Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bougie News Round Up: Freaking Palin, Weaping Ryan, Bows and Onesies

It's that time again… here for your reading pleasure, a quick look at what's going on in the world this week:

The Alaskan Hustle: Say-Pay is back. Not much has changed. She's still talking out of both sides of her hindparts and it's still all about her. Oprah did a relatively fluffy piece with her which apparently everybody in the free world watched. She has a book to sell and an agenda to pursue and heaven forbid she lets the truth interferein all of that. I've made very clear my feelings about this woman and it irritates me that I'm forced to treat her as someone with true national impact. As a writer, I can't even tell you how insulted I am that her book is on the New York Times Bestsellers List. Basically, I stand by my earlier plea: will she ever just go away? P.S. No, I don't care about her daughter's baby daddy nekkid PlayGirl spread either!

No Crying in Football: For goodness' sake! After losing five of their last six games, the coach of the New York Jets broke down in a players meeting. Apparently, Rex went all emo in front of his team Monday because he's being true to himself. I'm sorry… I can't. You cry in football when you are wheeled off on a stretcher, you cry in football when you win the SuperBowl… beyond that – there's NO crying in football. As a matter of fact, there should be no crying in the workplace… period. What kind of motivational tool is that? Not a good one since his act made some players uncomfortable. Can't say as I blame them. Tears are not the first thing one things of in a fearless leader directing the battle plan.

It's called PROTOCOL, people: On President Obama's recent trip to the Pacific Rim, he bowed in a sign of respect to Emperor Akihito. The wingnuts went all crazy as evidenced by the fact that Dick Cheney waded in with his unwanted opinion (aligning for 2012 much?). No one of reasonable sensibilities thought he weakened the U.S. position in East with a quick and humble bow to the Emperor. I don't supposed it has occurred to any of you wingnuts that if we (Americans) showed a little more respect and quit "ackin' all extra" folks would be less incline to plot our demise? What the heck is wrong with being likable and respectful? How about we try that for a minute. By the way, if you really want to see left-wingers and independents mobilize, please trot out Cheney for the 2012 nomination. We need another old guard, shady, shift, gun-toting Thuglican like we need another Chernobyl incident. So to all of those who are just looking for ANYTHING to whine and complain about regarding BHO, I would ask… respectfully that they STFU. Please and thank you.

Why, why, WHY?: No less than sixteen people sent me the link to this video. Problem is , I don't love the song and I'm not a Lady Gaga fan so getting an exclusive peek at Beyonce and Lady Gaga swishing around to this song, Video Phone did nothing for me. Well, let me take that back, it did elicit some sympathy for Gaga who just looks completely overmatched by Beyonce. Love Bey or hate her, she looks good. Side eye to the outfits. I really don't know why she's abandoned pants.

Any insights, thoughts or opinions into these stories to share? Any other news?


Stank_0 said...

Folks talkin sideways. We are supposed to obey protocol for the Queen of England but not the Emperor of Japan? GTFOHWTBS!

It is okay to cry after losing the Super Bowl.

I didn't watch the interview.

Liselle said...

Here's what's funny/sad: I wait for your round-up to catch up on big stories for the week. I can only shake my head at all of this.

Page Bartlett said...

I had heard about the video but hadn't seen it... that's horrible!

Jason P said...

You are correct - There is NO crying in football (unless injury or championship are involved). Wow! And I don't know why people continue to make Sarah Palin relevant. If Obama HADN'T bowed they would have been calling him arrogant. And I'm not feeling the video, no matter how fine Beyonce is.

Jasmine Girl said...

I like the song, don't like the video.

ken said...

Great news summary!

bougiesis said...

Chele - what about the fact that BHO was supposed to completely heal the relationship with China in one visit? People had no such expectations when Gee-Dub was in office, in fact - there were no expectations for relationships with other nations, right?

The Lady said...

Somehow I'll have to find the power to forgive you for posting that hot garbage, I mean video. I've always said Beyonce was pretty to look at but extremely light on the musical talent. I really wish more real talent, like Alicia Keys existed; you know with real voices, lyrics, appearance and clothing. What a concept... Oh how I wish for the days of real musical talent like back in the day, however I won't hold my breath.

GreedyGirl1 said...

Hi Just stopping by from BlogserColor to show some comment luv.

You are so right about the "wingnuts" and the pres. I sware there is nothing he can do right and i'm sure he's not the first pres to bow out of respect. but America has become such elite we forget what respect is, i mean check todays youth respect is a lost art. SMH

And you are so on point about the VideoPhone video, i hadn't seen it before but since it was part of your post i figured i'd see what the was all about. I guess it was OK but from the facebook reaction i was expecting a lot more. And poor lady GaGa she should never again try to dress, dance, walk like Bey. She may need to eat like her though because compared to she looks malnourished.


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