Thursday, January 05, 2012

Three Wishes

I blame Jayme for the lateness of this post. I actually had three posts half-written until she called and got me sucked into one of her "What would you do?" game. When she does family counseling, she uses an icebreaker where she tells each member of the family to wish for three things. They write them down, put them in a box and then she pulls them out and the whole family tries to guess whose wish it was. 

This led to us having a genie-in-the-bottle discussion. If you had three wishes just for yourself and couldn't wish for more wishes - what would you wish for?

I grappled around with wishes for acceptance of circumstance, tolerance of others, unshakeable faith, a size four body and an unlimited shoe budget. I got maudlin wishing for one more conversation with my father who would no doubt be displeased to interrupt his heavenly rest to come down here and chat with me about nonsense. I thought about peace on earth but thought that might be too much for a genie to deal with. After much debate, I landed on 1) Health 2)Happiness 3)Wisdom. 

So BougieLand - What What You Do? If you had three wishes that could only be used for yourself and you can't ask for more wishes... what would you wish for? Do share...


thinklikeRiley said...

Aw. You went all deep. Riley shallow az hell.
1. Winning Powerball Ticket - cash option
2. Zoe Saldana here, nekkid... ya can guess da rest
3. Smarts emough to keep #1 and #2

Leon X said...

Can you wish for unlimited wishes? It's all in the wording.

SingLikeSassy said...

1) health

2) happiness

3) $100 trillion

Deb B said...

That "happiness" wish though - how would that work?

maureen said...

1. Health
2. True feeling of self- actualization & personal wisdom
3. Financial freedom.

Now if the above came with Roman empire I will be stoked

SingLikeSassy said...

I always wondered this when I was a kid when people rub the genie bottles why they wouldn't wish for unlimited wishes. I guess even then I was greedy and businesslike. LOL

JJai said...

Unwavering Faith, and really I would be good (because this ensures all the fruits of the spirit; peace, joy, love, faithfulness, gentleness, kindness, goodness, self-control and patience)

Wisdom and Wealth could round it all out :)

The_A said...

Wish for unlimited genies-in-bottles

The_A said...

I must be in a really silly mood today because I'm sitting here thinking about it & all I can come up w/ is a lifetime supply of disposable twin blade razors.

*curses Modern Family*

CCDreamer said...

1) Unlimited Wealth
2) Good Health
3) Wisdom to govern it all

The_A said...

I wish for a big bottomless can of 'Act Right' spray...maybe patches or pills....

ok. I'm going back to work.

Only1DivaC said...

This is a good one Chele. Hmm, if I had to pick just three it would be:

1. Unshakeable faith in God
2. Financial freedom
3. Unlimited travel around the world

Regina said...

1) True faith in God
2) Personal peace and joy, no matter the circumstances
3) Financial security

NaturalVirgo said...

1. Complete and firm self-acceptance
2. Unlimited funds
3. Wisdom

GammasWorld said...

I'm going with

1. Money out the ying-yang
2.  Physical and mental health.
3.  Wisdom to keep first 2.

Jazzy Jazz said...

1) Wisdom 
2) Good health for me and my family 
3) a money tree with an unlimited amount of funds... I have grad school and med school to pay for

Andrea M said...

Imma go ratchet:
A faithful man who makes sense, cooks, stirs hot cocoa and loves me for me no matter what the hell I do.
A good paying job that doesn't get on my last got-durned nerves.
A life reset button to push as many times as needed.

Yeah I said it.

Jubi The Great said...

Ooh this is a good one.

I'd take:
1) the ability/means to live a comfortable lifestyle
2) a partner I loved who is my complement
3) Wisdom & knowledge.

blackprofessor said...

That is what I am talking about!

Pure Choco said...

Add a lifetime supply of gourmet chocolate that doesn't make you fat to that list!

tishatweets said...

Stage contentment

tishatweets said...

That #1 is everything!

Michele said...


Only1DivaC said...

Girl I can testify all day on # 1!

Just_A_Thought1218 said...

1. Unshakeable faith in God
2. Lifelong good health and peace
3. Generational financial freedom

TrulyPC said...

Ha, Okay I will be deep and not shallow:

1. Health
2. Happiness
3. Financial Freedom

jake said...

Well being

Mr. Skyywalker said...

What he said

Just_A_Thought1218 said...

Well, sir Jake, at the rate that the BougieLand hookups are going, Number 3 might happen without you needing to use a wish for it. *whistles innocently*

rozb said...

Wish #1 - No more bill struggles

Wish #2 - No more family suffering

Wish #3 - Always having the perfect shoe/outfit combo for every. Single. Occasion. No matter what, it is just magically in my closet. kthnxbye...

BklynBajan said...

What she said :)

invectiva said...

Health - I think we don't really realize how important it is until it's Not There
Financial Stability / Wealth - Money doesn't fix everything, but not losing my mind about it daily would sure help
Musical talent /effortless voice / compositional skill of Stevie Wonder

Or, um... Riley's list. *cough* (Daaaaaaaaaaaaang that girl is smokin'.)

CaliGirlED said...

New year, new move, same Riley! I love it!

CaliGirlED said...

Wisdom, financial joy, good health.

Brenda Kay said...

1) Good mental and physical health until the end of my days on this Earthly plane. 
2) A healthy, loving relationship that lasts until the end of my days on this Earthly plane. 
3) Complete faith in GOD so that I can accomplish the other dreams, wishes and goals that I have.  

chriscogmta said...

I like how you all got deep and spiritual with the wishes.  and i think its interesting that some have to wish for faith in God.....hmmmm. but with all that my three wishes are

1. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet (b/f they gave half away), and Mark Zuckenburg Money
2. The cure for AIDS and Cancer
3. The wisdom of Solomon

LPHJR said...

1.The ability to heal others of their health issues.
2.Help establish the New Black Walstreet.
3.Get a glimpse of what it feels like to be in heaven.


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