my younger sister in the backseat, we had four count them 4 cop cars. They asked him turn off the car,  then an officer requested ids, my mother refused and told him we were looking for the address, he said someone had called in a suspicious car 'casing the neighborhood', ummm who cases the neighborhood with children in the car??? we sat their for 20 mins while they 'verified the story', 

 i called my cousins wife and she came driving up and explained to the officers that we were with her and we had simply fallen behind. they let us go. Black man in a Jag says he lives in the neighborhood they keep us there for 20 mins, an Asian woman in a Jag says he's with her and our story was correct and they let us go.

i can't explain how angry my cousin was, or how hot my mother was, she took names and badge numbers, and I'm sure she made them regret answering that call that night (she's friends with the town mayor, & the police commissioner's wife), there was a small blurb about it in the news, but that got buried pretty quickly because nothing these towns hate more than having their dirty laundry hung out for public perusal. Every time since then that we go to his house I always remember that night and the fear & anger I felt. My cousin's wife was flabbergasted, she had never seen a DWB scenario and she couldn't understand why in this day and age it was still happening.

CaliGirlED said...

 I know a Black CHP (California Highway Patrol) Officer who was pulled over in his personal vehicle in the neighborhood that his office is in. To make matters worse he knows that when they ran his plate, before pulling him over which is standard procedure, they knew he was an officer. They attempted to ask him what he was doing there. He simply showed his license AND badge and refused to answer any questions. Of course they had to cease and desist.

CaliGirlED said...


CaliGirlED said...

"...it's the people that hide behind masks that frighten me most."....YES!!!

CaliGirlED said...

Didn't make it to BougieLand yesterday. This story saddens and angers me but does not surprise me, especially since moving to Texas. And although 95% of the men I work with here are nice and cool and pleasant, they are still Good Ol' Boys and I know that they see me as some "exception to the rule" or "not like the others". One of my brokers has had to put out various memos to his  exclusive/rich homeowners association regarding recent burglaries, which I prepared for him. I want to tell him so bad that the reason it keeps happening is because they're only being suspicious of folks that don't look like them, while the ones who do look like them are the ones breaking into their homes and robbing them blind! SMDH

ceeshan said...

Heartbreaking. I've been disgusted ever since last week when I read about this murder. That poor innocent child. It's always been open season on our black males. We must keep bombarding  them with phone calls and letters to let the know we're fed up. There's no way Zimmerman should be walking around free. How the hell is he saying it's self defense?  He was the instigator by pursuing this child and killing him. All the evidence points to that. The dipatcher even told Zimmerman to back off because the police were enroute. The Sandford police department  refuses to release the 911 tape because they know that would substantiate his  guilt. smh

CorettaJG said...

I haven't been able to comment much lately because I'm blocked at work now, but I will say that this entire case has made me so angry and frustrated since it first broke 10 days ago.

I cannot imagine what this family is going through considering how thoroughly disgusted and utterly disheartened I am just following the news (or the lack of it in much of the national media).

I believe in the concept of neighborhood watch and generally think it's a positive force in most communities.  I've called the police myself about suspicious behavior at the park across the street from me.  But walking or driving while black is not inherently suspicious behavior.  The idea that in 2012 just being a black boy walking at night in a gated neighborhood with snacks in your hand puts your life in jeopardy makes me ill at the injustice.  This is so wrong.  It's like our boys lives are worth nothing.  Even after being advised that the police were on their way and to fall back, Zimmerman gets out of his car with a loaded gun.  *sigh*   Even if it turns out Trayvon swung first, who can blame him when a strange man in a car has been tailing him.  If anything, that is what was suspicious.  

My condolences and prayers for the family and I will continue to watch what happens.

JojoRaze said...

 CNN is where I first heard about this story and I then went online to the Miami Herald which had a great story about the Trayvon Martin case.  I co-sign with Anthony Springer about sending the morning show producers an e-mail about this story if you want it covered. 

I remember sending CNN an e-mail asking them to cover the PA story about black kids being told they couldn't use a country club pool even though their community group had paid good money to the country club to use the pool.  Within a day they (CNN) had a story about it and it went viral after that.  Once you e-mail them, the networks have no excuse.

Slsonnier said...

My relatives live here.  I've been here. This is not some upscale, luxury gated community.  It is a gated townhouse community - pretty normal/average.  I would guess that you can buy a unit now for 80/90k.  SO I don't think this is about someone walking in "that" kind of neighborhood.

They have had a series of breakins and vandalism recently. And the complex is full of folks that live there part time.  I really think this is about an overzealous watch captain. And of course, you don't have to be a racist to be impacted by the sterotypes that abound with young black men.

Guest said...

I thought George Zimmerman was Hispanic? His photos look like he is Hispanic.

Ken Cameron said...

 It's interesting how quickly the perpetrator is being linked with certain groups of people.  This reveals a mindset that is as equally disturbing as that which you condemn.  The shooter has already incorrectly been identified as Caucasian -- and now we have veiled references to certain political or religious groups.  I believe a closer examination will reveal that Mr. Zimmerman belongs to none of the above.  Racism in any form is reprehensible, and rightly condemned.  A proper investigation ought to be done, and without delay.  I am deeply saddened for the family of  Trayvon Martin.  May justice prevail, while we all learn to lay our prejudices and stereotypes aside.

Ken Cameron said...

It's interesting how quickly the perpetrator is being linked with
certain groups of people.  This reveals a mindset that is as equally
disturbing as that which you condemn.  The shooter has already
incorrectly been identified as Caucasian -- and now we have veiled
references to certain political or religious groups.  I believe a closer
examination will reveal that Mr. Zimmerman belongs to none of the
above.  Racism in any form is reprehensible, and rightly condemned.  A
proper investigation ought to be done, and without delay.  I am deeply
saddened for the family of  Trayvon Martin.  May justice prevail, while
we all learn to lay our prejudices and stereotypes aside.


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