Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thanks for the memories and the music

Regardless of what you thought of MJ as a person, as a man, as a role model; you could not deny the talent. He spent 42 years of life entertaining us as only he could.

A pioneer probably well ahead of his time, his music and videos set the bar so high, we wince when others even compare themselves.

I fondly remember dancing along with my sisters and brothers as we attempted the steps to "I want you back" and later "Billie Jean" and "Thriller." Found myself humming along to "Butterflies" and "Break of Dawn." His music was infectious and funny, cutting edge and smart.

Michael, you will be missed. Share an MJ story below.


ecthompson said...

I see that you used a photograph of Michael back when he was human. Sorry, I know that was wrong. Michael Jackson was a great entertainer. He will be greatly missed.

AsaMinistries said...

My Favorite Song was "BEN". Growing up I was able to relate to him both as a Person and an Entertainer. He will be greatly missed by everyone. God Bless You MJ and Rest in Peace.

Anonymous said...

Smartass was technically 45 years of his life that he dedicated to music. And I'll say it....I don't think he did any of the vile things he was accused of by those money-hungry extortionists. There, I said it.

Moving on, my favorite song is So You Wanna Be Startin' Something. Stranger in Moscow and Man in the Mirror are also in the running. I used to rewind the cassette tape over and over to listen to Man in the Mirror. It blows my mind that his music spanned four generations of pop culture AND 4 generations of musical technology (record, 8 track, CD and mp3)!



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