Monday, October 25, 2010

Where is BougieFam?

We're partying. BougieOlderBro turns 50 this week. (50!!!) We've been partying since Saturday afternoon and we're not done yet. We have Cowboys tickets tomorrow night. Here's hoping they don't ruin the party. Let's not discuss my blood alcohol level right now. Life is for the celebrating. I'll be back. Stay tuned. 

Talk amongst yourselves.


Jesse said...

That's just mean. No details? No YouTube?

Violet Rose said...

Chele, respectfully we don't care if you drank your weight in champagne, some of us need our Monday Bouge. Le Boo.
(we love you though)

Sarah said...

Happy birthday to your older brother! Half a century is a major milestone. Didn't somebody say recently that 50 was the new 30?

Grace said...

Happy Birthday to older bro! What a milestone! And a blessing that you could all be together to celebrate!

GammasWorld said...

Happy Birthday Big Bougie Bro (sounds like a fraternity nick name). Now Chele, sleep it off and get to writin


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