Thursday, September 09, 2010

I need to step my game up too! HuffPo Interview

I had an interview up over at Huffington Post and didn't even know. I recall an email asking me some questions. I answered and sent them back. The interview posted at the end of July. I only found it by testing out Google Instant this evening. 

That's a marketing fail in so many ways. At any rate, better late than never? Not sure I agreed with his "drama, drama, drama" assessment but publicity is publicity. Here's the link: Michele Grant has Heard It All Before. Enjoy!


Candace M said...

Congrats on the publicity! I had a feeling that this is exactly how those question-answer articles are done! He should send you a starbucks gift card for the cup of coffee you missed out on getting because he did not do the interview in person.

bluassassin said...


CaliGirlED said...

Chele you represented yourself and your book well! But it was not cool that he wasn't up front about what the questions he sent you were for. The word discussion implies that there was dialogue and this was not the case.

You get a thumb's up.

BB Waite said...

Excellent interview!


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