Monday, December 14, 2009

The first BnB “I Love Black Men” week

Well, I just finished watching the Oprah special at the White House with the Obamas. It did my heart good to see a Black man and a Black woman, educated, intelligent, attractive and in love. Now that's true bougenificence. I did notice a lot of my Twitter-Sisters just a-swooning over Barack for his devotion to his wife, his sense of humor, his overall classiness. On the flip side, I also watched some of The Jacksons on A&E. Not quite as positive an experience but still, my Twitter-Sisters were able to find something swoon-worthy in the AARP brothers (except Jermaine, he came across kinda b*tchy). This just further cemented my belief that we (as women of color – any color) can find something to love about just about any black man on the planet.

Let's face it, we hear enough about how black men do wrong. In life, in love, in living. I get all that. To err is human. I still love the brothers. Tall, short, light, dark, round, big, small, whatever. The Nubians have a li'l sumthin' sumthin' about them that just makes me pause, smile and take inventory. No offense to all the other men of the rainbow out there, but this week I'm talking about the African-American male specimens. (God Bless them). Can't show love without a mixtape! Here's my virtual musical salute to the brethren.

Here is my Why I love Black Men story of the day: I was at a friend's bachelor party at a club in lovely Downtown Fort Worth. Another friend was the DJ there so we had the club mostly to ourselves. Thankfully it was more of a hang out, drink and tell stories kind of bachelor party than a stripper-jumping-out-of-the-cake, bom-chicka-bom-bom party. At any rate, there were about six women and twelve men there. I had known mostly of the guys from my college days. We got to loud talking about some exploits and my overdramatic self hopped up to illustrate my point with hand gestures waving a drink around in the process. Out of nowhere, some unwise Caucasian gentleman came over and told me to "learn my place, sit down, and shut up." The entire club went silent. My tipsy behind swirled and said, "Excuse me? Do I know you?" This guy says, "You probably need to," and slaps the drink out of my hands. [Yeah he did] Before I could finish saying, "Someone get this fool," eight guys got up, showed him and two of his friends outside. I don't know what was said or done but the guy came in, apologized to me and handed me a bottle of champagne "with his deepest regrets." Moral to the story: Good brothers protect their own (and get a little something extra tossed in).

So we'll kick off the week with a little music and a poll or two. Then we have my Blog Brothers Dame from This May Concern You, Citizen Ojo from The Desultory Life & Times of a Public Citizen and Max Reddick from SoulBrother v.2 here to answer a few questions about why men do what they do and I'll explain why I love them anyway. We'll take a look at stereotypes, what drives me crazy, and romance. So here's a poll to get it started:

What music would you add to the Black Man Salute Virtual Mixtape? Any questions about "I Love Black Men" Week? Comments? Poll suggestions? Anecdotes?


OneChele said...

Well, wait until day's end - looks like Idris is making a comeback - LOL!

Melzie said...

Awesome! I, too, am fed up with all the negativity. There are more upstanding, productive black men than acknowledged. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series :-).

Stank_0 said...

I'm glad your story had a happy ending. Those kinda numbers usually mean someone gets their chin checked.

I would say I'll have to check back but your in the reader so I'll be awaiting the next entry.

Yeah we can be hard to deal with...heaven knows I am.

Adabel said...

India Arie- The Truth

Steve said...

Love the banner for the week and thanks for showing love. Gets tiring catching a beat down out here in the blogosphere. We're not easy, but we're worth it.

OneChele said...

Thanks, definitely time for some positivity.

natural nubian said...

my only Q is how has lamman rucker beat out idris elba on your quick pick poll? who is this lamman person exactly? and who is voting anybody agains idris?

-left perplexed on a Monday afternoon

ASmith said...

I love seeing black men defend a black woman. Of course I'd like it if they didn't have to, but boy do I love it when they do. I went to dinner with a friend Friday night and we were seated next to a black couple (this is not be the couple who I tweeted was making me want to throw up). When they got up to leave, the man helped his date into her coat and then I noticed at the door he instructed her to stay inside while he went to grab the car.

I was with one of my white friends, so I skipped the opportunity to goo-goo/gah-gah over it verbally. I noted it and said "one more point for my black men," to myself.

kimistry101 said...

I watched the special last night and could not stop salivating over them both. I absolutely love our President and First Lady. I tried to watch the Jackson's but couldn't quite get into it... but back to the Obamas.. I love the way President Obama is confident in him self to let his wife be who she is, ALL facets of her. She's no shrinking violet. And I love they he genuinely speaks admirably about her. Okay I'm done salivating (LOL) And I'm done asking men questions about women..

BB Waite said...

I would add Still A Man by Toni, Tone, Tony to the list and I look forward to the week.

tiffanyinhouston said...

I had a long ass comment but it went away! *arggh*

To add to the lovefest:

I love my daddy because he sends me home with food when I come to eat for Sunday dinner, he co-signed for my car so I could get an insanely low interest rate and he is still getting his hustle on at age 60.

I love my boyfriend because he knows my contract gig is coming to an end and he filled up my tank and bought me groceries so I wouldn't be spending extra money for lunch.

I love my brother because he has a crazy baby mama and is taking the proper steps to get an atty so that he can get custody of his daughter. All black men are NOT dead beat dads.

THAT is why I love black men.

Kissmyblackads said...

This going to be a great week indeed! Run it fellas!!!

What a great idea.

Jason P said...

Yes! *fist pump* Bout time the brothers get some love. Can't wait for the rest of the week


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