Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Video Shout-Out: Miki Howard

I remember hearing Miki Howard for the first time and thinking, "Wow, she is phenomenal. She's going to be one of the all time greats." Just goes to show you I know nothing about the music business and even less about how personal demons can keep you from reaching your full potential. Of course, her determination to mimic Billie Holiday in looks and lifestyle should have been a clue that she was headed for trouble.

At any rate, this song remains a favorite. Voice like buttered rum, she's the perfect accompaniment to a rainy Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!

Any idea where she is now? Anyone have music to share today?


Reads4Pleasure said...

Loved, loved, loved Imagination and Ain't Nobody Like You. Her music was a constant on any quiet storm tape back in the day. She was also a great duet partner for Gerald Levert. She has a CD of remakes out. I've heard quite a few on Slacker but they weren't very impressive.

derek love said...

Her voice is undeniable. Great pick! She had a duet with Christopher Williams - where is HE now?

rozb said...

I went on Wikipedia, and they said she took time off to raise her kids, and that she tours with Roy Ayers, and she recently released a CD called "Private Collections". Her website is It also said she briefly used to mess around with Gerald Levert when they made their duet.

BTW - I downloaded the song "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That" and I can't get enough of it! Thanks, OneChele!

Vonmiwi said...

She still sings and has a very active career. I guess no one saw her on The MoNique show recently?

sunt97 said...

Yeah she does bring back some fun memories for me.

Peace, Love and Chocolate


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