Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hustle Day on BnB: Get your Click On!

Hey BougieLand, it's OneChele hustle for dollars day. Did you know that if you click any ad on this page, I earn pennies? If you enter a search in the Google Custom Search box to the right, I earn a few more. If you shop from the OneChele Amazon Store, ca-ching!

And now, I'm pleased to introduce the Black 'n Bougie Store. New link on the sidebar. Come on, you KNOW you want a T-shirt that says "I call Bullshiggity!" A coffee mug that states "Don't bother me, I'm busy being bougie!" Of course you do. Well, now they can be yours. Also, if you have a bougie saying you'd like to see on an item, let me know and I'll try and make it happen. Cool thing about the store is that any of the designs can be put on any of the products.

If none of this inspires you, we're always happy for you to hit up the "Bouge isn't free" tip cup on the side of the page. Still not inspired? Next week is Relationship Week (the remix) on BnB, get excited about that - it is shaping up to be one of our best week's ever.

As always, I appreciate your patronage of the Black and the Bouge. Ya'll come back now... and bring a friend.


Max Reddick said...

Okay, got you going.  Searched the store.  I am going to get the mug for me, and I'm going to pick up a tshirt for my daughter when she returns tomorrow.  I clicked a link and search for myself on Google.  Today I made you filthy rich.

Curly Sue said...

I went a little crazy in the store, too cute! My poor niece will be rocking the "bouge in training" onesie! I need a Bougie FAIL shirt for my hood-lovin' brother.

OneChele said...

Thanks guys, be sure and let me know about product quality and fit. 

SpkTruth2Pwr said...

I love your entrepreneurial spirit!   :)   Good luck!  I will send a click up for you!

uglyblackjohn said...

Hey..nice hustle.
I made some T's for my young cousins a few years back with a big FTH (eff the haters) on the front and my little logo on the back (because I always have their back.).
Maybe I should put up a store too.


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