Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barack does BBQ… White House Style

Prez Q'ing with Bobby Flay

Prez 44 hosted a BBQ on the South lawn of the White House for young men from local schools to highlight the importance of fatherhood & mentorship to their families and their communities. Bougie BBQ ya'll... gotta love it. So, do we love Barry on the grill?

3 comments: said...

Hey there!

That was a great event!!

Barack at the grill!!!

Reggie said...


Barry shouldn't be handling that meat with his hands, the only time a man is supposed to handle his meat with his hands is when he's in the bathroom. And unless my eyes are deceiving me, that meat doesn't look seasoned or pounded....what the hell is Barry doing?!? He should have called me instead of Bobby Flay, I'd have been there for that brother!!!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Reggie, that's good meat he's grillin. Good meat don't need pounding and heavy seasoning.


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