Friday, October 30, 2009

Music for under the covers… or wherever

Thanks for a great Music Week here on BnB. What a great response! Most pageviews this week ever in BnB's history! Thanks to all the regulars who showed support, all the newbies who popped in and even ya'll somtimey lurkers – welcome all! Let's put Music Week to bed… literally.

Some off ya'll are just all out there in the open with your freakiness. Yeah, this list may not be for you. This list is more making love in the rain than a hit-it-n-quit-it in the office mailroom, ya dig? This list is more Brian McKnight and less Luda. So here is some "Baby Come to Bed" music that ya'll may don't know about or haven't thought about it a while. And again, I'm not talking about Lub in da Club, Do Me Baby or any of R. Kelly's tunes about hotel lobby afterparties. Since we all know Marvin's Let's Get It On and Luther's Love Won't Let me Wait, what do you know about these? Here are ten deep cuts you should have on hand to "take it to the next level":

  1. Float by Anthony Hamilton: his voice is very gravelly and sexy and then he kind of breaks it on down in this song.
  2. Blue Horizons by Maysa: very sweet, seductive, love on the beach tune [Blogger's Note: boo to Amazon for not having a clip for me to share]
  3. Cross My Mind by Jill Scott: classic Jilly from Philly. It's kind of a "I remember us like this" song, very sultry.
  4. Fall Again by Glenn Lewis: Little known cut from the Maid in Manhattan soundtrack, this is mellow-smooth at its finest.
  5. Teach Me Tonight the Al Jarreau version: not subtle at all but says what needs to be said.
  6. Spend the Night by Rahsaan Patterson: Very well done borderline-begging song that draws you in with the vocal arrangement over soft guitar.
  7. Crave by Incognito: One of my exes hipped me to this group and every song is a portrait of a mood. This mood speaks for itself.
  8. Get next to you by Jamie Hawkins: Slept on cat. Son of gospel greats Walter and Tremaine Hawkins, I found this song from a love scene on Showime's Series "Soul Food". So hard to find, I couldn't even find a sample of this song to share with you.
  9. It's on Tonight by Brian Culbertson and Will Downing: Did I say Will Downing… nuff said.
  10. This Day, This Minute, Right Now by Mint Condition: It's musical intercourse on vinyl (or whatever they use now).
  11. Bonus Cut – Yes by Anthony David: combination of acoustic guitar and silky baritone wins every time.
  12. Extra Bonus Cut – Rush Over by Me'Shell Ndegeocello: From the Love Jones soundtrack, her alto with Marcus Miller on bass. Please hydrate & stretch properly prior to playing.

Now I know dear readers, ya'll have some favorite "quality time" cuts. And let me stop a few of you right here (you know who you are), H-Town's Knocking the Boots is not a good look. Again, that's freaky-sneaky, this list is for the seductive and sexy. Think Moet, chocolate covered strawberries and Egyptian cotton sheets, not a 40 ounce, bag of nacho-flavored Doritos and somebody's back seat. That there is a whole different list. Maybe next Music Week? (or not) M'kay? Thank you… do share what are your best "bedroom game is tight" tunes?


yourgirlC said...

John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman - the whole album.

OneChele said...

No slap down. Strong side-eye. At least you didn't come with Birthday Sex.

AppleBerryMIA said...

That is a good one, C!

BrendaKay said...


I hope there isn't a limit to how long our lists can be. LoL!

Althea Rene - "One Night Love Affair"
Change - "The Very Best In You"
Etta James - "Sunday Kind of Love"
Maxwell - "Ascension - Don't Ever Wonder"
Alicia Keys - "If I Ain't Got You"
Babyface - "Whip Appeal"
Anita Baker - "Sweet Love"
The Commodores - "Just to be Close to You"
Daryl Hall & John Oates - "One On One"
Jeffrey Osborne - "You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)"
Zhane - "Crush"
Prince - "Adore"

ASmith said...

OneChele, you know Will Downing is always the right choice. Always.

::rubbing hands together:: Ok, let's see what I can do here. My 5...

1) "What's On Tonite" - Montell Jordan
2) "Baby Come To Me" - Regina Belle
3) "SoBeautiful" - Musiq
4) "This Woman's Worth" - Maxwell (truth be told, an entire Maxwell album will do the trick)
5) "Last Night" - Az Yet

Honorable Mentions:
"Somebody's Somebody" - Prince (it just does it for me... I don't know why, cause I'm not even into Prince like that)
"Lost Without U" - Robin Thicke (can you really say no to somebody who says they'd be nothing without you? Of course not)

ASmith said...

Amen to that Maxwell choice. That song... let me stop...

Dr. Peppa said...

Brian McKnight - half his songs but What We do here Stays Here (might be a little hotel lobby for you - LOL!)
Boyz II Men - Uhh Ahh
Roberta Flack - Feel like making Love

Guest said...

Agree with all Will Downing, there's a song on the record with Gerald Albright - Pleasures of the Night - the TRUTH

OneChele said...

Since you brought up the Tony's - How about Lay Your Head on my Pillow?

Andrea M said...

Teddy P!
Whatever You Want - 3T
Xscape - In the Rain

OneChele said...

Can't miss with Maxwell's Sumthin' Sumthin' (the mellosmoothe remix)

Man's World said...

Well Ladies I appreciate all this good, good intel you sharing today. LOL! Best of Luther drops the drawers with swiftness.

Violet Rose said...

Tony Terry - With you
Chante Moore - candlelight and you
TLC - this is how it works

Pure Choco said...

Sneak a freak - Kindred the family Soul
Lady in My Life - Michael Jackson
Old School Alert - Light My Fire, Jose Feliciano

All Honey said...

You do realize you'll have to press more than Play, right? LMAO!

All Honey said...

Love this list - Prince's Adore is a classic

ToneyQ said...

I consider myself a music buff and I've only heard of half of these - good looking out. That Anthony David song is all real. I can't find the Jamie Hawkins song but his cuts on MySpace are tight.

I will add Quincy Jones - Secret Garden to the list.

Pure Choco said...

Also - janet jackson - anything

OneChele said...

And I'll add Break of Dawn by MJ

Jason P said...

Janet's Someday is tonight

Shawnta said...

@BnB: Love the Music series this week! Great posts & comments. I just might have to put together a playlist of these songs. ;-) LOVE Anthony Hamilton. Great call on "Float". I would also add Floetry's "Say Yes"...not sure if it's been mentioned yet.

Jason P said...

I think Butterflies is kinda sexy too

OneChele said...

I love that Floetry song! Great pick!

Mr. Skyywalker said...

Barry White, Barry White, and Barry White!

Suzie S said...

Shakira - La Tortura

OneChele said...

Yes, but only the Shaketon Remix!

Suzie S said...

Hey! OneChele FTW - can't believe you know that. You do listen to a little bit of everything!

derek love said...

Come on now, this is too easy. And LOL at the "please hydrate and stretch"

D'Angelo - Untitled (how does it feel)
Joe - the Love Scene and Things your man Won't Do
Babyface - Whip Appeal
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing, got to Give it Up
And I know you said no Rkelly but h/t to Bump N Grind

OneChele said...

Will Downing did a remake that is quite tasty too

yourgirlC said...

Uh ... no.

AppleBerryMIA said...

I'm going with Isley Brothers Between the Sheets

yourgirlC said...

Marvin Gaye's "You Sure Love to Ball"

OneChele said...

HA! You have a few 3T issues, C. Woo-sah, let it go. ;-)

Queen of Me said...

PDA (We just don't care) John Legend
What's my name, Brian McKnight
Are you going to slap me down for Bed by J. Holiday?

yourgirlC said...

Hee, hee. I know, I know. :)

JaymeC said...

Eric Benet please! Femininity and Chocolate Legs to start.

JaymeC said...

Miles Davis Kind of Blue album has some great ones

phenomenallybouge said...

Bring it on home to me - Sam Cooke
Oh la la la - Teena Marie
Groove with you - Isley Brothers
Closet Freak - Ceel-O
Wreckless Love - Alicia Keys
For You - Kenny Latimore
He Is - Heather Headley
Giving Him Something He Can Feel - En Vogue (snaps to Aretha!)
Feenin' - Jodeci
Fortunate - Maxwell
Love Need & Want You - Patti LaBelle
Freak Me - Silk
Cruisin' - Smokey Robinson......

OneChele said...

Heather Headley - He Is - FTW!!! Love that song almost more than chocolate.... almost.

datdudeincali said...

Chante Moore - Love the Woman, Sexy Thang and Easy
sade - Sweetest Taboo
Umm - Brian McKnight's Back Seat Gettin' Down is in clear violation of your rules but it's sexy as all hell, how about his Your Love is Oooh instead?
BIIM - 50 candles
Az Yet - Last Night
Boney James - Sweet Thing

JustPassingBy said...

Bob Marley - Waiting in Vain

AppleBerryMIA said...

Lyfe Jennings - Cops Up
Secret - Maroon 5
Close your eyes - Lorenzo Owens
Ooh you make me feel - Loose Ends - whatcha know about Loose Ends?!

OneChele said...

Zagora album is a classic.

TheDennisDish said...

I'll add
Speechless — Beyonce
Come See Me and All I — Jill Scott
Storm — Jamie Foxx (pretty explicit, lol)
What's On Tonight — Montel Jordan
Groove With You — Isley Brothers
Lay Your Head on my Pillow — Tony Toni Tone)
It's Whatever — Aaliyah
Can't Get Enough of You — Tamia

Christopher Kinner said...

Maxwell - Sumthin Sumthin remix off Love Jones

Smooth for foreplay and then play Silk for the action.

phenomenallybouge said...

Gotta add a few more:

Til the Cops Come Knockin' - Maxwell
The Way - Jill Scott
Unpredictable - Jamie Foxx
Anyone who had a Heart - Luther
Is it Good to you? - The Whispers

MochaMuffin said...

Honey Molasses, Jill Scott

OneChele said...

Jamiroquai! What happened to that dude?

diamond life said...

temperature rising - les nubians
a few tunes by lenny kravitz (or you could just drop lenny off in my bedroom, no music necessary!)
jingling baby - ll cool j
don't go and damn I wanna be your lover by en vogue

Shawnta said...

@EyeCandy: "Butterflies" is sexy. I like MJ's version & Floetry's version.

Leon X said...

Didn't think I had anything to add to this post but I just thought of one. Les McCann's Sometimes I Cry.

Leon X said...

After the bass guitarist left Jamiroquai kinda fell off IMO

TrueMan said...

"Fire and Desire" by Rick James and Teena Marie. If that doesn't get the mood going, I can't do nuttin' for you man.

"Just Love Me Down" by Freddie Jackson is also a good look. Also "Untitled/How Does It Feel" by DeAngelo.


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