Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Thought - What exactly does the NAACP do now?

I'm not trying to be flippant. I really want to know. I heard this question posed on a news outlet and the entire panel went silent. As I started to purse my lips I realized... I don't know either. Not really clear on what their action plan is.

Recently, they asked the Tea Party to stop being so mean. They politely requested that the Senate reinstate unemployment. They got "snookered" into almost ruining a good woman's reputation by a right wing blogger. They celebrated their 101st anniversary and FLOTUS spoke at the convention. That's all I've got. 

 I checked their website and reviewed their Action Alerts. It appeared to be cosignage of programs and policies that other people are working on. Then I looked at the Citizen All Action Alerts where folks report on police misconduct and hate crimes. But it doesn't show if anyone is following up on these reports.

So I posed the question on Twitter - just exactly what color people are they advancing these days and how exactly are they doing it? The answers came back pink, purple and green. What ya'll got for me? Anyone? No, I'm serious. Do ya'll know how the NAACP is relevant and productive in 2010 America? And after the epic fail that this Shirley Sherrod hoodwinkery has become, where do they go from here? Please share your thoughts.


David Parrish, Jr.(Inkognegro) said...

Think of the NAACP as like "the Church"

There are churches that are active and cutting edge and provide lifelines to the community around them and the world.

others? not so much.

The NAACP still carries a cadre of branches that serve invaluable purposes.

Does it compare to what they USED to do?

Does what your mom do for you now compare to what she USED to do for you?

All that said, Theyve been poorly managed and run and behind the times for DECADES.

Why should it be different now?

Kandia said...

That's a good question....I could give a broad-based general answer like they are there to shine a light on the injustices in our community and and work to eliminate them but if you asked for specifics beyond that I'm not sure I'd have an answer.

Mocha Dude Speaks said...

I also got irritated reading the question and then recognized that I don't really know either. Kinda sad.

ASmith said...

It's crickets up in here (comparable to this time of day normally) and that speaks volumes.

I started to comment earlier and thought -- well, let's see what the masses say -- and I think the masses have spoken.

If we base it on recent news from the NAACP, we'll know that their purpose is to call out racist movements 30 years too late and then throw a nice black woman under the bus 30 years too early.

baileyqc said...

Well Jealous is not the firebrand motivating zealot they were hoping for. They need to get strategic and proactive instead of reactionary. I hear they are doing interesting things at some of the local levels but as a nationwide force they are definitely failing.

Jason P said...

LOL! I was just thinking DAY-UM, nobody has the answer? That says everything!

Cha Keziah said...

They need new leadership. Period. They need new, fresh eyes who are willing to take real stands on real issues, and not just play nice with the good ole boy network.

I honestly think that this isn't a problem restricted to the NAACP, but a theme that plays out in any established and older organization. There comes a point when, in order to remain relevant, influential, and active, they must bring in new leadership who respect the history but have vision for the future with a grounded understanding of the present. Until that is accomplished, the NAACP will lose both its momentum and (remaining) credibility.

JaymeC said...

I remember my parents talking about the NAACP with reverence. It was something you mentioned like "I'm going to tell your Dad when he gets home", folks would say "We're gonna call the NAACP" - doesn't carry the weight it used to. I'd love to see them make a comeback. I think they're still needed. If they could get on the front line of this fight about radical right-winger that would go a long way.

silkysoul said...

I used to monitor the email of the local NAACP branch. They get a lot of requests to investigate discrimination, hate crime, etc on the local level. Sometimes the local branch sends test people into the situation to see if discrimination exists. Sometimes they mediate the case between the accused business and the person claiming discrimination. Most of the time, they can't speak on these cases or resolution because of the sensitive nature of the accusations, particularly if the evidence of discrimination isn't concretely proven.

OneChele said...

Thanks for the insights! Appreciate it.

happinessisme said...

Geez, I must say, I have no clue. The last thing I really remember them being involved in or at the forfront was about eleven years ago when there was all this uproar over the demise of black television shows and there were no African-American leads in big network shows. Other than that, that's about it.

kenn bivins said...

I'm not sure that the NAACP has become much more than an ineffective, partisan fixture. They do have the glory days of old though.


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