Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hashtag Wednesday – #DonchaHateItWhen

For those of you not versed in Twitter (stay away, it's getting ugly), people tend to accentuate their chatter by adding a topic or a phrase to the end. You tie the topics together by placing a "#" (called a hashtag) in front of it. For instance, if I sent a tweet that said "Sarah Palin is an opportunistic idiot", I could add #IHateSayPay somewhere in the tweet. If enough people typed #IHateSayPay into the Twitterverse, it would become a trending topic. Then people would do a search for #IHateSayPay and every tweet with this topic would display.

One epic trends was #HeyWhitePeople. Prompted by a blogpost that stated that Aftican-Americans were "infiltrating" Twitter and if others wanted to "study the culture" they should jump on "Twitter after dark" - it does goes a little cultural by 1:00am eastern. Anyway, as you can imagine, some folks took offense and decided to share "insights" through the use of the #HeyWhitePeople trend. Our boy Riley wrote: #HeyWhitePeople: I don't need reparations for slavery, I need reparations for the ish you did last week. Classic! Another trend from over the weekend was #CelebrityPerfumeNames where people suggested names celebrities should name their next line of perfume such as Apology by Kanye West, Rehab by Britney Spears, or Alaskan Musk by Sarah Palin. #Donttrytoholla keeps coming back, as in #Donttryandholla if your breath arrives before you do.

Well, now that you're familiar with the concept, we can all participate in the good times here in the blogosphere. I present to you the inaugural Hashtag Wednesday on BnB. We'll start with things that drive me crazy…. Doncha hate it when:

  1. #DonchaHateItWhen: people cannot spell simple words like "there" versus "their". I'll chalk up one for brain stumble. Two for fast typing. But the third time is a problem and the fourth is a habit. People that don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" drive me crazy also

  2. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone really wants you to like something (song, food, TV show) and even though you don't, they just keep trying to make you like it? (please stop playing Bruce Springsteen – I have tried and cannot do it)

  3. #DonchaHateItWhen: people make sweeping generalizations: "Black women always…" or "Why do all men..." Please quit that.

  4. # DonchaHateItWhen: women act like a man should pay their bills even though they only know what he looks like horizontally, naked and in the dark. Please stop the skanky.

  5. #DonchaHateItWhen: men act like they deserve sex because they bought you a dinner and a drink? Fellas please see horizontal chick above for all that.

  6. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone drives a brand new Escalade but lives in their mama's basement. Own something or live within your means.

  7. #DonchaHateItWhen: the person you're talking to won't let you get a word in? Pause, take a breath consider that I may have a response to your river of words

  8. # DonchaHateItWhen: men act like they don't hear you talking to them? [stern side-eye, I know you hear me!]

  9. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone gives you the silent treatment? Okay, I am guilty of this one

  10. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone spits when they talk. Do they not see the moisture flying?

Well, I feel fairly certain you have a thing or two to add to the list, and no you don't have to use the hashtag. Comment as you will…


Sarah said...

I'm not part of the Twitter universe so this is all new to me. I agree with 1 to 10 although I generally don't get peeved with the mix up of their and there since I'm guilty of speed typing and even when I proof read emails, the mix up sometimes slips through. I can understand the attraction of these social media sites, but they are not for me. I reach my allotment of negativity by reading the news each day and more than that I can't take. Besides which, I'm really not that talkative. Enjoyed my morning read of Ms. OneChele's thoughts, though, and now I'm off on the morning run. Have a good day!

ASmith said...

As you may have seen me say on Twitter, Chele, I use hashtags in non Twitter convos; wait till I figure out how to denote hashtags verbally. Gonna be BNB (that's Bad News Bears, not Black N Bougie in this case).


#dontuhateitwhen co-workers have no problem letting you know they were ALL up in your phone conversation? Asking questions like they were on 3-way with you or something.

#dontuhateitwhen you have to repeat your self 50-11 times cause the person isn't listening/is stupid.

#dontuhateitwhen a person clearly wants to tell you a story but they make you ask 50-11 questions to get to the bottm of what they're trying to say?

Sweet N Tart said...

#Donchahateitwhen your roommate eats the last of something without telling you or replacing it
#Donchahateitwhen you catch your S.O. in your bed with somebody else
#Donchahateitwhen every day feels like Monday?

Man's World said...


Violet Rose said...

Lord, I have been on twitter for a month and am just now getting the hashtag thing... thanks!
#Donchahateitwhen technology makes you feel old?
#Donchahateitwhen everyone in the room seems to know something you don't


Man's World said...

Not on twitter but I like this concept:
donchahateitwhen women say one thing and do another
donchahateitwhen it takes women 2 hours to get dresses just to go around the block
donchahateitwhen women gossip about you to their girlfriends

OneChele said...

Oh, girlfriend issues today?

Cassie said...

For Man's World:
donchahateitwhen men forget to put the toilet seat down?
donchahateitwhen men "finish" before you do... and don't care
donchahateitwhen men hog the remote control and watch wrestling all night!

OneChele said...

#1 - shout out to Della Reese in Harlem Nights
#2 - whoa, not "bref!"
#3 - a classic OneChele dilemma
#4 - definitely side-eye worthy!

Great list!

All Honey said...

I hate when people know you want to get off the phone but keep dragging out the conversation
I hate when people start smoking without asking you if you mind first

OneChele said...

Ooh... my. It might be time for another relationship week.

OneChele said...

Yes, do let me know when you come up with the hashtag equivalent of air quotes - ha!

Steve said...

Folks going in!

Rob said...

#Ireallyhatewhen women wake you up in the middle of the night to complain about the fact you left the toilet seat up
#Ireallyhatewhen women expect to "finish" three or four times in one night
#Ireallyhatewhen women hide the remote and leave the channel on Lifetime

Steve said...

Sweet, sounds like you're having a rough day. Here ya go:

Donchahateitwhen a co-worker steals your meal out of the fridge and then denies it?
Donchahateitwhen you think your S.O. is cheating but can't prove it
Donchahateitwhen the whole year needs someone to push the reset button?

Andrea M said...

Hmm, let me see..
#ithinkitssexy when men practice common courtesy (this includes flushing and seat down)
#ithinkitssexy when men have skills in the bedroom
#ithinkitssexy when men know how to compromise

lacylady said...

Blog fight?

thinklikeRiley said...

#Ithinkitssexy when a woman can just defer to a man every once and a while
#Ithinkitssexy when a woman inspires a man to be great in the bedroom
#Ithinkitssexy when a woman doesn't have to have the last word

OneChele said...

How did my innocent post on hashtags turn into Battle of the Sexes?

tiffanyinhouston said...


#DonchaHateItWhen folks trying to talk to you in the rest room, concentrate on what you came there for.
#DonchaHateItWhen your boyfriend tells you something he doesn't like about you, 6 months in..WHY ARE YOU JUST NOW MENTIONING IT??

#DonchaHateItWhen you have to hand hold grown mofos at the job (about some simple shit, mind you) who are way above you on the pay scale???

That's all for now. I'll be back!

daisy said...

Donchahateitwhen the shower runs out of hot water halfway through your hair washing?
Donchahateitwhen the sequel to a movie does not live up to it's billing
Donchahateitwhen people give you a backhanded compliment - you look pretty today - did you do something different?

sarasmiles said...

I like those!
#Ireallylovewhen my man climbs into the bathtub with me!
#Ireallylovewhen my man trusted me enough to introduce me to his mother
#Ireallylovewhen my man reaches over and holds my hand just cuz

OneChele said...

#Donchahatewhen people don't cover their mouths/noses when they cough or sneeze period - very unsanitary.

Sarah said...

Ok. Early this morning when I read this, I honestly couldn't think of anything: too tired or just too mellow. I'm not in a pick on men mood. I did think of something completely off in another direction since I was just at the grocery store at lunch time.

#DonchaHateItWhen people go to or work at the grocery store when they are sick and cough and sneeze on you or your stuff

SBChitownChick said...

can I say for the record that your peeps went ALL EXTRA on this post?!
OneChele, Donchahateitwhen people get to grandstanding in the comments section - LOL!

Kiki said...

So is it foreplay or fight club on BnB today?

BB Waite said...

Strong side eye to my husband today:
#Donchahateitwhen it was "someone's" turn to pick up the groceries and they "forgot"
#donchahateitwhen someone hasn't washed a dish in weeks but complains about the messy kitchen
#Donchahateitwhen you have to have discussions surrounding garbage day

Sometimes it is sucky being 1/2 of an old married couple. I miss griping about shower sex and who picks up the dinner tab...

jake said...

Grass is always greener, huh?
BTW Ms. BB - there's no griping in shower sex, that's all good.

Mr. Skyywalker said...

Okay Chele - how about this:

#Ireallylovewhen women get out of the shower and walk around in a towel for a while
#Ireallylovewhen women trust you enough to fall asleep in the car on the way home
#Ireallylovewhen women reach over and touch you for no reason other than they felt like it

OneChele said...

Jake, you have been around enough sisters to know... it's a hair thing.

ASmith said...

Ohmigoshness I can't stand when people won't let you off the phone.

Like WHAT.DO.YOU.WANT?! Say it, let me address it, and PLEASE let me go.

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

i've been reading these for the past few minutes..and i'm practically in tears!

OneChele said...

People trying to talk to me when I'm in the restroom ranks as a Top Ten Pet Peeve

OneChele said...

Kinda took on a life of their own!

bougiesis said...

I came to the party late and it's not clear whether it's a flirt-fest or a blog fight, LOL

SeriousSis said...

go natural and shower sex is not a problem.

tiffanyinhouston said...

Not a problem if you're relaxed's just hair..Get your swerve on..worry about that later!

Stank_0 said...

Donchahateit when folks at work try to be friends with you.
Donchahateit when its dark when you get off work and dark when you go in?
Donchahateit when there's more month than there is money?

yourgirlC said...

Thanks for the "hide the remote" tip Rob! I'll have to try it. ;)

MochaDudeSpeaks said...

Donchahateitwhen the guy next to you at the urinal looks over and looks a little too long?
Donchahateitwhen some idiot cuts you off in traffic and then slows down
Donchahateitwhen your DVR cuts off five minutes before the end of a show
Donchahateitwhen your wife says she spent $100 but is was really $500 <-- that's me being passive, aggressive. she reads the blog so
Donchahateitwhen people use your blog to speak to their wife because they didn't want to stir up sh!t this morning before work... LOL!

jorgemateo said...

#DonchaHateItWhen: you go to the fridge and some ninja has left just a drop a juice in the container?
#DonchaHateItWhen: somebody is all in your face, reciting soliloquies with stank bref (yeah that says bref)...
#DonchaHateItWhen: you're broke all the stuff you'd buy you can't, and when you're not, none of that stuff is available?
#DonchaHateItWhen: somebody gives you advice you surely didn't ask for?


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