Sunday, August 23, 2009

How OneChele lost her hustle...

Okay, it's called burn out ya'll. I finished my short story. Sent in two articles. Finished the final edit on my first book (due out in January - more to come) and started getting serious about book number two. I poured all my creativity into Tax-Free Weekend shopping today (it was brutal out there).

More bouge to come. Thanks for stopping by! In the meantime, feel free to check out my blog cousins:
Enjoy and see ya soon.


SBChitownChick said...

What's the book called? Where can we find it? Come back soon.

Robert said...

I hope you enjoy your' rest, I have enjoyed the fresh perspective and the down homeyness of it.If
your book is of the same verve, it will be very well received past your built it readers.

OneChele said...

@SBCC - Heard It All Before is the title. More to come.
@Robert - Thank you!

SpkTRUTH2Pwr said...

You finished the short story! :-) and put in final edits on your book!? Wow you have seriously outdone any level of productivity I could imagine. I think you take the cake with this one. You Win :-)

Thanks for the shout out blog cousin :-)

glamah16 said...

Cant wait for the books. Sometimes after all that, you need to step back and regroup.


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