Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year but...

Woo-hoo! Happy, Happy! We made it! We still here! *snoopy dances all over BnB* 

But wait...

The calendar changing from 2011 to 2012 is not like a Monopoly "Get out of Jail free" card.  It's not a magic reset or a do-over. It's just a new day to keep living hopefully better than you were before. There's no need to resolve to do a whole bunch of shiggity that you said you were going to do last year and the year before that. Time's a-wastin' - tomorrow ain't promised - all you've got is now. Need any more truisms?

Here's one. 2011 is gone bye-bye. Put it in the books. It was what it was for the good, the bad, and the bougie. Don't dwell on it. Learn from it and keep it pushing, people.

We lost way too many far too young in 2011. So instead of resolutions - let's make plans. Some of you have been longing for a relationship, go ask someone out. Like today. Back away from the keyboard and go flirt over a caramel macchiato with extra sprinkles. It may not lead to the love of your life but at least you're taking a step.

Some of you want to feel better. Right after you finish the 2012 soul food plate, drink 24 ounces of water and vow to do better tomorrow. Some of you want to make more money - so what's the plan? What's the side hustle? See where I'm going with this?

How are you going to use 2012 to get from A to B and onto C and D. Because A is already been-there, done that and B is about to be yesterday. So I don't want to hear your resolutions this year, I want to hear your action plans. Let's get it, BougieLand! Who's with me? *shakes pom-poms*

2011 was good to me. I did better in almost every area of my life than I did in 2010. Sometimes that's all we get - a step up and chance to keep going. Happy New Year everybody. Tell me, who's happy to wave bye-bye to 2011? How are we planning global takeover and domination for 2012? And for the love of all that is holy, who is with me to help Obeezy #OccupyTheWhiteHouse for four more years?

2012 is not a game, ya'll - it's today.


rozb said...

I happen to be up and drinking, so I am your first post! YAY!

Anyhoo - other than school, I plan to focus on helping Mr. Obama get re-elected. I registered voters, volunteered at rallies, and made sure folks were educated on their voter rights and I will be doing it again.

I will be earning another degree this year and doing my personal best to be great. Aaaannnndddd....I will be a regular at BnB to support this awesome blog. And you know this, Maaaaaaannnnnn! (Been drinking bubbly moscato BTW)

keishabrown said...

hmm.. this is def food for thought. 

one of my fave quotes for the past couple of years has been i dont' make resolutions, i make plans. 

i have a to-accomplish list, that is in the hands of people who will keep me accountable and on track. 
it may not really be about wiping the slate clean, but it presents a perfect opportunity to try and make that change. and i'm starting with the wo-man in the mirror.

i am alive, healthy with a roof over my head. i'm already blessed. i just need to build upon that great foundation brick by brick. 

happy new year everyone!

thinklikeRiley said...

This is good ish, Chele. Truth served straight no chaser. I'm outta NYC, back in Cali and about to make 2012 my personal bitch.

I'll be round BougieLand though. 2012. Riley out.

GrownAzzMan said...

Well said. 2011 was a great year for me in all the major areas and I am looking forward to an even better 2012!
Happy New Year BNB fam...

CaliGirlED said...


I don't make resolutions either, but I do have plans for 2012. 1) To bond more with my teenage daughter and make sure I surround her with positivity both in and out of the house. 2) Socialize more with positive people. 3) Start the framework for my non-profit.

I already have ground work laid for all three plans and I intend to work them to the best of my ability. The results will not be immediate (probably not even this year), but I will definitely track and share my progress.

Looking forward to more fun and thought provoking posts and comments here in BougieLand!


Rubie said...

I am def. ready for love (or so I think and say) but I am not asking a man out sorry can't do it, the best I can do is flirt. I am old skool I believe a man knows what he wants and goes for it but I don't know modern women who ask men out. I am old skool I guess.

I need to do my vision board for 2012 tomorrow!

EvolvingElle said...

I am EXTREMELY happy to say goodbye to 2011!  I'm excited to see what's going to occur in 2012, especially since I'll be leaving my 20s behind. :)  And like Rubie, I'll probably work on my vision board today.  Thankfully things have already started on a great note!

brownstocking said...

so...2011 was NOT my best year. Ish was hard. I survived. I am definitely working myself into a better frame for 2012. Too much to do, life too short, and I've spent too much time taking care of everyone else. I have one action plan, I just need to accept the fear that I have and not let it stop me. I think, as I continue moving, the fear will recede.

I was actually going to try online dating again, but then I re-read the Bouge...dunno.


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