Thursday, August 20, 2009

It might be just this simple...

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Perhaps all the nuttiness has nothing to do with healthcare reform or socialism or Michelle Obama's shorts (I wish I was joking, do NOT get me started on folks telling a grown woman what she shouldn't wear to hike the freakin' Grand Canyon... oh I started a little bit. My bad - moving on).

Maybe it's just as simple as this parody above (kindly provided by Independent A). Mayhaps some folks are uncomfortable with People of Color posted up in 1600 Penn Ave (position of power and all those repercussions). And isn't that a shame in 2009? In 1990, Public Enemy put out an album called Fear of a Black Planet. Those songs get less radical and more real every year.

I've been pretty clear on my thoughts but what do you think? Will some people never accept Obama because of his race?


Max Reddick said...

It pains me to say this, but unless President Obama walks on water or turns water into wine, some people just will not accept him. Even if he did those things, some people will not accept him.

A successful black man is just so foreign to some of our countrymen's worldview that they are simply unable to grasp it, to wrap their minds around it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Max - some folks just cannot get past it.

OnlyMe said...

I actually overheard someone saying "He may be the President but he's still a n-word to me."

Wow, two steps forward - three steps back.

True2me said...

yeah well they may not accept him, but why do we care if THEY accept him anyway..I have long gotten past being accepted by them..its a lost cause

Long as we treated fairly..I couldn't care less about what they THINK about me..bout "our" image and what not

Anonymous said...

I agree the controversy over her wearing shorts is ridiculous. But I think it is less about race, and more about a First Lady never being seen in shorts before (not that I can recall anyway). After all, there was the whole flip flop controversy with W. But I think Michelle is, and will continue to be, redefining the role of a first lady. And a woman wearing shorts on a hot summer day is perfectly acceptable. Go Michelle!

SpkTRUTH2Pwr said...

I think that some people will deny it is about race and use a perfectly logical explanation as to why he's unqualified...he's too young, to inexperienced, too liberal, too elitist, too soft, it won't fit, it's too much, he's got a big EGOOOOOO lol.

But seriously, I think that he being expected to prove himself as a miracle worker because he is so "different" from other presidents we have had. So the tolerance for any problems we have as a country is decreased as long as he is at the helm.


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