Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hashtag Wednesday: What I’m #LookingForwardto

Sometimes it's very hard to live in the moment. I tend to get self-reflective and cast a look back from time to time. And let's face it, time just flies. You can stop and appreciate a moment and then it's gone. Lately, I find myself looking forward a lot. So much so that I have to remind myself to slooow dooown and not miss anything on my rush to get where I'm ready to go. Since we haven't done a #Hashtag Wednesday in a while, I thought we'd go with things I'm looking forward to.

If you haven't joined us on a Hashtag Wednesday, let me explain: On Twitter, people tend to accentuate their chatter by adding a topic or a phrase to the end. You tie the topics together by placing a "#" (called a hashtag) in front of it. For instance, yesterday had a trending topic called #TshirtSlogans where people offered their ideas of what would be interesting/cute/vulgar on a T-shirt. It ranged from #TshirtSlogan: Stop Staring at my Chest (not bad) to #TshirtSlogan: I make one person happy a day, today's not your day (funny) to #TshirtSlogan: Back away slowly (cute).

Alright, so let's see what we've got today:

#LookingForwardto: Summer TV shows. Shallow, yes… but I am. Leverage, Closer, Drop Dead Diva all promise to be better than the nonsense I'm looking at now. With the exception of The Good Wife, Southland, and Treme; I have not been wowed by new shows this season. I did develop an addiction to TV One's UnSung. Who knew that the original dude from the Bar-Kays was on the plane that went down with Otis Redding on it? Not me. I had no clue.

#LookingForwardto: Spring gardening. Yeah, all those weekends whining about have to help my dad prune roses, pull weeds and plant perennials… it stuck with me. For some reason, when I moved out to the Bay Area and had this cute rental house (I miss that place) I start experimenting with plants, flowers, vegetables. I killed a lot of poor unsuspecting plants but I kept going. And one day, it was my little therapy session. The time spent mucking around in mud and mulch became "me time" and having colors and scents come from nothing was kinda cool. So yeah, I'm looking forward to see what will survive from spring to winter… it's always a challenge.

#LookingForwardto: My next great date. Surely there's at least one good one out there in my future, right? I am SO looking forward to spending time in the presence of a good-looking, good-smelling, good-acting man (not related to me) who makes me laugh and not want to live tweet the pain or flee. That would be great.

#LookingForwardto: Finishing my short story. It's due to my publisher by June. Once I finish it, I start on Book Three. It's all creativity all the time.

#LookingForwardto: Football Season! I know I'm early but with the schedule coming out yesterday and the draft tomorrow, it's right around the corner. Oh, I guess I should wait for the NBA Playoffs to wrap before talking football? Either way, I know I can count on both the Mavericks and Cowboys to look great… right up until they choke in the playoffs. They kill me. Does any sports franchise in this city know how to close?

So tell me, BougieLand… What are you #LookingForwardto and why? The floor is yours.


Leon X said...

Since today I am in chemotherapy my #LookingForwardTo's will be cancer related.

I am #LookingForwardTo getting out of the hospital. These chemo days are long and a pain. I always feel like I could be doing something better with my time. Lucky for me I only have one more chemo session after this one.

I am #LookingForwardTo life after cancer. I had a pretty good life before all this. Seems like since I was diagnosed my life has been put on hold. I'd like to take life out for a spin after this is done. Folks better look out for me once I'm better. I'ma be a mess.

derek love said...

I'm #LookingForwardto vacation. Haven't been on a real on in 2 years. Costa Rica, I'm on my way.

ASmith said...

#ImLookingForwardTo: 4th of July. Good BBQ, FAMILY TIME and a break from crazy (ok, any time with family is crazy but it's a fun kind).

#ImLookingForwardTo: Starting grad school, or at least getting back to the part of the South that knows it's the South. I'm done with DC. For a myriad of reasons. Let me just say that when I quit this job, ya'll are gonna know it because I'ma be talmbout ALL kinds of sh*t that I can't talk about now.

#ImLookingForwardTo: Friday. I'm always looking forward to that.

Sarah said...

Good luck today! Here's hoping it goes by quickly and tomorrow is better.

citizen ojo said...

#ImLookingForwardTo my place of employment catching on fire and burning to a crisp. I know it's going to happen, all is needed is some gasoline, matches and low wind conditions... ha ha ha ha

midwestdominicana said...

Wishing you Godspeed in your recovery. The fight against cancer is a cause close to my heart. Prayin for ya bruh!

Hidi said...

#LookingForwardto going back to school. I love learning so school is one of my avenues for expanding my brain.

#LookingForwardto working in a field where I can share my passion with others in some way.

#LookingForwardto doing an internship or volunteering with an non profit organization dedicated to raising awareness for eating disorders.

#LookingForwardto living my life and thanking God every step of the way. I am truly bless. Amen

Violet Rose said...

I'm #LookingForwardto starting my new job. I have two more days of this hell-hole and then I'z FREE and then two weeks off!
I'm #LookingForwardto spending time with my family
I'm #LookingForardto getting eight hours of sleep

LikeLena said...

Wishing total wellness for you Leon!

Brown Babe said...

#LookingForwardTo your tales post recovery! Sending up prayers for healing on your behalf.

LikeLena said...

I'm #LookingForwardto a man taking me on vacation one day...

Brown Babe said...

#LookingForwardTo walking in my purpose

#LookingForwardTo being in a real relationship - mutual love, mutual commitment, on the same page in the same book type of real relationship

#LookingForwardTo chopping off my relaxed ends and being 100% natural this summer

#LookingForwardTo the next big vacation - oh I so need a vacation

#LookingForwardTo totally reclaiming my health

Jason P said...

#LookingForward to seeing The Losers this weekend with a date - take that Bitter Brothers, I got a date, with a cute chick who makes her own money - HA!

#LookingForward to an NFL Season WITHOUT Brett Favre - maybe 10 years from now, he'll finally be done?

#LookingForward to Mother's Day - I always do something special for my Mom

#LookingForward to one day having wife, kids, mortgage, house <-- grown folk stuff, over the bachelor lifestyle

Lady Loves Hats said...

I just moved back to the South - the REAL South from DC so I know exactly what you're talking about
I'm #LookingForwardto the first family BBQ, going back to a church where ladies wear hats & matching suits and preachers preach for God, not for politics. Back to wear people say Good Morning even if they don't you, and you can find sweet tea on the menu. ;-)

tiffanyinhouston said...

#LookingForward to Leon being cancer-free forever. Asking God for the victory right now!

tiffanyinhouston said...

#LookingForward to September 26, 2010. That's the day I marry the love of my life.

OneChele said...

Good luck on NFL without the Favre watch. Believe me, we'll hear plenty of it and more until he deigns to make a decision. Boo!

Joy Andrews said...

#LookingForwardto Steady Paycheck

#LookingForwardto Falling in love again

#LookingForwardto somebody shutting up the TeaBaggers

#LookingForwardto tacos for lunch (sometimes it's the simple thing)

OneChele said...

Ditto on the vaca - could really, really use one.

ASmith said...

Glad to hear there's only one more day and wishing you well as you work towards life after cancer.

Reads4Pleasure said...

#LookingForwardTo my kid getting her driver's license & ending my chauffeuring days.

#LookingForwardTo that same kid getting out of my house. I love her, but if she doesn't start narrowing her college choices down soon, I'm worried that she'll try to live with me forever.

#LookingForwardTo NFL pre-season. Yes, pre-season sucks, but the time between the Superbowl (or Pro Bowl depending on the NFL's foolishness) and the official start of the season is entirely too long. I say we shave some months off of baseball and all of their unnecessary games and extend football season.

#LookingForwardTo really living.

OneChele said...

Amen, we're just going to go ahead and claim it!

OneChele said...

Let us know if you need alibi... or bail.

Blackest Berry said...

Right now, I'm #lookingforwardto making it through the day and waking up tomorrow. That is all.

BeautyNobility said...

#Lookingforward to exams being over. I forgot how much I dislike exams. I love learning, I hate the testing part.

#Lookingforward to the summer. For some reason, I have great expectations about it. I don't know why, but I think I'll have a good one.

#Lookingforwardto seeing my family. I miss my sister more than I thought I could I miss a rebellious and surly 13 yr old. Plus, my mom is hilarious.

#Lookingforwardto a real date.

natashabaker said...

#Lookingforward to my baby brother getting married 4-24-10!
#Lookingforward to my wedding day 5-28-10... hurry up already :-)
#Lookingforward to saying "my husband"
#Lookingforward to Summer traveling, going to the beach, and BBQs
#Lookingforward to reading more great posts on Black and Bougie

Leon X said...

Thank you very much. I am humbled. I am resting at home. One #ImLookingForwardTo down, one more to go.

Leon X said...

(Replied to the wrong comment oops.) Thank you very much. I am humbled. I am resting at home. One #ImLookingForwardTo down, one more to go.

keishabrown said...

im glad i start with the first posts first.
yours put what i was going to put in perspective right off the top!
prayers indeed!

keishabrown said...

just read abour brees being on the cover of madden for next season..
fitzie (as i like to call him) made it out alive...polamalu did not.
oops. wrong hashtag! lol

ecthompson said...

Bar-Kays have a long, long history in Black music. They had a big hit in the 60's, Soul Finger, which was later made popular by the Blues Brothers. After the Otis Redding plane crash 2 of the original members who were not in the crash reformed the group. They became one of those serious funk groups of the late 70's and early 80's. Their albums during this time were just okay but when you heard them in concert - OMG! These guys could party. They had an energy on the stage that simply was not matched on their albums. When you talk about the great groups of the funk era you have to mention the Bar-Kays.

brendakay50 said...

Leon, I was going to post my list of #LookingForwardTo's, but then I scrolled down and read what you're dealing with and it somehow put all of my things into perspective, so I'm simply going to say:

I'm #LookingForwardTo Leon sharing with us that he's 10, 15, 20 years free from cancer. :-)

ConvertingMe said...

#LookingForward to one full month of being child free!

#LookingForward to going home to New Orleans and Louisiana to see family.

#LookingForward to Essence Fest and not having to work at it.

Hurry up July!

#LookingForward to Stepson graduating and *hopefully* leaving my house. (Crossing fingers & toes)

#LookingForward to My New Orleans Saints winning another Superbowl.


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