Monday, March 07, 2011

A gentle reminder - we are without Fresh Bouge

We're on hiatus. I wish I was there ^ in the picture chilling with some pear vodka. But no, I'm here at my desk adding 22,000 words to my third book. Be back soon. 


Grace said...

Who approved the hiatus?!

Superwoman said...

poor thing. make sure you get enough rest in the middle of all that writing. we're missing you, but you must take care of yourself, first, before sorting us out with daily bouge, ne? all the best.

CaliGirlED said...

Aw man I take sick for a few days and don't have any bouge to come back to!!! LOL

Handle your business Chele!

J B said...

We're all feening here...happy writing!

TreyCharles said...

*knocks on door* New visitor. Donde esta el bouge? Or is it la Bougie?


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