Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Video Shout-Out: Fall Shows - will/won't watch

Gearing up for fall TV. I talked briefly about a few shows featuring people of color that I'll take a look at. Let's see what else is out there.

Well, I'll watch anything with Jimmy Smits. This is at least worth a glance:

This gets a look:

I like Matthew Perry and James Lesure but I don't know about this one:

Won't be watching:

Seriously won't be watching:

Any have recommendations for the new season? Anything look good?


Karen Caffee said...

'Outsourced' is a definite NO.

Jason P said...

None of those. I may watch The Event with Blair Underwood.

kimberly billups said...

probably none of them. I don't watch much network tv, mainly cable series on TNT, USA or things like that.

Juicyjui said...

Lol @ Outsourced. Network executives are getting lazy.
Lone Star looks like it'll be cancelled by midseason.

The show Undercovers w/Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Boris Kodjoe. At first I was excited, a spy show with a married couple. Great. On network tv. Great. With Black people but not a black show. Holy Shit! Then I saw the previews and I remembered who Boris Kodjoe was. I feel like he's about to bring the whole show down, I mean he's good looking but I don't know how much acting talent he has. They should have gotten Idris Elba, he's been acting in way too much shitty movies lately.

superwoman said...

hmmmm, some of these stand a chance of getting picked up by the south african networks -espesh the yummy jimmy smits one, and the matthew perry one - they love him since 'friends'....that lone star looks tortuous! i can't stand that kind of plotline, where you know the likeable ne'er do well is going to get his painful comeuppance!

can't see the abc one coz they routinely block non US web viewers from watching their content - grrrr! that 'outsource' one is pure stupidity. indians are gonna be soooo irritated. understandably so!

rikyrah said...

The Event, the new husband/wife Black spy team by JJAbrams on NBC.

OneChele said...


GrownAzzMan said...

I can't say for sure that it will be good but NBC has me curious about 'The Event'. Another TV Black POTUS...LOL

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