Friday, September 24, 2010

Stuff I refused to blog about this week

Okay, I have work, work, deadlines and a plane to catch. So here's a Bougie News Round Up. Discuss among yourselves:

1. Jesse Jackson Jr - caught cheating. With blonde chick. He apologizes. Some folks seem to think it's "not as bad" because "at least the side piece is hot." Is it just too trite to say "like father, like son"? How do you think this will affect his run for re-election?

2. Bishop Eddie Long - accused of sexting boys. Pastor of megachurch sends not so holy pics of himself to members of the congregation. I don't know what's true, but I know it doesn't look good. The current debate seems to be whether it's worse that he was cheating or cheating with men?

3. Kenny McKinley - young Denver WR commits suicide. Mental health issues have got to be addressed in the African American community. Time has come for us to stop saying "he just needs some Jesus" and look seriously at the problem. Depression is no joke. Why do you think we're so reluctant to address mental health?

4. Lyfe Jennings - "reformed" rapper/singer going back to jail. Quits Twitter. Retiring from sportlight. Says he hopes he's had a positive impact. Does this put a new spin on his song Statistics?

5. Sarah Palin - says she'll run if no one else steps up. Thanks Sarah for guaranteeing another four years of Obama. The best thing that could happen to progressives is if Sarah decides to run. I can't wait for the first debate. Will she draw a cheat sheet on her hand again?

What else is hot in the streetz? Thoughts or comments on these stories?


The Fanny Pack said...

Yeah, the Eddie, Jesse Jr. and Lyfe Jennings stories have been pretty much run into the ground, so I gladly relinquish the floor on those.

Kenny McKinley's suicide was incredibly disheartening. My husband is a football coach, and he's stressed the importance of these young men having access to counseling on a continuous basis. Think about it; their CAREER involves violence, aggression and delivering (and receiving) physical trauma for like 4 or 5 days out of the week (practices/games). They can't just turn those emotions "off." That coupled with the A.A. community's propensity to sweep mental health issues under the rug, and the end result is this sad story surrounding this young man. My prayers go out to his family and teammates.

Lastly...LOL, YASSSS! The best thing that happened to Progressives (period) is Sarah Palin.

Safe Travels Chele.

CaliGirlED said...

Jesse and Eddie, no comment.

My condolences to the family and loved ones of Kenny. Hopefully a little more awareness will come out of this tragedy.

Don't know enough of Lyfe's story to comment.

And I won't waste any intellectual time on Sarah Palin.

kimberly billups said...

1) dude stupid 2)Big c'mon son! Bathroom cell phone pics? Yeah dude sexing men, boys! 3)I live with depression and it's a daily struggle. My heart broke for him and his family 4) Nah, Lyfe that crappy music you put out does not constitute a difference! It just goes to show anybody can get a record deal! 5) Palin, please go raise your kids and leave us alone!

Evansaw said...

For some reason, the media had this crazy idea that Jessie Jackson Jr. was the new rising star in the Black community here in Chicago, but what they don't seem to understand is that Jackson had a snowball's chance in hell of having the Black community's support in this upcoming Mayoral election. The cheating allegations were the final nail in the coffin for him. Folks here don't take him that seriously anyway, as he does not really have much political clout in this town and this latest fiasco have ruined any future plans he may have had about running for mayor. He could not get elected alderman right now in Chicago. The cheating kind of robbed him of any credibility. The problem with the Jackson men is they don't know when to shut up. Talk about putting your foot in your mouth. If you invite the federal prosecutors to 'bring it on", what did he think was going to happen? What a joke.....

baileyqc said...

The thing that ticks me off about the Eddie Long this is that people are attempting to use this as an excuse to bash Christianity. He's a man, not Jesus.

William Martin said...

First of all - hey! Actually found you through my ex-girlfriend. She read it aloud every morning like gospel. She's gone but I stayed. What does that say?

About today's post-
The bathroom cellphone pics of Bishop Long [inserting obligatory pause] were shady in the extreme. Is anyone really that surprised about Jesse Jr Jr? Kenny McKinley should be a lesson to us all. Lyfe well... and no comment to Palin. If she's the best they can do? Obama 2012.

Joy Andrews said...

The news made me weary this weak. Let's hit the reset button.

ASmith said...

RE: Bishop Eddie Long...

I'm all about innocent until proven guilty, but if it's proven he did what they say he did... or at the very least that he was having homosexual relationships, I will NOT be surprised and I further say folks need to vet their ministers. I'm so tired of black folks acting like sheep where the church is concerned. It's Bibles EVERYWHERE and we can't be bothered to pick one up, read a few pages, and see if the man (or woman) up in the pulpit every Sunday morning is actually talking about something for real.

I throw major shade... I do...

And that's what I got. :)

OneChele said...

Amen. People forget you are supposed to follow CHRIST, not dude up there talking about Him.

CaliGirlED said...

I agree! People are putting too much faith in man and not enough in God.

Stank_0 said...

Here we go:

1. Unless Jackson saves some orphaned puppies from a burning building, he's toast. He cheated on his (black?) wife with a (white?) woman, yeah. Good luck.

2. Hope for Eddie that it's not true. Why would a man willing lie about having relations with Eddie Long?

3. There's a study that links extensive head trauma to depression. Most football players take enough hits that this bears some looking at.

4. Irony meet Lyfe. Lyfe meet irony.

5. She's doing this because if she doesn't then people will realize she milked her 15 mins for that guap. She's got to run to keep the gravy train goin.

Melzie said...

I tell ya, talk about a plethora of controversy and tragedy this week (I consider SP's "decision" as a tragic

The cloud of shame over mental health problems in our community has a great deal to do with a lack of knowledge of the core issues and causes, misdiagnosing and writing off folks as "crazy" who suffer with treatable conditions and a general feeling that ignoring it makes it non-existent. We know this isn't the case, but the population that really needs to learn factual and honest info is rarely exposed to the truth about mental health issues.

Rose M. Smith said...

I agree the newscycle this week has been crazy. But some good things happened this week like the Clinton Global Initative (and one of my fave people Michelle Obama being a keynote speaker) and Mark Zuckerberg donating 100 million dollars to Newark, NJ to support edu. reform.

Rose M. Smith said...

Jesse Jr. "tried" to be different but he's got "messy" all in his genes. I hope his wife deals with him Jenny Sanford-style. Sarah Palin is that bridge to nowhere that she rambled and rambled about. The Republican Party will become a pure joke if they allow her to be the candidate. But, if for some reason she wins (i.e. an epidemic of stupidity breaks out across the nation), Canada will be hearing from me in 2013.

rozb said...

1. Jesse Jackson Jr. - I do not have one scintilla of sympathy or pity for anyone who does not learn from the mistakes made by those closest to him. He is proving himself to be a shill, and there is not much to say, except his wife should have gone upside his head like you know his mom did to his dad after his trifling shiggity was revealed.

2. "Pastor" Eddie Long - I call him pastor (loosely) because in the Baptist church I believe there is no position of bishop. He just gave himself that position. As of me writing this, there is a fourth man to come forward to join the suit. In this modern electronic age emails, text messages, videos, and other "stuff" hangs out there forever. For all of his anti-gay rhetoric and homophobic preaching, this is one that is going to bite him in the butt (no pun intended). I mean, when you have Ted Haggard coming out to defend you, well - that right there might lead you to kinda lay low. But we will see what the outcome is going to be. Mark my words, those that hate something so much and fear it so deeply, must have some pretty heavy issues with it personally. I'm just sayin'...

3. Kenny McKinley - May God rest your soul. When I hear everyone talking about how lucky he was, I want to yell out that his fortune had nothing to do with what is going on in his mind and his soul. Some of the wealthiest people suffer from depression, and will commit suicide faster than a homeless person barely surviving on the streets. I wish his survivors peace in their time of need.

4. Lyfe Jennings - You just became one of your statistics. Not a good look, and perhaps your time in lockdown will cause you to look at who you are on the inside.

Sarah Palin - She makes Corky from that show "Life Goes On" look like an Einstein. She spews all sorts of gibberish and other nonsense while being a self-promoting media ho. She is not intelligent, but she is shrewd and sneaky. I hope she does go against President Obama, and she is revealed for the opportunistic headcase she really is.

Have fun in Florida Chele - you so deserve it!

rozb said...

Co-sign! Having faith and devotion in man, rather than in God (whoever or whatever He/She is to you) leads you down a path of disappointment, because when man falls, he falls hard, and will take your faith, love, and money with him.

rozb said...

If someone lets this Eddie Long debacle shake their faith, then their faith wasn't that strong to begin with or it was focused on the wrong thing.

ASmith said...

::slow clap::

Don't get me started on folks calling themselves Bishops. Gets on my LAST good nerve...

ASmith said...

I don't wanna tell you how I got up out my chair and shouted amen.

Folks who was NEVER going to church wanna act like they've been done a disservice. No, sir.

Further, you surely wasn't going to THAT church, no way... I can't stand people sometimes.

nubianqueenbeez said...

Before I comment, I just have to say I found your blog just a few weeks ago and I have been lovin' it!
I have been enjoying all the comments, it gives me hope that there are still some sane people with common sense in this world.

1. Jesse Jackson Jr- appalling. Surely he must remember the time when his father's own infidelity rocked his family. Does he not remember the pain that his mother felt? And if someone comments that it's 'not so bad because the 'side piece is hot'- really? Thoughts like that show just what a lot of people are working with these days-absolutely next to nothing.

2. Bishop Eddie Long - I am no longer so surprised when I hear about this kind of craziness. There is so much dysfunction in the church- so much of it in the pulpit and on the deacon board. It distresses me because many times the congregation knows and goes along with the madness. As far as I am concerned if you have your congregants co-signing with the madness that your church has become nothing but a social club that meets on Sundays. How can we make a difference in our communities with no witness that lives can be changed via the power of Christ when the leadership is outsinning the sinners? God help us.

3. Kenny McKinley - my sympathies to his family. I've had some bad, bad days dealing with depression, and thought I wanted to die. But even in those dark days I still had a tiny sliver of hope that helped me to go on and live another day. I cannot imagine how awful it would feel to be so empty of hope that taking the ultimate step was the only way to end the pain. I beg anyone reading this, if it's too much, get some help, please. Counseling, medication, whatever it takes. There is no weakness in admitting you need some help. We all do sooner or later.

4. Lyfe Jennings - I don't really don't follow rappers that much-I know some would disagree, but I feel the glorification of the rapper/thug/gangsta lifestyle has done a great detriment to our community - his issues prove that you can be have money and "success' and still be a loser because nothing has changed that really matters who you really are on the inside

5. Sarah Palin - that woman will do anything and say anything for a dollar. Her assertions during the presidential campaign that candidate Obama 'palled around with terrorists" is one of the main reasons that the current political discourse has become so vile. I wish she would just go away - she will when the money dries up and the media stops giving her a platform.

rikyrah said...

1. JJJ is finished. Done. He better settle in in that Congressional seat, and be grateful that this hadn't come up during primary season. He goes around challenging Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, knowing that his behind is all over the Blago tapes - KNOWING that he also had Snowflake in the background?


he is so done.

2. Eddie Long is also done. Period. Folks need to stop muddling the issue. the issue isn't homosexuality, any more than that was the issue with the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal.

the issue is CHILD PREDATORS.

if true, Long is a CHILD PREDATOR.

now, the sex of his victims are young males..

but, there are child predators that go after young females.

it's the using his influence to go after young males that's the issue.

3. we truly do need to address mental health in the community. I feel so bad for this young man and his family.

Anonymous said...

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Reggie said...

Young Jesse being busted with his "snowflake" was hilarious to me. He's certainly his father's son isn't he?!?

Bishop Eddie "Love you long time" sexting boys and trying to let his "rod and his staff comfort them" had me cracking up and wondering just when people are gonna recognize that there is no man or woman that belongs on a pedastal.

Kenny McKinley's story was just sad and tragic. All too many young people end up commiting suicide. It's tragic that he felt that was his best option. Suicide is a totally selfish act. One's loved ones are always left behind to pick up the pieces.

I've been avoiding jail. Maybe the thought of braiding his cellmates hair and rinsing his cellmates draws out in their sink excites Lyfe Jennings?!?

Sarah Palin is as dumb as a bag of hammers and anyone that takes her serious is probably an oxygen thief.

glamah@cococooks said...

I leave the country for a few weeks and all hell breaks loose. Jesee JR? Really? Recovering from the Spandex shot.

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Steve said...

I wholeheartedly agree.


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