Sunday, October 25, 2009

Up this week on BnB: Music Week!

I've always been a mixtape girl. I have always been the girl whose friends said, "Burn me a copy of that!" Back in my dual cassette days, my mixes were the hotness. My poor exes have been the recipients of more middle-of-the-night message music CDs than you can imagine. In the words of one ex-SO, "Damn, you mad, huh?" Why yes, yes I was. And since talking wasn't getting my point across, I burned fourteen songs on a CD and tossed it at him as he walked out the door. Hey, getting a mix-CD from me meant I cared enough to research songs and put them in a specific order.

Now, with the progression of digital downloading, music sharing and the like, I don't even have to burn the CD. I can email folks a "listen and weep" playlist, I can gift an entire "so over this" iTunes mix and know they take my meaning.

Music has always been a big part of the BougieHousehold. I've been fortunate enough to be exposed to all types of music from opera to country to metal to hip hop. I've found something to like in just about every genre. Back in the day, I winced at BougieDad with the reggae and the calypso but now I love some Bob Marley and can appreciate a Harry Belafonte tune. BougieOlderBro terrorized us with Isley Brothers all day every day to the point that it took me ten years to listen to them again. BougieYoungerBro spent an entire summer with A Tribe Called Quest on repeat (long live Q-Tip). BougieSis would listen to Harry Connick Jr and Michael Bublé all day if allowed. I've found something to like in just about every genre.

At any rate, this week I'll just pick some themes and talk about a few favorites. We're going to explore some messages in the music. I'm giving the side-eye to couples whose "song" has me sliding them a relationship counselor's card. We're going to take some polls and debate some slept on artists. Come by to check it out and bring a friend.


Leon X said...

*Rubbing hands together* This is gonna be good.

datdudeincali said...

This oughta be interesting.

diamond life said...

Can't wait!

ASmith said...

At one point, I was almost exclusively communicating my feelings to my then-boyfriend with mixtapes (er, CDs).

It got so intense, that he found a CD in my car I had titled "The Mistake." I'm not sure if I planted it for him to find (subconsciously) but I recall encouraging him to take it and play it on his long drive back home and get back to me on why he thought I titled it that. It was airly effective.

My friends STILL go through my CDs and want copies plus they can now go through my iPod and want files... ::shrug:: can't help it if my music game is proper, across all genres (b'cept techno. I cannot with techno)


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