Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Video Shout-Out: Bell Biv Devoe reunion

In case you missed it, BBD reunited on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday. (Of course, they never really retired, just keep touring as various iterations of New Edition, but that's not the point) I must admit, they did a pretty good job. Please watch the dance moves as they will feature prominently in my next episode of the Bougie Bachelorette Chronicles. The early 90s are back, enjoy the wonders of Poison:


All Honey said...

First of all, I have NEVER heard them sound this good live. Rick and Ron been getting some vocal training. Second, they have clearly been in the gym. Last time I saw them perform Biv need oxygen halfway through. Good for them!

Rob said...

Love these cats. But I'm scared to hear the BougieTale.


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