Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Video Shout-Out: Mos Def

This song never gets old. Mos Def's Umi Says stays in my rotation.

Any music to shout out today?


Leon X said...

I'll see your Umi Says and raise you the Zero 7 remix.

bougiesis said...

Love this song, of course, the only reason I know anything about this song is that you gave it to me on a play list. Thanks Sis!

AIsha said...

i like this i haven't listened to him in a while i have a lot of female artist on my rotation right now three of my faves: Mystic : and her new one "Beautiful Resistance"
Goapele and Aceleyone : "Moonlite skies"
and my absolute fave " Res-

I love these artist and just constantly replay them cause its so hard to find really good music by female musicians now a days where they aren't talking about stripping or riding a man

thanks for the reference ill get this song today

OneChele said...

I like that!

Steve said...

To me, all of his other music is chasing this song. One of the best ever.

Leon X said...

Res's first CD was in heavy rotation when I bought it. Have you checked out her new one? It's called Black.Girls.Rock! You can download it from her website.

ecthompson said...

I'm kickin' it really old school this weekend. Da Ohio Players - here and here

Have a good weekend.

Nikesha said...

One of the best songs ever! Listen to it every morning before work.

SpkTruth2Pwr said...

Yep Yep! I likes Umi Says!

Speaking of good lyricists, I am repping hard for DMV with some Wale mixtapes right now.

The_A said...

Umi Says shine your light for the world to see! classic

If you will allow me to add to your list of Good Music by Female Musicians (in the vein of Hip Hop, Soul, Rock,What u Like)
Kimberly Nicole
Shae Fiol
Lela James
Sy Smith
Black Alley
Princess of Controversy
Ra the MC
Carolyn Malachi
Allison Carney
who am I forgetting? Tons and tons of names. Special shout out to Artist Features and the Annual Can A Sista Rock A Mic? Festival (CASRAM) for making it not so hard to find really good music & female artists with something positive and powerful to say. I discovered every one of these artists & many more from either SoulTracks or CASRAM

CASRAM is Washington DC's music and arts festival dedicated to amplifying authentic expressions of women who are changing the world.

Extra shout out to Marcell and the Truth for singing songs about grown ups in love


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