Monday, May 30, 2011

5 questions, 5 answers...

It's that time again. Good people send me random questions, many of them are about me. As if I don't share enough, good people?! Anyway, I ignore them until I have a free second (or someone asks repeatedly). Here's that free second. I answer then you answer. And here we go...
1. What was your first car and did you you pass your driving test the first time?
My first car was a dark brown '78 Monte Carlo that I aptly named Gertrude. The front fender was held up with duct tape. The ceiling fabric was safety-pinned and I rolled a boombox shotgun because hte radio never worked. Gertrude was a difficult chick. In the winter she had to be warmed up for 10 minutes before she was ready to go. And no, I did not pass my driver's test the first time. I couldn't parallel park worth a damn. I didn't get good a parallel parking unitl I moved to the Bay Area where it was a freaking necessity of life. 
2. What do you sleep in?
Kinda personal, huh? It depends. Let's just say I have a variety of sleepwear options. Everything  from t-shirts to gowns. Since you asked, I only like pajama tops, not bottoms. (Why does anyone care?!) 
3. When is the last time you made love, not had sex?
So extra personal, huh? I appreciate the differentiation yet I only have one word for ya: Nunya. 
4. If you cook, what's your signature dish?
I do cook. Hmm, my signature dish. I cook a lot of different styles and types of meals. I do a mean red beans and rice. Carnitas. Shrimp fettucine. Probably my grilled garlic salmon with veggies.  
5. How much of yourself do you reveal on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc?
More than I should but less than I could.
Your turn. Answer one, all, or none. The floor is yours...


Mykeia said...

Good day!
I am glad that I am not the only one that names my cars.  I have had a Betsy, Shelia and now I have Lucky.
Question number three, very personal, who is asking you this--especially if this person is not 3N?
Have a blessed day and be well.

maureen palmer said...

1. Mazda 87' that in the summer I had  to carry water with me just to cool radiator
2. T-shirt
3. Ha!
4. My dishes are Kenya ( where are from originally) influenced, chicken stew, shrimp .
5. Not much

SingLikeSassy said...

1. Honda Civic and no, damned parallel parking!
2. Panties
3. Who the hell knows since my husband was cheating?
4. Punchbowl cake
5. Too much as SLS, nothing as the real me.

Hannington said...

1. I can't remember, but I failed my first test. Ironically, I got a perfect score the second time around.
2. Boxers.
3. Lol neither. I'm a virgin.
4. Jerk chicken
5. After what my bitch cousin did to me on FB, not much anymore.

Wanyanak said...

1. Nissan Sentra
2. Panties
3. What?!? People play too much!
4. None. I get great feedback on pretty much everything I cook.
5. Not much. I have yet to fully embrace the debil that is FB.

GrownAzzMan said...

1. Yes. A 57 Chevy that my father had since it was new but had been parked in the yard for several years before I got it. To call it a bucket would be an insult to buckets everywhere.
2. Spicy seafood pasta
3. It depends
4. Recently
5. Quite a bit. My real name/real life is mostly on facebook. I share a lot here and on twitter under this name, even did a guest post and the bougie radio.

tiffanyinhouston said...

1. What was your first car and did you you pass your driving test the first time?84 Chevy Nova (the kind that looked like a Corolla). I burnt up the engine because I didn't know you needed to put oil in the car from time to time.
2. What do you sleep in?Bucket nekkid. Have since before I was married.
3. When is the last time you made love, not had sex?All I got to say is I'se married now so use your imagination!
4. If you cook, what's your signature dish?I don't lot. My husband does that. But I do a good enchilada casserole, shrimp alfredo, white bean chicken chili and a fairly decent shrimp and grits.
5. How much of yourself do you reveal on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc?Less on FB, more on Twitter, and actually not a lot on my blog.

ASmith said...

1. What was your first car and did you you pass your driving test the first time?
Hold on, Chele.  Someone asked this??  Damn.  I mean it's not intrusive, necessarily, just RANDOM AS ALL HELL. ::clears throat::  That being said, I live for random questions, so thank you for sharing. :)
My first car was a white 93 Chevrolet Corsica.  Bit of a long story, but I drowned it 2-3 months after I got it.  It kept running for another week and then died in the middle of the street.  My mama had to come push it out of a VERY busy highway.  I did pass my driving test the first time, but that probably has a lot to do with the fact that at the time TN didn't require parallel parking in the test.  I couldn't parallel park for nothing.
2. What do you sleep in?
Um.  This question is one of those that seems innocuous but ALWAYS goes somewhere I can't with.  Antyway, I typically go with a tank top and basketball shorts unless there's a reason not to...
3. When is the last time you made love, not had sex?
::blink,blink::  ::blink,blink::
4. If you cook, what's your signature dish?
I have an epic chicken and rice casserole I do.  Like had to make it for friends during finals one year because that was the only way we was gon' make it.
5. How much of yourself do you reveal on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc?Let's see... how convoluted can I make this?  If we arbitrarily say it's healthy to reveal 53% of yourself and the unhealthy run away is at like 82% I'm hovering somewhere between 48% and 72%.  You are welcome.  Enjoy.xoxo

Jazzy Jazz said...

1) 98 Saturn. Her name was Petunia Plum ( Mom named her petunia , I named her plum when I got her). We bought it from the dealership and it gave us problems from the day we got it . No I did not pass my driving test on the first try- I passed on the 3rd try. I had a racist tester and she didnt like that I a) talked during the test and b) made a right on red. Not really surprised , because I actually had to do behind the wheel twice. Le Sigh.
2) depends on my mood that night
3) Havent done either , waiting until marriage
4) I make a pretty good spaghetti
5) Less and less. Kind of a lot on twitter though.

Vonnie said...

1. my black chevy cavalier that i got when i was 15 and didn't get rid of until i was 24, that baby got me around and through a lot.  they hold up very well!  bought another one after that 

2. also only tops but no bottoms lol...usually a vs night shirt 

3. .....

4. my brownies or cookies are always wanted

5. lots on  and twitter but still keep some to myself, don't need EVERYTHING out there 

GammasWorld said...

Cute questions ... okay I'll play:

1.  Ford Pinto - had no idea it was death trap (it cost $200).  It got me and my girls to the games and that's all that mattered and no I flunked first time - still not a good parallel parker.  

2.  PJ's or bucket nekked - whatever I feel like. 

3.  Dang y'all nosey 

4.  Don't cook as much as I used too but I make a mean mac n cheese and lasagna.   

5.  FB - nadda .  Twitter - too much.  Blog -- Entirely too much. 

GammasWorld said...

Reading the answers to #4 makes me wish we had a Bougie Cookbook. 

William Martin said...

1. Ford Escort with half an engine, shady brakes and an iffy registration
2. Boxers
3. I seriously can not even recall
4. I can grill the hell out of a steak
5. Almost nothing. More on this blog than anywhere else

Brneyed1 said...

1. What was your first car and did you you pass your driving test the first time?
My first car was a Pontiac Grand Am, bright red.  Loved that car.  Drove it 'til I couldn't drive it no mo.  And yes, I passed my driving test the first time.
2. What do you sleep in?
A queen-sized bed.
3. When is the last time you made love, not had sex?
I plead the 5th.
4. If you cook, what's your signature dish?
I don't have a signature dish.  I used to cook more when I had more energy, but now I'm too tired.  I don't even remember the last time I made my fave: mac & cheese (four kinds of cheese, all shredded by hand).
5. How much of yourself do you reveal on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc?FB: nothing.  Twitter: a little more, as I use it mostly for a release.  Blog: I dumped my blog, so I guess nothing. 

Pure Choco said...

1. I had a grand prix that used to be a police vehicle so the back windows didn't roll down
2. Huge nightshirt
3. Ummm...
4. Spaghetti
5. Not so much

Rob said...

1. Bus Pass? It was some kind of Saturn and you had to open the passenger door and climb across. Good times in the rain and the snow
2. Nekkid
3. This morning
4. I can stir things that is all
5. I shared two or three BougieTales here, isn't that enough?

tiffanyinhouston said...

LMAO!! Love the answer to question #2!!

Andrea M said...

1. A hand-me down Chrysler LeBaron
2. I wear pajama short sets
3. **crickets**
4. I order takeout very well
5. Nope.

cocoaeyecandy said...

1. Still driving it and it is not pretty
2. Short gowns
3. Booo for this question
4. Chicken and dumplings
5. Very little

David Chase said...

1. Green 80 something honda civic
2. Seriously, who needs to know this? Sigh. Boxers
3. This morning. (don't hate)
4. I have recently perfected crabcakes.
5. Apparently more than I should

diamond life said...

Yes! I would like a Bougie cookbook!

diamond life said...

Ooo. Wee.

CaliGirlED said...

1) A green 1972 Chevy Camaro my mom bought when I was a baby. My dad had it painted red (my favorited color) on the outside and had the inside re-upholstered in black. Nice! But several months later hot water started pouring in on my feet while I was driving. Pull over and call my daddy crying to come get this damn car!....Passed my test the first time. Had been illegally driving my cousin's car for a couple of years.

2) Usually t-shirts, but it varies.

3) That's pretty personal, but at least they know there's a difference....I can't recall.

4) Roast and my butter pound cake.

5) Random thoughts on FB, quite a bit on this blog, a very little on Twitter.

CaliGirlED said...

Just a teeny weeny bit of hate! LOL

datdudeincali said...

I'm hating  a little bit.

Trey Charles said...

A significant amount of hate

BrendaKay said...

1. 1979 Toyota Corolla, and I passed my test on my first go. 

2. Mature Bougie likes to sleep comfortable, but sexy - so it's 100% cotton and lace night gowns from a place called "Hips & Curves". 

3. Someone really asked this question? Really? 

4. It would be a toss up between my pasta carbonara, veggie risotto with grilled chicken or my spicy jambalaya. For dessert my boozy limoncello cake. 

5. I'm on Facebook, but not Twitter. I reveal a bit, but only my two very closest friends get the full details. 

LikeLena said...

1. It was a Corolla hatchback and it took me three times to pass the test
2. Tank top and boy shorts
3. Who can remember that far back?
4. Smothered steak, cornbread from scratch
5. I have a blog I never post to, a Twitter I rarely use, a FB that's neglected and a tumblr I think I've only posted twice... there's your answer

Trey Charles said...

1. I had the hand me down caddy from my pimpy uncle. I passed on the first try
2. Who's asking?
3. See number 2
4. Fried catfish
5. Less than 10%

thinklikeRiley said...

1. Deuce and a quarter, in lime green. Couldn't tell me ish! First time out the gate, nailed it.
2. Riley need to be free
3. Riley gets it in, ya can call it whateva ya like
4. I ain't emo but I gotta lasagna make ya wanna slap somebody
5. Ya see what I show ya, no mo no less

Leon X said...

1. A 1987 Ford Thunderbird. I bought it at an auction for $125.
2. Depends on the season. Right now it's boxers.
3. The only reason someone would ask this question is if they're interested in making love. So, are you?
4. Don't cook much anymore. Used to be whiz bang at it in college, but didn't like it too much. Will pick it up again eventually.
5. I post music most of the time. The message is in the music.

Cherelle D. Mattox said...

1. 1999 Honda Civic that I named Harry the Honda. Bought it with my own money. Passed on the 2nd try because I couldnt do parallel parking right
2. Tank top with bottoms or a lace nightgown
3. Yall some nosy people on to the next question
4. Can cook just about anything. Chili or Homemade chicken potato soup
5. Not too much. Can't have future employers all up in my business

Natasha Hunter said...

1) First car was a used 1994 Geo Prizm in 1996... had an Hampton University Alumni sticker on the back, it was a great way to meet "quality" men, considering I didn't graduate from high school until 1995.  :)

2) I sleep in whatever I need to sleep in to be comfortable.

3) That's funny... Who asked you that, Morris Day? LOL

4) My Dad says I can bake my tail off, and my Mom loves my taco casserole.  I know my lasagna is the shid.

5) I don't twitter and when I post anywhere, it's usually just enough to make me & whoever else smile. :) I'm all about the happy.

Mr. Skyywalker said...

1. Mazda three and you had to duct tape the set so it would stay upright. Ah memories. I passed on the first try
2. drawstring shorts
3. *looks at watch, smiles*
4. Ribs
5. Just here in BougieLand, where it's safe... ha, ha, ha!

Jamie Wesley said...

1. Nissan Sentra Mom gave me so she could buy a new Sentra. I passed on the first try even though I didn't really know how (and still don't) to parallel park.

2. T-shirts mostly.

3. Really?

4. What is this "cook" you speak of? I'm not familiar with the term, certainly not enough to have a signature dish. I do enough to get by, but I prefer eating out.

5. Whatever I say on Twitter and my blog (I'm rarely on FB) is me, but I rarely get down to the nitty gritty, I don't think. 

Mykeia said...

Are you willing to share your recipe? Please...

EvolvingElle said...

1. 2001 Ford Focus named Sadie ("Don't you know I love you, sweet Sadie?") :) 2. Whatever I want (uh, that's a little personal!) 3. Another personal question-my answer is the same as Chele's! 4. signature dish.  Since I am a Southern girl, it's a tie between friend chicken and macaroni and cheese. 5. I don't think I share too much.  I could probably stand to share a little more.

Just_A_Thought1218 said...

1. First car was a silver ford focus hatchback I named spud. But my mommy leased it for me. First one I bought for myself was a 1996 Honda accord coupe w/ a manual transmission.
2. Varies
3. Nunya
4. Shrimp & spinach quesidillas with a side of guacamole
5. Copies Chele's answers

Mony_Mony said...

1. My first and only car is an 02 Volvo S60.  I grew up in a country that restricts ownership to one car per household, so I didn't get my first car until I started working in the US.  I failed my first time, another victim of parallel parking.
2. Nothing or pj's if necessary
3. TMI
4. I love to cook, and will try almost anything but my signatures are probably lasagna, chili, or baked french toast.  I also make a damn good bread pudding with caramel sauce.
5. I could probably share less, though it's probably not as bad as it could be since I only have fb.

BrendaKay said...


Contact me at and I'm happy to share my recipes. :-)

MidWestDominicana said...

Yes, I know I'm super late (thanks Disqus), but answering anyway...

1) 1999 dark green Toyota Corolla and yes, I killed my driving test the first time. I'm totally awesome at parallel parking and backing into parking spaces.

2) Reference Adina Howard on this one....

3) Hey look...what's that over there?! *points behind you*

4) My hubby does 95% of the cooking and he's fantastic at it. I don't have too many kitchen fails, but probably my arroz con pollo y habichuelas negro is my most requested dish. I'm also pretty good at cooking in the moment...I'm not a recipe person, either. My rosemary infused bleu cheese bacon mac n cheese is amazing.

5) I share enough in person, so sharing online isn't really a problem for me...but I'll see how that goes once I start blogging.

OneChele said...

Hey! I was just thinking we hadn't seen you in a minute. Apologies for the Disqus drama!

CorettaJG said...

1. Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais shared with 2 older sisters.  No.
2. Shorts & shirt, or nice pj set I just received.
3. o_O
4. I cook, my signature is a roast with potatoes & carrots and banana pudding.
5. About 20% when I add in my blog

Alvin Milton said...

1. 2001 Altima All black everything
2. Boxer briefs
3. Its been a long time since I been in love
4. Shrimp & Scallops in fresh garlic butter
5. I could reveal more but I'm followed by folks I work with also

+100 to all the ladies who sleep in something sexy! Thats hot!


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