Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tonight on Blog Talk Radio: Roadblocks, Ruffnecks, Detours and Drama

Join me, Yvonne Bynoe and Carolyn Edgar for Episode 4 of the Diva Summer Series. 8:00 pm central/ 9:00 pm eastern time. To listen in, go to You can also call in at (646) 378-1171.

One thing you will find is that the closer you get to achieving your goal, the more obstacles will appear in your path. Setbacks in the form of financial challenges, relationship drama, family meddling or peer rivalry will appear out of no where. Join us as we discuss how to get past it and keep pushing. 

We're also answering questions, we had quite a few sent in. Much to our delight, someone already called me unrealistic, called Carolyn sexist and asked Yvonne for Sugar Mama advice... we are thrilled we are getting through to folks on how to elevate their game. :-/

If you have questions you want answered, drop them into the comments below or email me at or call in!

Yvonne Bynoe is the creator of Her mission is to teach professional women how to go from being underpaid to earning their worth. Carolyn Edgar is a New York City lawyer and writer. She is a frequent speaker on legal career and workplace issues, and writes about single motherhood and divorce on her blog Come join the Divas while we talk about life, love, health, wealth, music, men... to name a few. See you there!


AppleBerryMIA said...

I'll be listening in!

Myas-mom said...

Loved the show! You guys are funny in your verbal and non-verbal responses. The sighs and chuckles at the questions you were addressing made me laugh. You guys were definitely on point with what you had to say and I like how you directed your responses to both males and females in the same situations. I am old fashioned in some ways so I do believe the woman is the rabbit and the man is the hunter, and that if there is to be anybody "taking care of anybody", it should be the man. But being an independent woman, I wouldn't let any man "take care of me", I want to be a partner in the relationship not a dependent he can write off on his taxes.

And after a self-evaluation a few weeks ago, I realized that I was being "hungry". But lucky for me after placing my order, receiving the bread & butter, a couple of appetizers and realizing the real meal was not coming, I excused myself from the table.

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