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Not so post-racial… Chick-fil-A, Bentley and a racist

Thanks BougieMom for pointing out this bit of local buffoonery…

So apparently getting some Chick-fil-A is so crucial that Bentley-driving folks had to get all scrappy in the drive thru lane. (Sigh) The story from The Dallas Morning News:

Southlake police look for black Bentley after road-rage attack at Chick-fil-A

02:47 PM CDT on Monday, August 17, 2009 By LAURENCE ILIFF / The Dallas Morning News

Southlake police were still searching today for the owner of a late-model Bentley whose passengers were involved in a weekend road-rage incident that injured a woman at a fast-food restaurant.

Police have the vehicle's registration information and expect their investigation to move forward today, said Lt. Ben Brown.

Witnesses said confrontation began with an angry exchange of words in the drive-through lane of a Chick-fil-A in the 2300 block of Southlake Boulevard. There were at least two and possibly three men in the black Bentley.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that the woman was punched after one of the men slapped her and she slapped him back.

According to the paper, she and her husband found their way blocked by the Bentley as they were trying to leave after making a purchase at the drive-through window.

The husband honked his horn. The driver got out of the Bentley, and the woman got out on the passenger side of her vehicle. A shouting match ensued, and the other men got out of the Bentley and joined in the fracas, the paper said.

One of the men slapped the woman, who slapped him back. She was then knocked to the ground and punched.

The Star-Telegram said the woman's husband tried to get out of his vehicle, but the Bentley driver blocked his way.

As employees and customers tried to intervene, the Bentley sped off.

The woman was bleeding, witnesses said, but did not require hospitalization.

Now first of all, etiquette FAIL! Do not get out of your car at the drive-thru and do NOT engage in stupid slap fights in the parking lot. But my favorite part of the entire tale is that the first comment I see attached to this story reads as follows:

Posted by You Are Wrong less than one minute ago

$1000 says the Bentley occupants are black

What? I read it again. Then I scanned the article again. Okay, we're assuming a black Bentley at a Chick-fil-A equals blackness. Maybe so, but I didn't like the tone. I was curious so I then did a search for all of commenter You Are Wrong's pearls of wisdom over the past few days:

Comment on: Southlake police look for black Bentley after road-rage attack at Chick-fil-A
Posted 8/17/2009 5:18 PM CDT on
$1000 says the Bentley occupants are black

Comment on: Southlake police look for black Bentley after road-rage attack at Chick-fil-A
Posted 8/17/2009 4:25 PM CDT on
@MeInBigD - what part of "85% (or more) of the rapes, robberies, and murders in this area are committed by blacks and latinos" are you having trouble understanding?Don't like the facts...

Comment on: Grand Prairie man arrested after bicyclist found partially lodged in back seat
Posted 8/17/2009 3:54 PM CDT on
a drunk driving mexican? no effin way! how extremely unusual and rare!I am shocked! FLABBERGASTED!!!!

Comment on: Southlake police look for black Bentley after road-rage attack at Chick-fil-A
Posted 8/17/2009 3:47 PM CDT on
"I think I have figured out why this forum--and crime stories in particular--always devolves into a racial attack."Maybe it is because blacks and latinos commit at least 85% (or more)... more >

Comment on: Southlake police look for black Bentley after road-rage attack at Chick-fil-A
Posted 8/17/2009 3:46 PM CDT on
they are obviously black

Comment on: Dallas man fatally stabbed in alley
Posted 8/15/2009 5:33 PM CDT on
so was he black or mexican? so was his killer black or mexican?

Does anyone else see the same pattern I do? So I sent in my complaint to and received an automated reply: Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. Please allow us the next 48 hours to review this user's account. Thank you for reading

Note: The Dallas Moring News (owned by Belo Corporation) has long been accused of covert racism (sometimes overt). Dallas used to have two newspapers, the conservative Morning News and the more liberal Times Herald. The Times Herald folded years ago leaving us not of the right wing at a severe deficit for "fair and unbiased" reporting. Not necessarily bearing on this article, just giving you some background.

Not satisfied I emailed the writer of the piece and questioned if any one moderates the comments. I got a read receipt back but no reply. When I went back out to the article I noticed that the comments had been removed and in their place was an asterisk reading: This user profile has been removed by One down, umpteenth more to go. Unfortunately, there are many more comments just like this out there. Getting one ignorant racist's profile pulled is a small (hollow) victory that left me feeling like I was trying to empty the ocean with a thimble.

What is it going to take for America to truly embrace a "post-racial" doctrine? And what in the world do you think they were beefing about at Chick-fil-A?


SpitGameSpeakTruth said...

I don't think America will ever truly be post racial. As long as ignorance lives, racism flourishes.

Citizen Ojo said...

The last black folks that were mad at a chicken restaurant were upset because they ran out of nuggets I believe. I think she actually called the police. If there is one food that could bring whites and blacks together you think it would be Chicken. Oh well!!!

Reads4Pleasure said..., the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's website, is filled with people just like this. I've never fooled myself into thinking that St. Louis would become this great multicultural, hold hands & sing Kumbayah place after Obama was elected. This is a city that elected a black mayor on accident (the white candidates split the vote) and replaced him the next election cycle with a "white friendly" negro, only to replace him the next cycle with the white candidate they'd really wanted all along.

If you hadn't posted the name of the site where those comments came from, I would have sworn that they were from the stltoday site. I've found that I can't even read past the end of the article because as soon as I get to the comments, it becomes a "blame it on a black person" game. Note: We're not multicultural here. Make no mistake, we have asians, hispanics, etc. but the good white folks here are more comfortable with blaming everything on "the blacks".

FWET said...

Despite comedic value, I'm not sure that the Chick-Fil-A story was news-worthy. I mean it's a temper tantrum among grown adults. To Mr. 85%-No-Longer-Posting-On-DallasNews, I believe the flip side of the coin is that 85% of crimes committed by whites are not investigated / prosecuted.

Lady4Christ said...

Remember there isn't suppose to be beef at Chick-Fil-A, just chicken. Well sad to say racism will stay alive as long as hatered and ignorance exist and that will always exist. I live in Baltimore, Md and just saw a news report that hurt my heart, 76 year old black men severly beaten by self proclaimed white superemist. They beat this man with a baseball bat and fist. Why? I don't care if about the occupants of the cars where black, white, latino, asian, or martian. Everyone gets angry, every race has short tempered people, every race has low-class people, every race has PEOPLE and people vary. The woman should have stayed in the car, the men had no business putting their hands on that woman, the witnesses should have reported something sooner. Post-racial? As long as black people are taught to judge each other by skin tone and see white people as a whole nother creature and white people continue to feel guilty for the sect of angry, ignorant, hateful whites who do say and do racist things there will be no end to racism.

Lady4Christ said...

*too much going on, my last post is so full of grammatical errors. This is why you should proof read people. SMH. I really am a good writer, please forgive me.

Second Class Diner said...

So, where are the follow-up news reports? Did they arrest these perps or not? How come y'all failed to mention the horn-blowing the woman's husband was doing and ~ just maybe ~ the tap he gave the Bentley with his bumper? If somebody dinged my $200K car while I was waiting for my Special Order at the instruction of a restaurant employee I imagine I'd be hacked off, too! Bad manners all around, but this is really the restaurant industry's fault for trying to do too much. Take care of the customer at the window; if everybody else is in that much of a hurry, let them get off their duffs and go inside!

Second Class Diner said...

Oh, wait, it's the Bentley's fault after all! The real breach of etiquette is using the drivethru for special requests in the first place! If you have to have Dijon mustard on your grilled chicken breast, you need to go inside and stand in line, not make everybody else produce carbon emissions in the automobile backup you'll be creating by assuming you are more important than everybody else in the world.


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