Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Five questions, five answers with OneChele

Instead of a full-fledged episode of Ask a Bougie Chick, I'll just take a sampling of five questions I've been asked recently and answer them. Then I expect each of you, dear readers, to do the same. Yes, let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya… it's Getting to Know You Day on BnB:
  1. What did you want to be growing up? A writer?

    Not really. Even though I always wrote short stories, I wanted to be a lawyer. I watched re-runs of Perry Mason, LA Law and The Practice, you could not have told me that I wasn't going to be tipping into court every day in my red power suit and pumps giving the business to criminals. Right up until I actually got a chance to see what practicing criminal was really about… hated it. It wasn't all sexy courtrooms and blistering closing arguments. I fell into Human Resources, then consulting and decided to give writing a go. Here we are.

  2. Is your favorite color purple or is this just the template you picked for your blog?

    Yes, purple is my favorite color. I'm downright stupid about it. If there is an opportunity to buy something in purple, I will do it. I actually picked a generic template for the blog and "purpled" it up a bit… a lot.

  3. Can you share an embarrassing moment?

    Must I? Okay, right after college, I was dating this law enforcement dude and we were bickering a little bit while driving to his parents house. He warned me (three times) to stop needling him and I really wouldn't (young and stupid), so he pulled over to the side of the road and got out. He came over to my side of the truck, opened the door, picked me up and set me down by the side of the road. Then he politely set my duffel bag and purse beside me and took off. I stood there looking at the truck waiting for it to turn around. It did not. Fifteen minutes later, I really had to pee (keeping it classy). I walked up the road to a clump of bushes and went wading in. As I prepared to relieve myself, I heard something rustling and then coming towards me. Looking over to my right was the longest, meanest looking snake I had ever seen. I shrieked and ran back to road, jeans still down around my knees. On the one hand, he had come back and was idling on the side of the road waiting for me to re-appear. On the other hand, that pee thing was no longer an issue. Can you imagine how pleasant the rest of the weekend was?

  4. Is there something about you that you would call "ghetto-fab"?

    Hmm, maybe my love of hot wings with hot sauce and ranch dressing?

  5. What is one thing that your significant other would do that you consider to be a dealbreaker?

    Infidelity, hands down. Been there, done that… wrote the blog, called bullshiggity.

Okay BougieLand – it's your turn, keep the answers short and sweet, answer one or answer all:

What did you want to be growing up and are you that now?

What is your favorite color?

What is an embarrassing moment?

Something non-bouge about you to share?

What's your relationship dealbreaker?


AppleBerryMIA said...

1. I wanted to be a marine biologist and swim with dolphins. I'm a production assistant.
2. Green and Pink
3. Grass skirt, tiki torch: no further comment.
4. I put hot sauce on fried pork rinds
5. Dishonesty

OneChele said...

Happy to entertain!

Sarah said...

#2: blue
#3: last boyfriend picking a fight and yelling at me in public in my favorite park with all kinds of people walking by
#5: up until last boyfriend, I would have said infidelity. Now I have to add to that disrespecting my ability to think.

BTW, love the story about the snake as well as yesterday's story about the Christmas present.

BrendaKay said...

1) An artist. It took a long time, over 30 years, but I'm finally doing what I love - tapestry weaving.
2) Purple and pink.
3) Laying on the couch naked as the day I was born waiting for my then bf to come home from work, only to have him walk in with his parents who had stopped by unannounced to have dinner with us.
4) Playing spades, while the game (football or basketball) is on and drinking beer.
5) Infidelity and dishonesty.

kiki said...

1. Ballerina but no, I'm a teacher
2. Green
3. There was an unfortunate naked moment... nevermind
4. I too must claim to hot sauce weakness
5. Dishonesty

datdudeincali said...

1. Like most young boys I wanted to be a fireman. I'm a business analyst (off track?) but definitely want to go a different direction before I'm 40
2. Navy blue
3. Falling off the stage at a step show
4. My taste in music
5. If she doesn't have my back.

JustPassingBy said...

1. Funny, mine is yours in reverse. I planned to be a writer but became a lawyer instead. Became disillusioned and know I'm figuring out what's next
2. Blue
3. Let's leave it at : it involved food poisoning and projectile vomiting
4. My mouth : I do a lot of sh!t talking
5. Gotta feel the love

Jasmine Girl said...

1. I was going to be President. Right now I manage nightclubs - very close! LOL
2. teal
3. dancing in a club when the snap on my halter top broke. No bra. Camera phones. You get the idea
4. I can dress a little ghetto-fab every now and then
5. Color me shallow but for where I am right now, if he's sexually untrainable - it's a dealbreaker

Queen of Me said...

1. I wanted to save the world - working on it (environmental engineer)
2. Pink - but only fuchsia not the baby pink
3. Staying at my fiance's house, came up behind and was um - rubbing things when he grabbed my hand and turned around... it was his dad. To make it worse, every time his dad sees me he calls me Johnny Gill (starts humming Rub You the Right Way)
4. I've been none to let my inner Shaquanda out in my dancing
5. What was that requirement you wrote about? Cheerleader/cornerman - if I don't have that, I can't be in it. I won't be with someone who disrespects me or tears me down

OneChele said...

I don't know girl - have you tried the Chipotle "Smoky" Tabasco - yum!

ASmith said...

What did you want to be growing up and are you that now? Um. Can I modify this to be "what DO you want to be when you grow up?" No? Oh. Well, I wanted to be a myriad of things. Up until my 2nd year of college, I wanted to get into politics; I was headed for law school. By the end of my sophomore year, I realized I don't lie well enough to be a politician. I accepted my desire to work with at-risk teens and now we're gearing up to get back into school and get a degree that will let me do just that.

What is your favorite color? OneChele, we are now forever bound by our love for purple. Lawd knows I luvs me some purple. Amen and amen. The color, the book, the movie -- just love it. I will and do buy things just because they are purple. I'm also a bit pissed that purple is in this season. That's 1,001 more things for me to try to talk myself out of buying AND everyone is wearing it. So #unacceptable.

What is an embarrassing moment? Ur... hmm.. I'll have to think on this one and come back.

Something non-bouge about you to share? I put hot sauce on almost everything. I didn't used to be this way, I swear but something clicked in college... I'm NOT eating your greens with no hot sauce. Fried chicken? Quit playing, pass the hot sauce. What do you mean you don't have Louisiana hot sauce? Oh no, no, no your "hot pepper juice" sounds nasty and will not work. In a pinch, I will mess with some Texas Pete, but "tobasco"? Stop it.

What's your relationship dealbreaker? ::deep breath:: Ok, I can't do lying -- but that's a given. I guess a more personal deal breaker is "lack of ambition." We're not all where we want to be or doing what we want to do. That's part of the joy of living -- the journey to our goal. But if you have no goals, aren't trying to make goals, or are otherwise sitting on your hands, I can't. I really can't. There are women out there who can nurture you until you're ready to put your big man pants on, but I am NOT one of them. Character flaw though it may be, I need you to be waking up every day and doing SOMETHING, no matter how small, that is constructive and working you towards something. Otherwise, what in sam hell do you get out of the bed for? Right. Nothing.

JGtheBeast said...

Chele - even your hot sauce is bougie? WOW!

OneChele said...

Oooo, nudity in front of the rental units - a classic! Fascinated by the tapestry thing, I'll email you.

Pure Choco said...

*DEAD* at the Johnny Gill reference.

OneChele said...

hot sauce and fried pork rinds - page a cardiologist! ;-)

derek love said...

I like this but next time, let us know and we'll submit some questions for you!
1. I wanted to play in the NBA, I manage two car dealerships
2. Black
3. My sister and mother walked in and caught me getting "special tutoring" from my tennis coach (Dont. Judge. Me. She was Serena and Anna rolled into one, God Bless her)
4. Too many to list, I'm more on the ghetto side of OneChele's scale
5. Inability to communicate

Foxy Brown said...

1. I wanted to be a US Senator for the State of Georgia.
2. RED!
3. can't think of one but that doesn't mean there aren't any
4. my real name is so unbouge
5. lack of respect for my profession (you don't have to like it or believe in it, but dammit you will respect it)

PrettyGirlTwentyPearls said...

* I wanted to be in fashion merchandising and present to the public the newest, hottest fashions. A straight female Tim Gunn if you will. I am a bored Financial Analyst.

*Have a weak bladder couldn't make it back in the house.. Spotted by a college student *sigh*
*I cuss a lot!
*Abuse.. You go Mike Tyson on me.. I go "Burning Bed" on you.

Andrea M said...

I wanted to be a singer. Cannot hold a tune so I teach music.
Beach Wardrobe Malfunction, Cancun Spring Break
My mouth - I gets nasty

OneChele said...

Never too late to run for office!

OneChele said...

You can never go wrong with a Burning Bed analogy

OneChele said...

Based on these comments, I feel at some point I should investigate our obsession with all things "hot saucian"

storm529 said...

*Dreamed of being a journalist; became a marketing manager.
*Burnt Orange (orange with undertones of red)
*After work, walked 3 blocks to the subway, took a 45 minute subway ride, and walked 4 blocks to my house, only to discover, once I got in the door, that the back of my skirt was lodged in my stockings, revealing my behind to all.
*buy bootleg cd's & dvds
*lack of ambition

Steve said...

I wanted to be a doctor, became a personal trainer and physical therapist instead.
Black and Gold (put 2 + 2 together)
As a prank, frat added a substance to my morning latte. It was Cialis. I walked around with morning wood all damn day.
My musical tastes skew to the hood side
I can't take a pessimistic, doom and gloom sister

OneChele said...

Oh no... drooling. Yes, that's a bad look

Joy Andrews said...

-I wanted to be a dancer, I am
-Chocolate Brown
-Missed my mark on stage, jumped and landed on one person causing twelve others to fall down. Not my finest hour
-My apartment is far mood ghetto than I'd like right now (starving artist chic? Not!)
-must have a sense of humor and be able to laugh at himself

creosus said...

"What did you want to be growing up and are you that now?"
I wanted to be an architect, and I am most certainly not an architect now.
Maybe a 3rd career?

"What is your favorite color?" Red

"What is an embarrassing moment?"
It involved an *accident* on a friend's couch. That's all I am saying for now. I am sure that there are other moments, but I am good at blocking unpleasant memories.

"Something non-bouge about you to share?"
I occasionally drop the gs when speaking.

"What's your relationship dealbreaker?"
I can't deal with anyone who does not posses intellectual curiosity. Ig'nant is a turn off.

Grace said...

I wanted to be an astronaut, I own a paper/greeting card store.
My favorite color is butter yellow
I got up to read a passage in church, tripped, hit my head on the altar and knocked myself out
I've been known to let my bouge slip at work when my staff "acks a fool"
I need a man who can be the man, NO DOORMATs, yes-men, or suck-ups

AppleBerryMIA said...

I wanted to be a Chef, I'm still working on it.
Purple is my passion but only the dark purples, hate lavender.
Besides the time I set myself and a patron on fire at the restaurant?
My neighborhood is S.No.B. right now, give me a year or two
If he can't make a decision, can't commit, he can't be with me. Dealbreaker!

Hidi said...

Hi :)
1. artist, teacher (many things); nope
2. green (at the moment; changes with mood)
3. i was playing outside in a dress; standing on top of stairs and wind blew really hard (yep u get the picture)
4. posing for the display cameras in Best Buy (LOL)
5. disrespect (don't have tolerance for it)

OneChele said...

Hi - good answers!

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jorgemateo said...

What did you want to be growing up and are you that now?
I wanted to be a philosopher and although I fancy myself to be one, sadly I am not.
I'm currently working in athletics (day-time); and writing/graphic designing (night-time).

What is your favorite color?

What is an embarrassing moment?
An embarrassing moment is when you make a fool of yourself... and I've had plenty of these moments.
One time when I was younger, I had a crush on a young lady and she really got me excited. I finally worked up enough nerve to say something to her and when I did, I began to drool. Did not win me many cool points at all.

Something non-bouge about you to share?
I sneak snacks into the movie theater. Hell it's a recession!

What's your relationship dealbreaker?
Lying for no damned reason. Without trust, there is no foundation. With no foundation, you're bound to crumble...


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