Friday, January 15, 2010

Raise up your Fruitini – MLK, Call to Service, Birthdays, Football and more!

It's my favorite weekend of the year, ya'll. January 15th always brings a myriad of feelings for me. The 15th was my father's birthday, and yes – he loved the fact that he shared this day with Dr. King. He used to say that January 15th was a birthday for those destined for greatness. None of us dared side-eye him when he compared himself to a Civil Rights martyr. Hey, BougieDad was a hero to us. The next January 15 birthday belongs to my nephew who we have nicknamed Cisco. Just take one look at this face and tell me he isn't destined for greatness (or great mischief)? (or to slay females coast to coast – little playa already has two girlfriends – blonde twins… need we say more?)

Monday is my birthday. I only count the 5s and the 10s so just don’t worry about how old I am. My answer is old enough to know how, just wise enough to know better and young enough to still do it anyway. J My birthday usually falls on or around the “observed” MLK holiday and it’s always around NFL playoffs. It’s just far enough away from Christmas that I can guilt people into buying me another gift. As I said, it’s my favorite weekend of the year.

On a serious note, MLK Day has become so much more than a day to play speeches and “remember when”, the holiday is a National Day of Service where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities are encouraged to serve on King Day, and to make the day the beginning of an ongoing commitment to a cause that is meaningful to them and serves a need in their community. For ideas of where and how to serve, check out And just because this gives me goose bumps every time – a classic MLK clip:

Somewhere in the middle of the long weekend, serving the community, wishing me happy birthday, helping Haiti and watching football, raise up a toast in simple gratitude that you are still alive and free. I'll be wrapping up Movie Week tomorrow, Sunday night I'll be on BlogTalk Radio with guests AverageBro and Thembi. And yes, I have a special post already written for my birthday. Enjoy your weekend, be safe and well.

Michele's Fruitini recipe – drink at your own risk

2 shots flavored ice tea (I use Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey)

2 shots sprite or club soda or ginger ale (if you just want to kick it up a notch use a sweet champagne or sparkling moscato)

1 shot pear vodka

1 shot sour apple flavor schnapps

1 shot orange rum

1 shot peach schnapps

1 cup of crushed ice

Combine, shake with ice, serve and sip… slowly. Please drink responsibly! To up the fruitiness swap the tea for your favorite juice.


Steve said...

Let me be the first today BougieFam gene pool is the hotness. BougieNephew is a little G already.
Next - Happy early birthday.
Thanks for calling out the day of service - it's so important not just for the day but as a jumping off point for the rest of the year.
Great post as usual. Have a great weekend!

Pure Choco said...

Cue Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Birthday to ya...

Kiki said...

BougieNephew is SO cute. Can I get a hook-up for my niece, she cute and we could use some bouge up in here. I'm just saying, 20 years from now - we could be FAM!

bougiesis said...

Happy Birthday Sis!

Bougieland - Be very careful with the Fruitini, may I say having tasted this one a time or two? It is no joke, plenty tasty though!

BB Waite said...

It is delicious but deadly. Chele ain't no joke with the bartending skills. Happy birthday girl.

OneChele said...

We do accept dowries ;-)

mocha dude speaks said...

It's a damn Jolly Rancher in a glass and you don't realize you are blitzed until.... you are. Thank you Chele from getting me and the wifey drunk as hell.
And oh - Happy Birthday

Hidi said...

Happy Birthday! :) I wish you many more bless ones and have a safe weekend.

Sweet N Tart said...

All best to you! I took your suggestion to heart and am work at a bottled water drive this weekend for Haiti.

Jason P said...

You ain't right! I made your death drink tonight. Now the room is spinning and YES it taste like a Jolly rancher... snuck up on me. Pimp down. I'm going to bed. Power to the people, Help Haiti and Happy, happy birthday. You can't see me but I got me fist up in the air. YELE!

OneChele said...

Alrighty then. I did warn ya to sip slow, sir. You may want to hydrate.

OneChele said...

Alrighty then, I did warn you to sip slowly. Two Tylenol and 20 ounces of water ;-)

Violet Rose said...

Aw - Cisco is a cutie pie! Why are you still us, Ms. Chele? Happy Birthday and Go Cowboys!


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