Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

No fresh bouge until Monday (unless something really strikes me). BUT... next week is Relationship Week and that's always a good time! What's everybody doing (cooking) for Thanksgiving? Enjoy the holiday!


Shondriette D Kelley said...

I might go into withdrawal without my daily dose of bouge! However, I want you enjoy the holiday so I'll try to survive.

Hidi said...

My sisters and I are cooking: turkey, ham, mac n cheese, stuffing etc. Deserts: pumpkin and apple pie, brownies, cornbread. I don't know what the fam is bringing but I am going to eat it anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving Bougieland and safe holiday weekend! Bye :)

Michele said...

I love Thanksgiving but I have a small crew so I'm making cornish hens, fresh collards, macaroni and cheese, dressing, sweet potato casserole, sweet potato pie and apple pie. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Just_A_Thought1218 said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a safe, relaxing, enjoyable holiday!

I'm not cooking. I'm returning to my college town to attend a friend's wedding on Friday. I'll eat dinner with her and her family. Now, she can cook, but she isn't black american so I don't know WHAT will be on the table (whatever is on the table will be organic, free range, antibiotic free, etc. etc.). Like always, I'll show up with my bottle of wine and charming company.

Brneyed1 said...

Booo! I just got my coffee and sat down!

Dinner is gonna be traditional, with a kick: cajun-rubbed turkey, hot & spicy sauteed collard greens, dressing with apples, raisins and italian sausage, mac & cheese (haven't decided if I wanna add the tomatoes or not yet), etc, etc.

Gods_Man said...

Pulling double duty this Thanksgiving. Cooking/delivering meals along with others from our church to the homeless in the early part of the day tomorrow. Then I will be enjoying dinner with the family at my Grandmother's house. Hope that all the bougie fam (real and virtual) have a great holiday.

On an unrelated note the changes that you have made on to the site makes it load much faster on my mobile browser. Thanks

CaliGirlED said...

I'm making a roast, maybe a couple of sides and going to my friends house in the country. Good food and fun!

Happy Thanksgiving BougieLand!!!

rozb said...

My mom is at my home, and I am having a family Thanksgiving with her and my man's family. I am having:

One home-smoked turkey
One rotisserie turkey
One smoked ham
Greens with smoked turkey instead of hamhocks
Green beans
Macaroni and Cheese
Cranberry-Orange Sauce
Potato Salad
Yeast Rolls
Sweet Potato Pie
Key Lime Cake
Deviled Eggs
Meat Tray
Veggie Tray

Yes - I am cooking it. The smoked stuff will be done outside and he will be cooking that, but everything else - I got this.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all from my Virginia home to yours!

Jason P said...

Chef Jason is cooking. I will be doing my patented roasted garlic and corn stuffing
Smoked turkey
Maple Glazed ham
Mama Perry will be providing the rest

What are you cooking, Chele?

Superwoman said...

*collective groan from international readers*

i'm beginning to resent the american holidays....labour day, july 4, thanksgiving, etc etc....all just represent days bereft of my daily bougie fix!!!!

Mykeia said...

Happy Thanksgiving BnB fam!

I will be having in my first Thanksgiving in my new home and I can't wait...
I will be cooking:
A turkey
A ham
mac & cheese not from the box
mashed potatoes
corn with red peppers (per my hubby's request)
green beans
apple pie with a carmel layered bottom
peach cobbler
and serving apple cider

Have a good T-G to all...

JaymeC said...

Happy Thanksgiving BougieLand -
Mr. C wants to roast duck this year so we'll be trying that with all the basic side items.

Mr. Skyywalker said...

I just show up with liquor. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mr. Sable said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Amerikaners!

Jasmin said...

I'm leaving the cooking to my grandma, but my boyfriend came into town and my birthday is this weekend, so it should be pretty fun. Happy holidays! :-)

Grace said...

My aunt is the cook, I just stir things and set the table ;-)
Happy Holidays Bougieland!


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