Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tonight on BnB Radio Network – The African American Lit Show 8:00pm central

Join me, noted Book Blogger Lisa from, as well as authors Cheri Paris Edwards (Plenty Good Room) and Cheris Hodges (Over 10 books published) to discuss the state of African American Literature today. Is it good, is it bad, do we love it or hate it? Why do we write it, read it and what's next? Swing by and take a listen, won't you? is the main site, we will be live at 8:00pm central next week on See you there!

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Hidi said...

African American Literature: I don't hate it but it needs to improve; there is too much saturation of one particular type of genre of book.
For example, the urban "literature" books are dominating the shelves. It is unfair because it does not give other books a chance to be sold and expose. I have read urban "lit", romance, mysteries, etc. Variety is important; it gives the reader many options.

As far as the book stores having a african american section versus not having one, I am torn between the two. From an author's perspective, it's not good because it "limits" the exposure. From a customer's perspective (if he/she is black and wants to support), it's not a problem.

Any type of book regardless of content can influence a person in a bad or good way. The same goes for all forms of media. Children need to be children and adults need to be adults. Meaning if you are a parent, then monitor what your child watches and read. If your a {young} child, then you need to understand when something is "off limits".

As a side note: Hypothetically: If I was an author, then I would not want my race to be known. It can "hinder" you in a way but that's for another discussion.

At the end day, people have different "tastes" in books and a good story is a good story. All aspiring authors and authors deserve to have their stories published and sold in book stores. :)


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