Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Good News Story: The Dedication of a Teacher

This story was brought to my attention by Da Smoking Ace who has the pleasure and honor of knowing this remarkable lady. In a world where people can't commit to the same coffee flavor for a week and don't remember what happened last week (let alone last millennium), comes the great story of Ms. Emma Brandon. She is teacher in Mississippi who is retiring after 63 years… yes, 63 years. From The Clarion-Ledger: (excerpt)

When Emma Brandon began teaching she earned $36 a month, walked three miles one way to school - seven miles if overnight rain made the creek too swollen to cross - and toted her own lunch of biscuits and syrup. A lot has changed in the 63 years since. There are computers and standardized tests. Schools have been consolidated and integrated. Principals have come and gone. Last week, Brandon decided to step out of the classroom for good, becoming one of the hundreds of Mississippi school teachers to retire this summer. Brandon said the key to her longevity was the ability to stay focused on the students. "I never had to push because I showed so much love for them," she said. "I showed them they were wanted in my class - like if they didn't say good morning, I would greet them. I taught them to be courteous and tried to set a good example." But she made the decision this year would be her last because her license expires.

"If my license had not expired in 2010, I would have stayed more years if health allowed," she said. "I never was absent (from school). I never was late." Brandon said she plans to spend her retired days in her garden, quilting and doing missionary work with her church. But it won't be easy for her to stay away. "Ever since I started school as a kid at 4 or 5 years old, I've been in a classroom," she said. "I'm just going to stay out of the La-Z Boy chair as long as I can."

Whole Story here: Retiring after 63 years.

Talk about dedication to the task! What an impact she's had on literal generations of people. You take your rest, Ms. Emma… you've earned it. Does anyone have a teacher from their youth they want to shout out today?


Reads4Pleasure said...

Shout out to Mrs. Nelson. I had her all four years of high school for math and 2 years of physics. She made word problems fun and calculus easy as pie. Thanks to her I love math almost as much as I love reading. Honorable mention to Mr. Benke, my 3rd grade teacher. He read us the complete Chronicles of Narnia, introduced us to tickle attacks and put up with a classroom full of giggling girls.

Inkognegro said...

Shout out to my first grade teacher who stole her husband's paperback about Ken Stabler, Billy Kilmer, Roger Staubach and Terry Bradshaw for me to read in class, cause I was clearly bored with Dick and Jane.

David Chase said...

Just stumbled across the blog. I like the fact that there's something for everyone. The voice of the upwardly mobile AA b/n 20 -50 has been drowned out by all the thug life, pimpy, gansterism. Thanks for something fresh. Oh, and I'll shout out Mrs. Windsor for checking on me every year since 3rd grade. I turned 35 in March and she still called to make sure I'm "living like a gentleman" - that's dedication.

Eye Candy said...

Great story! Let me shout out Madame Roberts. Little woman from Martinique, she was always bringing in Caribbean food and make French class more than the thing I went to after study hall and before English. ;-)

CreoleInDC said...

I love posts like this one. True Elders are the ones who make you realize you come from good, solid stock.

The teacher who was most prominent in my life was also a relative of mine. She was the most remarkable woman in every.single.way. I remember growing up thinking she was so mean even though I can't think of one mean thing she ever said to me nor can I think of anything she ever denied me. She taught me by example and when she retired the entire community came out to show their appreciation. It was the only time I ever saw her cry.

Now you have me thinking of my Aunt Eola with tears in my eyes. Imma 'git you.


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