Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When Big Pimpin' goes bad

So, Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison. And he's not happy about it. No indeedy... he and his lawyers feel like that is excessive. In fact, his attorneys thought that 12 years ought to do the trick. Twelve years? That's roughly a payback of $25,194 a minute. I don't think Bernie's hourly bill rate is quite that high these days.

The crime was (broken down) purposefully defrauding people, companies, retirement funds and charities out of an estimated $171 billion dollars, lying about it and continuing to hide funds after being caught with your accounts supposedly frozen... hmmm, sounds like he is getting exactly what he deserves. If you want to catch a really great breakdown of the entire mess, including an excellent explanation of how/why Ponzi schemes work, check out CNBC's Scam of the Century.

Word on the street (Wall Street, that is) is that he is really super-remorseful and had hoped from leniency from the judge. Well, this is good Old Testament consequence: You reap what you sow.

To pile on, Mrs. Madoff (who in my opinion needs to face a charge or two herself) threw Bernie straight under the bus saying she felt "betrayed" as well. Seriously, Ruth? Weren't you hotfooting around town cashing certified checks and hiding jewelry or was that just everyday behavior?

Many questions still remain, who are the co-conspirators? Where is the money? When Ruth files divorce papers, who is overseeing that settlement?

One thing is for sure, Bernie Madoff will die in prison, he has fallen far from his $7 million Manhattan "apartment" and has no one but himself to blame.

Did Bernie get what he deserved? If you were the judge, what would your sentence have been?

Monday, June 29, 2009

WBFDD (What Bougie Folks Don't Do) - Watch BET!

Yeah, I said it. True bougie folks do not (CAN NOT) watch BET. I haven't been a watcher since Donnie Simpson ruled the spot. It can NOT be done people. At least not on a regular basis. It seriously violates rules 6 & 7 of the Bouge Rules. But against my better judgment, I allowed myself to get sucked in by the hype. I was watching another Michael Jackson Video retrospective minding my own business when Bougie Brother called to ask me if I was watching BET.

Now Bougie Brother makes ME look hoody so color me stunned. "I'm sorry, what? Did you say BET?"

"Yeah, yeah - it came up on my CNN feed. They are turning the show into a Michael Jackson tribute."

deep sigh "Okay, I'll take a look." First I had to look up the channel in my DirecTV guide, it's been that long. I flipped over and saw exactly what I expected. Buffoonery and ineptitude at the highest level. Beyonce in a tutu, Bobby Brown looking high, Don Cornelius looking old, Jamie Foxx hyping Jamie Foxx, L'il Wayne bringing up underage girls to gyrate around to a song about him hitting and quitting girls all over the world... mics that weren't working, teleprompters no one could read, sets that looked borrowed from no place good... it just went on and on. I'll spare the rest of the details though if you want to get an overall idea of the nonsense, there's an excellent re-cap of a live blog on AverageBro.com. As you've probably read, the saving grace of the entire ghetto mess show came at the very end when Janet Jackson came out to address the audience followed by Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo singing "I'll be there."

Beyond the award nonsense, I cannot a single redeeming show on BET. There is a bunch of reality nonsense, some music shows and a few documentaries about gangsters. Let me stop, maybe there is some real quality programming on there and I just haven't taken the time to find it. My mother likes the Sunday Gospel stuff.

Can anyone share a quality experience of BET that doesn't cater to the worst forms of "Urban Entertainment"? I'm willing to give it a try... if it's really worth it. After yesterday's experience with the award shows, I can't afford to lose too many more active brain cells.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A last tribute to MJJ

Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow (Official Music Video) - Funny home videos are a click away

One of Michael's more haunting yet beautiful tunes. Enjoy and join with me in celebrating his legacy of musical genius. When was the last time you rushed home to watch a video premiere on MTV? When was the last time you were blown away by a Grammy performance?

I mistakenly attempted to dance along to the moves from the Remember the Time video, let's just my hip swivel is a little rusty. I did a little better with Rock with You but by the time we got to Smooth Criminal, I gave up... respectfully. I'm not 20 (or 30) anymore. Back to MJJ...

The only entertainer in history with a number one song in each of the last four decades. The first African American musician to be played on MTV. I listened a marathon of his music on a local radio station today... when was the last time you could sing along to an artist for four hours and knew every word? Including the words he made up "shome on" and "mama-say, mama-saw, mama-coo-saw"?

May God rest his soul and hopefully he can find a measure of peace in death that was never afforded to him in life.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thanks for the memories and the music

Regardless of what you thought of MJ as a person, as a man, as a role model; you could not deny the talent. He spent 42 years of life entertaining us as only he could.

A pioneer probably well ahead of his time, his music and videos set the bar so high, we wince when others even compare themselves.

I fondly remember dancing along with my sisters and brothers as we attempted the steps to "I want you back" and later "Billie Jean" and "Thriller." Found myself humming along to "Butterflies" and "Break of Dawn." His music was infectious and funny, cutting edge and smart.

Michael, you will be missed. Share an MJ story below.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the political tip...

If you cannot keep it zipped Mr. Public Official, please delete the paper trail. Epic fail, all the way around. Like a friend of mine used to say, "Get some 007 about yourself!"

This, by the way, is the same guy who came down hard on Diamond Bill when he was caught with Monica, giving a speech about morals and the fabric of America. How's that fabric looking right about now?

Beyond why these folks keep cheating, why do they keep getting caught?

Barack does BBQ… White House Style

Prez Q'ing with Bobby Flay

Prez 44 hosted a BBQ on the South lawn of the White House for young men from local schools to highlight the importance of fatherhood & mentorship to their families and their communities. Bougie BBQ ya'll... gotta love it. So, do we love Barry on the grill?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to the Bouge of it all

bou·gie Pronunciation: \ˈbü-ˌzhē, -ˌjē\ From Wikipedia & Merriam-Webster ya’ll: Bourgeoisie is a classification used in analyzing human societies to describe a social class of people. Historically, the bourgeoisie comes from the middle classes whose status or power came from employment, education, and wealth. In urban pop culture, the word bourgeoisie is shortened to "bougie.”

Adjective meaning extravagant, often to the point of snobbery. Usually used in relation to the conspicuous consumption of the urban upper-middle class.

I'm electing to remove the negative stereotype of bouge and embrace the beauty. Allow me to present (if I may)...

THE BOUGE RULES (what puts the bouge in bougie)
  1. Bougie is more than a way of life, it's a state of mind
  2. Bougie does not equal stuck-up, siddity & pretty... unless it does
  3. There's nothing wrong with being bougie if your heart is true to the bouge
  4. If you are true to the bouge, people will hate on you. You won't care, you are too busy being bougie
  5. You can be born bougie, you can marry into bougie and you can evolve into bougie
  6. You can be bougie and hood but not at the same time
  7. You are no longer bougie if you are completely ghetto (fabulous or not)
  8. You can be broke and bougie but bouge works better with bank
  9. Bouge brings responsibility. Do not shame your bouge brothers and sisters lest you be kicked up out the bouge circle
  10. Bouge is old school people, we don't hate... we congratulate.

So what do you think, is it possible to be "just a little bit" bouge? Can someone be too bouge? When is bougie a bad thing?

P.S. Don't hate on the picture, that is my bouge fam from back in the day.


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