Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Video Shout-Out: Nas and Damian Marley

Nas is back and joined by the youngest son of Bob Marley, Damian (also known as Junior Gong). This song kinda rocks. I like the blend of hip hop and reggae or as they say in the song "patois and rap star". The chorus is infectious, I like the cadence of their delivery, lyrics are clever and it's a great treadmill song. I'm happy. The whole collab named Distant Relatives is worth a listen.

Any music you are feeling this week? Happy Saturday!


sunt97 said...

I like. Yeah I can def see myself hoofing to it on the elliptical. High energy.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Leon X said...

I got two submissions for the music I'm feeling this week. First up is Janelle Monae. She released her full length album The ArchAndroid on Bad Boy Records on 5/18. The song I've felt on this album so far is "Locked Inside."

The second is from YahZarah's album The Ballad Of Purple St. James. Here is the video for the lead single "Why Dontcha Call Me No More." If you're a fan of 80's videos this is right up your alley.

OneChele said...

I keep hearing about Janelle Monae, I'm hesitant to get attached if she's on Bad Boy... could be gone by next week. ;-)

Leon X said...

LOL True indeed. While she might not be on Bad Boy for long I do believe she'll keep making music.

jluntzreport said...

Nas remake of Hey Young World is dope. Downloaded it last night.


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