Monday, December 26, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

I've never completely understand why My Favorite Things is a Christmas song but let's just go with it. Just in time for this merriest of holidays - these are a few of my favorite things...
1. Tropical Beaches - Greetings from Key West by the way. 
2. Books that draw you in from the first sentence and don't let go when you're done. There's nothing like a book that makes you feel you are living it with the characters. To the point that you hate to see the book end and clamor for a sequel. 
3. Great kisses - a kiss that tells a whole story of emotion and there's no rush to get to the end? My favorite kind. Especially, if he puts his hands on my face and neck to start? Whew, boy... next topic. 
4. Paid Time Off. Self-explanatory, no? 
5. Chocolate. All varieties. Take that anyway you want. 
6. Sleep - really, is there anything better than 7+ uninterrupted hours of sleep when you have nowhere to be the next day? Or a 30 minute disco nap? Or sleep after um - satisfying aerobic activity? Sleep rocks. I plan to get more of it this year. 
7. Royalty checks - I would write for free. I really would. And I kinda do. But I gotta say, getting a check from my agent's office gives me a little thrill every single time. *throws confetti* 
8. Shoes. What can I say, it's an addiction. Sandals, loafers, boots, pumps - I don't discriminate. Right now, I'm having a love affair with driving loafers in funky colors with sparkle across the toe. Last month, I "enhanced" the boot wardrobe. Don't judge me.
9. Music that means something. Driving down to Key West from Fort Lauderdale today, we pulled up the iPod and selected a playlist at random. We ended up listening to Take 6. Two and a half hours in and we were still singing, swaying and snapping along - how many artists can you say that about? Good music rocks. {cliche but true} 
10. My Kindle Fire - Bougie OlderBro got me one for Christmas (I may or may not have opened it early) and I love it. Love, love, love it. My Amazon addiction knows no bounds now. 
Bonus - This blog - Yeah, I do love it. Some days I can't think of a thing to write and other days I write something one way and you guys take it a completely different way in the comments. Le Bougie Shrug. It's still all good. Free therapy for us all. 
Thanks for hanging out. Can you list one of two of your favorite things? The floor is yours...


tishatweets said...

Really long books
Tall men with a strong chest and a stronger heart
Shoes---heels, to be exact
Long hugs and kisses
A great fitting pencil skirt
A good night's sleep or an awesome nap
Music that makes me FEEL something---which is not 99% of the crap that passes for music today
Pretty nail polish
Phone convo that leaves me grinning when we hang up

Jazzy Jazz said...

pajamas and new underwear
denim skirts and cute dresses 
shoes ( Im a sucker for a wedge heel ) 
dancing around to loud crazy music 
making others happy 
freshly washed , bouncy hair 
every other Wednesday at 2 something in the morning when my direct deposit hits my account

maureen said...

Pencil skirt and dresses
Dark skin men (read Idris Elba) with a nice chest
Cup of tea
Great hugs

Ace of Rambles said...

Kindle Fire for the win!!!! That was my bday gift to myself this year and I looooooooooove it.

Yofabulous said...

Laughter with family/friends

Key West is the best!  I hope that you're having a fabulous time.  Maybe a spot for a BougieLand Florida gathering sometime in the not too distant future?  Hmmmm...

GrownAzzMan said...

Happy Holidays Chele! Enjoy Key West. I was there in October. Beautiful sunsets to rival Negril.
My list:
My daughter's smile
Fast black cars
A great game with a fantastic finish
An action movie in IMAX

TrulyPC said...

1. I love a beautiful day when the weather is warm and a little breezy.
2. Sleep is my best friend.
3. Music that makes you feel good and reminisce fondly.
4. Dancing to said music brings me joy.
5. Reading is a definite pleasure.
6. A wonderful hug from that special someone enveloping me in his arms just right.

Mykeia said...

Happy holidays!
1. My husband and son's smiles--especially after I make them their favorite dessert.
2. My little ball of fur, my dog Coco.
3. Hot spiced apple cider for adults.
4. Paid time off, thank you board of directors.
5. Literacy.

Mina B. said...

I love this post!

A few from me:
Saturday mornings when I have no work, can sleep late and stay in my pajamas for hours
watching my little pug curl up and take a nap
riding in the car w/the windows down
singing reallly loud along with radio/ipod
hugs where you squeeze at the end
ice cold tart lemonade

Rhea Newton said...

The Amazon Addiction is real! Especially for saga-loving women named Rhea. Other favorite things:
1) Lounging around in a fluffy robe
2) Long conversations with treasured friends
3) Unexpected time off (yay to the hospital for flexing me off this weekend!)
4) Uninterrupted family time
5) Extended/Repeated bouts of cocoa-drinking :D

CaliGirlED said...

Happy Holidays to BougieLand!!!

Chele I am so with you on 1 - 6 and 8 & 9. Will probably purchase a Kindle Fire real soon....Let me say that I had to pause on the great kisses and chocolate! *takes a moment* Ok I'm back! Tropical beaches and shoes always equal money well spent! I'm not a heavy reader so when I come across authors like Michele Grant (know her?), I love it. Good music, good sleep, or a good man...I'll take All Things Good for $2,000 Alex!

I would add Laughter and Mya to that list!

invectiva said...

Only one or two of my favorite things?

music - so much love
oceans (durnit that's three)
prosciutto (augh four)

I have a lot more but I'll stop.

airplanes!!!!  (favorite things tourette syndrome sorry!)

rozb said...

Holiday Greetings, y'all!

1. I love rainy days where I can stay inside in bedroom slippers and PJs, eating straight from the refrigerator.

2. I love impromptu Old School Music Trivia - listening to snippets and seeing who can guess the song.

3. I love finding that sweet spot on my back that when it itches and I can't quite reach it. I find a door frame and go to town - I know how bears feel rubbing up against a rough tree.

4. I love lasagna, spaghetti, and stews the next day, heated in the oven or on the stove, not the microwave. That is some good eating.

5. I love watching funny, silly, stupid movies with no discernable plot, and laughing my butt off until I am weak. Pootie Tang or Black Dynamite anyone? Don't judge me...

6. I love being the passenger while my husband drives - who get to see so much scenery when you're not behind the wheel.

7. I love when my dog does something unexpected and completely smart - makes me almost wanna enter him in one of those talent shows. But with my luck he would freeze up in front of others and make me look crazy.

8. I not only love shoes,  I love shopping for them and the high I feel when I get that perfect pair and start planning outfits around the shoes.

9. I love the laughter from being around friends and laughing until you almost pass out - and nobody is drunk or high!

10. And finally...I love Bougieland and this little corner of the blogosphere. Here's to 2012 and all the wonderful possibilities it brings! BTW - between the Presidential race and the Mayan calendar, this might just be one bang-up year!

rikyrah said...

I would love it if you did a review of the Kindle.

Rubie said...

I am def #TEAMSLEEP!!! I also love a good book and I am going to get a kindle fire in the coming months I do believe. I am counting down the days to my Island vacy this summer I love a beautiful sunset *swoons* Shoenista right here as well but I haven't gotten a hawt new pair of shoes in months time to do something about that. 

Breakfast in bed (whenever that day shall come)
All things shimmery (body products)
A tall sexy choc bow legged man owwww
A skirt/dress that makes my butt look bigger (#dontjudgeme lol)
NFL football
OWN - Oprah is back!
butterflies in my tummy :-) (hopefully I will feel them again this yr)


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