Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Random 5 - Here are my thoughts, whose got next?

Hey there! Welcome to any BougieLand newbies and for my regulars, thanks for coming back!

Let's try some of this. Not everyone joins in the conversation. Maybe I didn't touch on a topic that moved you to speak out. Well, here's your shot. Feel free to speak your peace or just say "hi!"

Here are my random thoughts for the day:

1. Who has seen Ciara's new video? I can't (won't) embed that hot mess here, but feel free to take a look. Folks were raving about it on Twitter. It's too much information for me. I know I'm getting old because I wanted a warning label and a parental lock code for this.

2. More videos gone to hell - Toni Braxton has a new album coming out in May. Her new video for Hands Tied involves her gyrating around a stripper pole in front of a room full of men. Le Sigh. I remember when she used to just stand in front of a mic and sing. I'm sorry... sang. Though it does seem that the older she gets, the fewer clothes she wears.

3. What the heck is going on in Arizona? They just passed a shady immigration bill. Senate Bill 1070 would require law enforcement officials in the state of Arizona to investigate someone's immigration status if there is "reasonable suspicion" that the person might be undocumented. Can you say profiling? And then the "Birther Bill": The Arizona House of Representatives on Monday voted 31 - 22 to advance a bill that would require Arizona's secretary of state to review a presidential candidate's birth certificate before that candidate could get on the ballot in the state. Ooo-kay? Preview to 2012 - It's going to get ugly.

4. Who's the next Dorothy Height? Do they even make 'em like that anymore? She was an advocate of women's rights and civil rights. She shared the platform with the Martin Luther King Jr. when he delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963. The recipient of more than 50 awards from local, state, and national organizations, Height received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, in 1994. Dr. Height was 98 and still about the business of equality when she passed away this week.

5. Am I the only person who cares that the NFL Draft is tonight? Okay then, am I the only one giving a side-eye to Ben Roethlisberger? I remember meeting this guy back in my high-rolling days and thinking he was a sweet kid. Since then, the Pittsburgh quarterback has been accused of two rapes and supposedly there are other unfiled incidents along the same lines. That's a lot of smoke to be no fire but hey - what do ya'll think?

That's my random 5. Any thoughts? Something on your mind you're dying to share, a topic you want discussed? Open mic, open comments. Play nice out there... the floor is yours.


Bailey Quincy said...

Arizona is under the McCain of it all. You are correct, there is no new Dorothy Height. Mold broken.
I would like to ask what is up with all the pollen? I'm dying and to think I wished for Spring!

Stank_0 said...

Well, I'se first. Let's go.

1. Saw the video (on mute) and liked it, but I'm a man so...

2. Haven't seen it. I still remember her wearing white (looking good in it too) and just sangin. How times have changed.

3. The immigration bill can fly, the other one will not. Our republic is federal which means that states cannot supersede their authority and I think this would fall under the auspices of the Federal government. The SCOTUS will most likely swat this down or the Appellate Court.

4. Circumstances have changed, we've advanced a lil bit so not sure that someone will do that again.

5. Here's the problem. 1. The Draft is a huge HR practice. You don't put that on primetime and expect to pull numbers going against the NBA playoffs. #FAIL. Move it back to Saturday and you have the whole day on lock.

I'm done with Roethlisberger the punishment has been meted out. Hopefully he'll get some counseling.

6. US operations in Afghanistan are now in peril because of a revolution in Kyrgyzstan. US military has a base there in Manas and there are rumblings that they will request the US military vacate. Nothing is pinned down yet but if the US military is evicted there aren't many options left in the region. Kazakhstan is out, so is Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. They know, we know and Russia knows it.

Inkognegro said...

1. Ciara's video brought out the Daddy in me. Her Daddy should Pulled her ass off that concept. If a 40 year old man who has a thing for well placed gyrations is a little taken aback, your ass is doing three much.

2. Toni Braxton is doing her best to Beat everyone else to the bottom. Thats what the game apparently is nowadays. She needs new people.

3. Wasn't Arizona part of Mexico? Yeah, I thought so.

4. They don't make them like Dr. Height anymore because they don't have to. The battles are different, the warriors must be different, too.

5. Yes I care. Can't wait.

AppleBerryMIA said...

Le Big Sigh -both videos prove that the world is going to hell in a hand basket.
There is no go to Civil Rights female activist that I can think of right now,
Arizona showing true colors
Miami Dolphins already made great offseason moves so I'm straight with the draft. Take it or leave it.
No comment about Ben R except to say cosign on the smoke/fire reference.

MeetCharlieL said...

Maybe they both thought they were making a different sort of video?
Arizona and Texas doing us proud these days
As for Dr Height, I'm interested to see what Michelle Obama does post White House, hopefully that won't be until 2016
Ben is a serial ass grabber. He needs help. Draft Day baybee! First year in many I can be excited about the Lions...

Any other topics on my mind? When is Obama going to get credit for the recovery we're beginning to see and feel?

Hidi said...

1. No I have not seen it and I don't think I want to.
2. I like Toni Braxton and I feel bad for her because I think she is feeling pressured to stay relevant. {shrugs shoulders}
3. Keep it moving
4. RIP Dorothy Height
5. Yes, you are the only person who cares...just kidding. Seriously, I'm not interested.

Sarah said...

I was in a nostalgia spell this last weekend listening to oldies on Pandora radio and cooking chicken soup. I miss the clarity of youth when you think you know everything and it is all seems so simple. I really admire woman like Dorothy Height who keep on pushing even in an ever changing world and keep their dignity all the while.

OrangeStar Happy Hunting said...

1.Ciara should just be a skripper *kanye shrug* and call it a day, she can;' sing and I don't call that dancing so. more like simulated F88k896, so..
2.Toni has always tried TOO hard imo and is very late stylewise, if she wants to stay relavent do it thru the material/music for her target audience, just sad
5. How many chances is dude gonna get????, and I am still pissed about the choke artist coming to my squad, I don't like McNabb at all, he is SOFT and cannot produce when the pressure is on, when it counts....... arghhhhhhh!!!!!

Leon X said...

1. & 2. I wasn't interested in watching either video. I think watching Kat Stacks has made me leery of checking out anything that has the blogosphere or twitter buzzing.

3. Thanks for confirming out anti-white and xenophobic you are AZ. You were one of the last states to declare MLK Day a national holiday and now this. I'm concerned about immigration laws because I know they'd like to make people think this is about Mexicans crossing the border, but it's bigger than that. They will affect Chinese people and Caribbeans who come here illegally as well. While the "Birther Bill" is dumb it's trivial. If the state of Hawaii can verify the authenticity of the certification of birth the AZ Secretary of State should have no problem either. BTW I have certification of birth and my father isn't a naturalized citizen. Guess I can kiss my presidential aspirations bye-bye.

4. I'll have to admit I did not know about Dorothy Height until a friend of mine wrote a play that mentioned her 4 years ago. A trail blazer for civil and women's rights will be missed. I'm not so concerned about who will be the next Dorothy Height than I about who will pick up the torch.

5. I'll flip back & forth between NFL Network's coverage and ESPN's coverage of the draft (Dual-band DVR's. FTW!). Averagebro has a post about Ben Roethlisberger where he makes an excellent point. The NFL is attempting to attract more female viewers. That's hard to do when one of the top QB's in your league belonging to one of your premier franchises likes to go around getting co-eds drunk and attempting to smash in bathroom stalls. I was surprised it was a 6 game suspension, but it was deserved and I'm a Steelers fan.

rozb said...

1. Wow - Ciara has a video where she is simulating her last OB-GYN exam. Hm - I can still hear that she can't sing. Between Kat Stacks and her pathetic attempt at fame, Kiely and her STD-promoting video, and this - I need to physically scrub my eyeballs and shoot water into my ears for days. They make my skin itch.

2. Toni stays naked, but it won't be a good look if she has another heart episode while dressed (or undressed) like this. Not a good look at all.

3. Wow. Arizona - the home of John McCain and that racist sheriff (can't recall his name) are jumping on the birther bandwagon. I am not surprised. Honestly - even if President Obama rang each doorbell and showed every person who wants to see it, it still wouldn't change the minds of these freakishly small-minded people. I hope he runs again in 2012, and it is my prayer that he wins, so I can see some people go all Scanners and blow brain matter everywhere. It'll be straight up comedy...

4. Dorothy Height and the women of the movement that were with her showed class, dignity, and raw passion for the cause in a way that still resonates with me. Numbers one and two on here need to take note.

5. Don't know football enough to have any commentary on the draft. All I know is I'll be watching my team on Thanksgiving (go Patriots!)

BTW - I have seen enough crotch shots and pole humping from today's female artists to keep me from ever watching another video by a new female artist or old one (I'm talking to you, Ms. Braxton). Onechele - where is that video of Ain't Nothing Wrong With That? I could watch that - fun, upbeat, and no crotch humping your screen.

GrownAzzMan said...

Hard to top some of the responses but a brotha has to try:

1) Hard to tell where the videos end and the soft-core porn begins these days. I am not for censorship but somebody shoulda snatched her on this one.

2) Toni had done everything but a sex-tape. Can't be far behind (and I'm a fan)

3) Can we just let Arizona and Texas secede? All we need is all the Federal money you get (billions) back and you can be on you way. Pay the cashier. BTW your little birther law is un-Constitutional. States can't regulate FEDERAL elections. Just ask Sarah if you can get her to stop watching Russia from her house.

4) Two words: Michelle Obama

5) The draft is tonight? Really? I am surprised there hasn't been some coverage/hype...LOL

GrownAzzMan said...

OK, I have to get this off my chest. A byproduct in all the uproar over the Single Black Woman crisis is a lot of sistas wondering why there is no focus on why men are single? The reason is, we are cool with it. When a man wants to be in a relationship or married he usually is. Not fair but real. There is no market for books, tv specials, or six-part magazine articles. The majority of men are happy with their relationship status whatever it is. When he is not he changes it, no book required. Ladies if you want to make it stop, don't buy the book! And pass this on to the woman next to you. I the meantime it is the better mousetrap theory come to fruition. They build it because y'all will come...

Ola said...

1 - I saw the video. Based on the lyrics to the song, what else could she have done? I felt like a little kid sneaking a peak at Dad's WHT channel (who remembers that? LOL). She needs some self-esteem.

2 - Toni is selling music instead of creating music. If she creates good music, the sales will come. Somebody tell her that please!

3 - There are just some states I will never step foot in.

4 - I'm in agreement with GrownAzzMan - the closest is Michelle Obama

5 - I don't really watch football.

OneChele said...

Um for my purposes... I need Texas to stay a state for just a little while longer. LOL

Jason P said...

I've lived in both Texas and Arizona, a few bad folks are making both states look bad. But I'm sure we could say that about every state.
I can see the value in both those videos... yes sir, I certainly can.
The Draft is all good things - I'm excited.
RIP Dorothy, one of a kind.

maureen palmer said...

1.Ok, I can't hold a tune, but Ciara should get a modeling job- I will skip on her video.
2. I miss 90's Toni Braxton- did not get that video
3. Arizona-SMH
4. I don't think they make them like Ms DH anymore.

keishabrown said...

i'll skip right to the National. Football. League.
i dont watch the draft (i can i call myself an NFL fan and the High Commish of my NFL pool?)
i'll just watch NFL network, read about where Tebow goes, check up on who the Eagles got and wait patiently for the season to start.
is it too early to start a countdown?
no seriously.
is it?
; )

Foxy Brown said...

1&6--iDied, lol

Foxy Brown said...

Your five:
1&2--i'm pretty sure the last video i watched involved chris tucker and michael jackson *bougie shrug*
3--i co-sign with leon x
4--they don't make em like that anymore, but i'm doing my small part
5--da draft, i just wanna know if the falcons are gonna be smart (doubt it). ben gets da laser beam side-eye. i'm not a vick fan but i'll be damned if killing a dog is worse than raping a woman (or two).

my 5:
1--i'll be so happy when single, black women are not the hot topic of the day. i'm tired of my family members telling me to buy X book or watch Y special report on black women. as a black woman, wouldn't i be the expert on why i don't have a man...? just sayin.
2--i got my beach body back and can't wait to get naked!! though someone told me, as a minister, i shouldn't wear bikinis...da hell you say!
3--i gotta new potential SO. yea, i'm bragging, but it's all love in bougieland right...right...hello...fine!
4--da kid gotta new job, in a new city, hells yea! (please forgive my bouge lapse)
5--my mother (who did not raise me and never had a nice thing to say to or about me) told me she loved me yesterday. not sure how to feel about that....

OneChele said...

I can't keep all the -stans straight and generally lump them together as "up to no good" - seems I'm right about that.

OneChele said...

Mother Nature has been evil all year. The high pollen count is just the next trick in her bag of misery.

JaymeC said...

Number 4 on POINT! Nowadays, Dorothy would have to put on 5 inch heels and hooks up with an athlete or actor to get her voice heard...

Brown Babe said...

I wish there were more talk about the promising leaders in our communities ala Dorothy Heights as opposed to harping on our marriagability, or lack thereof . I'm involved with several young professional organizations and just hope we're doing enough to raise the consciousness and motivate the masses - though sometimes I wonder...

iCant with all the hoochie-ness...less is more people, except when we're talking about clothes - cover that up Toni!

Inspired by a convo on my friend's FB status about baby making music - I'm currently jamming to Babyface's The Day album...oh the memories ;o)

OneChele said...

He gave a great press conference today.

OneChele said...

Toni DOES need new people... badly.

brendakay50 said...

1. No. I'm already seeking therapy after watching 40 some seconds of Kiely Williams "Unspectacular" video and I don't want to chance a relapse. Therapy is expensive. :-)

2. I thought I was the only one who had noticed that the older Toni Braxton gets, the less clothes she wears.

3. I've always wondered why the politicians in Arizona fan the flames of racism when it comes to the immigration issue and now this continuing birther farce. But turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the numerous polygamist Mormon communities across the state where young girls are married off to men in their 40's and 50's.

4. The focus isn't on the next Dorothy Height ~ the media {white and black owned} would rather re-enforce the lies and nonsense that successful Black women are pitiful creatures unable to find love and happiness.

5. a) Yes, yes, yes. I may live overseas, but I've never missed the NFL draft. b) Ben Roethlisberger ~ proof that it's not only the Black footballers behaving badly. But you can bet there won't be anywhere near the uproar from the public about Roethlisberger, like there was/still is towards Michael Vick. I'm just sayin'...

6. Farmville, Whoville, Petville, Cafe World, Zoo World, Wizard World, Mafia World, Texas HoldEm Poker, Treasure Isle, Middle Kingdom, Sorority Life, Social City, iHeart ~ Please Facebook make it STOP!


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