Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The more things change...

I have so many questions about this picture. Why am I sitting in the fireplace like Cinderella? Why am I leaned up against logs like they are super comfortable? What am I reading? WHAT AM I WEARING? Le Sigh.
You can handle birthdays a few ways - you can be shell shocked at where all the time went, you can be melancholy about time lost, you can be giddy that you're still here, or you can ignore the whole thing. I tend to be a little mood swingy about it. But this year, I'm just happy to be be here.

I did stop and think what's different, what's changed and what's stayed the same over the years. Here's what I've come with...
1) I used to be quiet and self-contained. Now I'm reserved until I'm comfortable and then I speak my mind.
2) I used to be a book worm. I still am. 
3) I used to be shy. Yeah, that ship set sail a while ago.
4) I've been an optimist then a pessimist than an optimist again. I'm firmly in the between of those now.
5) I used to be very sweet, seriously - I was a sweetheart. Now? I have my moments.
6) I used to be gullible and a shade naive. Surprisingly, I still find that I'm shocked and awed at folks' shenanigans.
7) I've never really been insecure but I've had different levels of security on different categories of my life. I worry a little less about the exterior more about the interior. I don't stress over who likes  me and who doesn't. I don't worry about my career, it always works out in the end as it was meant to be. Same thing with relationships.
8) I used to be a romantic. God help me, I still am. 
9) I wanted to be a writer. Then a lawyer, then a CEO and now? A writer. At last.
10) My priorities were God and family first, s/o and friends seconds, then career and ambition, a whole bunch of other stuff and then me. These are pretty much the same though I've moved me into 2nd place..
BougieLand, what's changed about you from childhood to adulthood? What's stayed the same? Do share...


Ebby said...

I have marched to the beat of my own drummer since birth. I am still a bookworm. I gave up being "the quiet one" ages ago. I stopped being a tom boy and became a lady (though if you annoy me tom boy will come back). My favorite food used to be macaroni and cheese now its chilean sea bass and polenta. I was very obedient as a child now I pretty much only listen to myself and say whatever is on my mind. I think if I met my child self now we would be amazed at each other lol!

MidwestDominicana said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Michele!! I know your day will be nothing short of fabulous, but I hope that this is the beginning of a year more wonderful and more filled with greatness than any other so far.

Thanks for sharing your amazing talent for blogging and writing with us, your devoted readers. I have enjoyed getting to 'know' you these last almost three years. God bless and keep you and yours! <3

Machelle said...

Happy Birthday Michele!! Today is my Birthday as well and my name is Machelle! LOL!  Love your blog, first time i have left a comment. 

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday Michele!!!! I know it will be great and wonderful!

MsJamie14 said...

Happy birthday Michele! Hope it's everything you want and more. And thank you for inviting us along for your journey.

That picture is precious!

cheryl terry said...

Happy Birthday Michele, enjoy your day. I love the picture, an avid reader early on...your list mirror mine in many ways, especially (1, 2, & 8). I'm still trying to learn to bump me up on the priority list (10), what can I say, it's a process.

blackprofessor said...

Happy Birthday Chele! I hope your day is fabulous!! 

Ditto on 1,2,4, 7 and 8!!  Like you, I am just happy to be here in good health and in my right mind with family and friends who love me!  I think I have become softer as I have aged! Vulnerability was never my thing, but I have learned that it is okay to be vulnerable as long as the space is a safe one.

Lady4Real said...

Happy birthday Cuz, you are my hero!!

BougieLand, what's changed about you from childhood to adulthood? What's stayed the same? Do share...

I'm 28, I'm still a kid, LOL. Naw seriously though I'm still Vee, when I was a child I believed that the people in the t.v lived there, now they kind of do (reality tv). I thought the sun & the moon followed me, they don't but they should (silly me). I loved to read, write, sing and being the center of attention, now I love to read, write and be the center of attention (I'll leave the singing to the singers). I thought everyone had goodness in them and I still do (some just bury it deep deep inside never to be seen by the light of day again). I loved love and all my loved one, I still love love and love my loved ones more than I thought possible. I used to be a Toys 'R Us kid and thanks to my sons I don't have to grow up for another 8 years, then when I have grandkids I can relaspe and me a kid again. What can I say? I love the innonence and fun of being a kid at heart.

maureen said...

Happy birthday OneChele!  Glad I found your blog;  I have laughed, cried and learned.

rozb said...

I used to be a very skinny kid. Had knee socks that made me look like a colt with bandaged legs.
Now I am quite "fluffy". Still got nice legs, tho.

I used to be the clumsiest thing on the planet, and couldn't get through a day without tripping over my own two feet or knocking something over.
Now, I have a walk in heels that even Miss J would have to call fierce, and I know how to work a room!

I used to do whatever my mother told me to do, no questions asked, no hesitation.
Now I question some of the stuff she taught me, because being out in the world gives you a much bigger perspective on life.

I used to be shy (stop laughing), and even passed out during my first solo with my school choir.
Now I am the first one heard, and sometimes, the last word. Loudly. And often.

I used to be afraid to dance in front of others because I would get teased for not having "Black folks' rhythm", and being told I look like the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.
Now I dance when I want, where I want, and with as much abandon as possible, because I have my own rhythm.

I used to try to hide my intellect because I was told by my peers that I was trying to act "white" and would get much shade from it.
Now I make sure they know I ain't the one, and they better come with it before I whip their azzes with my big-assed brain!

I still love goofy, comedies that make no sense at all. Yes, I love Pootie Tang, Zoolander, Black Dynamite, and I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!

I am a ride-or-die member of the P-Funk Nation, and I will go against anybody when it comes to 70's and 80's Old School music. 'Cause I got it like that!

I still believe in people, and that not everybody is eveil, or that all men cheat, or all Black get the idea.

So to Onechele - ultimate blogger, superlative author, and fierce bougienista, have an awesome birthday and may the happiness you feel today is only exceeded by the potential joy you will have tomorrow!

TrulyPC said...

Happy Birthday Michele!

1.  I no longer make choices based on what others want for me.

2.  I don't spend time caring about what others think of me or my choices.

3.  I am no longer naive to the fact that some people just aren't good
for your life no matter how long ago they entered it.  History holds no
extra points.

4.  Putting myself first is the best thing that I did for myself.  I
always put myself at a disadvantage caring more about others well-being
and welfare.

5.  I know that it is okay to be me and that includes every interesting,
complicated, sensitive and introspective morsel.  I am happy and I
smile a lot more.

rozb said...

At least the book isn't upside down!

Regina said...

Happy birthday Michele! I hope you have good food, good company, and lots of fun and laughter on your day. I've always been told to wish for sound mind and health before blowing out my birthday candles, so here's to a year of health, wisdom, and peace for you in the year to come!

Nadette said...

Now that you ask, I think I should sit down and take the time to figure out what's changed and what hasn't since childhood and 25ish. Anyhoo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

bougiesis said...

Happy Birthday.  You still look cute!

tishatweets said...

Hmm.....this is making me think I haven't changed a whole lot. Is that problematic?! LOL.
I imagine I'm less naive overall; less trusting that everyone has good intentions where I'm concerned. I've accepted that there are really some unkind people in the world.
But....I'm still a nerdy read-a-holic girly girl with a penchant for all things cute and love-driven. Some things won't ever change. :)

tishatweets said...

"History holds no extra points."

Listen. When THAT particular light bulb came on in May 2010? #priceless

rozb said...

This is kinda superficial, but umm...I am saving up my dollars and cents to finally but me one pair of Louboutins and then Imma have the fantasy for my birthday. Yes - red bottoms. Will bills get paid? Of course! But these shoes are epic to me, so I am working toward that goal.

Oh yeah, getting my MBA, world peace, yada, yada, yada...

bashowell said...

How did I miss a new post?  *mutters about work* Anywho - happy birthday and how much do I love that picture. 

That's a good question - what's changed and stayed the same.  I was a very shy child.  I still come across that way but I'm actually not (favorite vacation place Vegas...nuff said).  I was always a voracious reader.  Still am.  I wanted to be a history or english professor because that's what I was good at...I went into the sciences.  I was always a questioning type.  That's only grown as I've gotten older. 

bashowell said...

I am right behind you on the Louboutins and a coupla others.

JoycelynC said...

Happy Birthday!

Only1DivaC said...

Um, I'm with you on those red bottoms!!

tiffanyinhouston said...

Happy birthday Michele! Thank you for the gift of Bougie! Enjoy!

Rubie said...

I am still reserved, non confrontational (I am a Leo so I can bring the fire when need be if its brought to me) easy going and laid back. I no longer have a temper from hell like I did growing up (I was MAD at the world during my high school yrs still don't know what that was about). I am also still a servant and helper by nature. 

I was always a bookworm too. 

The_A said...

Oooo self reflection! I love it!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great one.

I use to be so shy &  now friends will argue with me when I say I'm introverted. I think I've just found what I love to talk about & do. When I'm in my element I will work the whole room. I still think silence is golden

Earthangel172 said...

First things first...Happy birthday Chele!

I'm co-signing as usual.
#1 -- I'm quiet until I get to know a person. I have always been this way. Nothing has changed.
#2 -- I'm slacking in the book department.
#5 -- Still my angelic self but sometimes people make my horns come out...LOL
#7 -- You said it all!
#8 -- Romantic to the core. Eh, I'm a Scorpio.

Sol_dier said...

Happy Birthday :-)

Just_A_Thought1218 said...

1. I am shy and reserved until I'm comfortable - same
2. I hate children - changed. Now I simply prefer not to interact with them for more than 10 minutes at a time. I also may eventually thaw enough to produce my own genetic offspring. Hopefully that will happen before menopause. We'll see.
3. I am ok with being quirky - changed so that I got this way in adulthood. Used to want to be the most shining example of super successful, traditional normativity - in part because that is what matched the picture of success in my head, and in part because my family put the fun in dysfunctional.  Now, I'm okay with being me, and not presenting a specific image because that is what will make others happy.
4. Pessimist - I was always realistic, but I've grown way more pessimistic into adulthood
5. Ok with saying "no" - I used to be the ultimate people pleaser, always doing things out of obligation and not wanting people to be angry with me.  Now I can tell people when I cannot ( or don't want to) do something.  I still feel a tinge of guilt, but I don't let that stop me from saying no.
6. I can let people out of my life - this increased as I got older.
7. A bookworm - still the same. I will forgo sleep to finish a good book
8. Romantic - Ha! no longer.

Miz JJ said...

Bonne FĂȘte Chele! Je t'envoie les meilleurs voeux. I hope my use of French was sufficiently bougie. All the best.

invectiva said...

Make mine the p-funk also. 'Cause funk is its own reward.

Also, Happy Birthday, OneChele.

thinklikeRiley said...

Sorry I'm late, I actually thought when you said you weren't posting this week... you weren't posting this week. O__o
Happy Birthday, girlie. A hundred more to you.
Riley been Riley ain't nuthin' change but the calendar.


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